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05-02-2011, 21:12
Archmage Folariaths Robe, Talisman of Saphery, Silver Wand
350 pts

Nobe Gt Weapon, BSB, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix
168 pts

Lothern Sea Guard x18 Mus + Std, Banner of eternal flame
259 pts

Lothern Sea Guard x18 Mus + Std
249 pts

Phoenix Guard x 20 FC Banner of Sorcery, Gem of Courage
380 pts

White Lions x 21 FC
345 pts

Dragon Princes x5
150 pts


OK i need some help with the last 89 pts

1st off would 1 eagle be enough to go hunt war machines if i put one of those in?

2nd Is the BSB better as he is or sould I give him the Dawnstone and re roll his saves instead of the 5+ ward

Does anyone run a list similar to this and has some idea's?

The units set up in 3x6 for the seagaurd and 3x7 for the PG and WL, with the mage in the phoenix gaurd unit.

Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
06-02-2011, 01:18
If I may suggest trading in a White Lion (then I would have the BSB take his place to maintain the 7x3 frontage) and then you'll get 2 Great Eagles for what you've suggested above. That should bring you up to 1996 pts.

07-02-2011, 05:19
Hey I had the following comments & suggestions. First off where is the Noble located in the army, I agree with Pointy Headed Elven Paladin that he should join the White Lions in place of one of the units. Also maybe put reformate the Lothern Sea Guards so the 4x5. Also maybe break up the White Lions & Phoenix Guards so the only 2 ranks. Also maybe cut some units so can afford to put a Mage in the army. I would cut the Gem of Courage from the one champion.


07-02-2011, 23:11
I like the seaguard in 18's (6x3) rather then 20's (4x5) only due to the way I play.

I found that when I have 4 ranks i would wait for my opponent to charge, where as now i catch a lot of people off guard when i charge. giving me the +1 and not loosing any attacks. With a few augments etc I can be much more aggressive.

I think putting the BSB in the Lions is the answer and throw in 2 eagles.

or putting the BSB on the eagle giving him T4 and 3 wounds

08-02-2011, 16:22
He won't gain T4, he only gets 3 Wounds. And putting him on a eagle is almost the same as putting a big shield on him saying "Shoot me!". Just my 2 cents.

08-02-2011, 19:17
My mistake :cries:

It is just wounds.

09-02-2011, 02:57
18 man units of LSG are too small to be effective in the beginning of rounds of combat, your not taking advantage of the only thing those Spears have Martial Prowness. Take 25 Spears and then keep the LSG BoEF unit.

Drop the Gem of Courage.

I would advise as PHEP has mentioned dumping the W.L unit. I run an army similar to yours save for the fact that P.G really blow, so I'm curious as to what Lore your taking.

If LoL, take out 2 W.L and throw both BsB and A.M in that unit. If you could take the +1 LD banner on them it would be great and take one eagle instead, and get to keep your Gem of Courage on P.G (allowing them to wander where needed as they won't fail there LD for awhile) but you don't have points if you take 2 G.E, so alas.

Regardless, quite optimised.

Bloody Nunchucks
09-02-2011, 06:08
keep the bsb kitted as is. i would completely drop the dragon princes and some swordamsters, dropping some PG if needed. and i would put the unit of sea guard to 6x4.....so you get the most out of combat and shooting with flame.

10-02-2011, 10:52
when I saw this army against those marauders last week ;) (yeah hi its the other dave from southport :P)
seemed pretty good all round.

I'd swap the dragon princes for something else though mabey bolt thrower (cos I love them) cavalry dont seem to bring the bacon anymore unless you take like a 500 point unit of them lol.

10-02-2011, 13:31
The standard army looks to be

Archmage + BSB = 518
2 Core units = 500 to 510
2 units of 20 elite infantry = 660
2 Eagles = 100

This leaves 220 or so points to spend on banners and another support unit. (DP, LC, or Bolt Throwers)

For Core (w/ FC on LSG and spear units)

20 spear + 20 LSG = 490 + BoEF = 500
25 spear + 25 spear = 500
25 spear + 18 LSG = 509

20 archers w/ FC is 245 and 21 Archers w/ Banner and Musician are 246. I know not a lot of people like archers and only ever take them in the mini group of 10.

Of course 36 LSG with FC and BoEF = 503. I'm just saying...