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04-02-2011, 17:12
I hate substitutions, so I have structured this list around models that I already own with minimal substitutions. I normally play against Lizardmen and Ogre Kingdoms, which has heavily influenced the units I field.

I would appreciate some constructive criticisms. I try to avoid gunline armies, because I find that a combination of their elite infantry and their war machines to be the best strategy.


Dwarf Lord - 196
Great Weapon
Gromril Armor
Talisman with MR of Spite

Thane BSB - 120
Hand Weapon
Gromril Armor
Battle Standard - Rune of Guarding

Runesmith - 129
Great Weapon
Gromril Armor - Rune of Stone
Rune Staff with MR of Balance

Dragon Slayer - 50
Slayer Axes


25 Dwarf Warriors - 275
Great Weapons, Heavy Armor
Full command

25 Dwarf Warriors - 275
Great Weapons, Heavy Armor
Full Command

10 Thunderers - 140

10 Thunderers - 140


15 Miners - 190
Great Weapons, Heavy Armor
Full Command

15 Hammerers - 198
Great Weapon, Heavy Armor
Musician, Standard Bearer

Dwarf Cannon - 105

Bolt Thrower - 60

Organ Gun - 120

Total: 1,998

I am still on the fence with a Bolt Thrower. I have the model, and I'd like to use it, but I question it's usefulness. I'd like to field a Stone Thrower, but currently don't have the model (I'm focusing on building up a decent force of Hammerers and Ironbreakers first.) Would I be better off to drop the Bolt Thrower and put the points toward more rune items for my characters? I would like to beef up the Hammerers unit to 20, but I only have 15 models right now and, again, I hate substitutions.

I have used this force in the past, and have been accused of using a gunline dwarf army, but I don't see how it could be called that with 80 infantry models as opposed to 20 Thunderers and 3 War Machines...

What goals should I build toward for larger games? Aside from more Hammerers, what else should I consider?

04-02-2011, 20:02
I think in 8th you're better off with fewer, bigger units. I'd try and up the warrior blocks to 30, so they have the option of hoarding it up for the start of combat.

Second, (and I know you said you were limited by models) against the two armies mentioned you're better off with great-weapon quarellers than thunderers, or at least a mix between the two.

Magic defence looks good, and I like the little unit of Hammerers.

Will the Dragon slayer actually do anything, or just get shot?

04-02-2011, 21:19
I figured he could either be ignored and hopefully be a cheap way to deal some damage. Or, at least, he could absorb one volley of poisoned skink attacks or a magic missile. I just bought the model and absolutely love it and want to find an excuse to use it.

In regards to the Warriors, what if I changed it to one block of 40 and used the spare points to put in more Thunderers? I prefer Thunderers over Quarrelers, just personal preference.