View Full Version : Poison wind mortar question

06-02-2011, 00:04
So I am brand new to the game. And I was wondering on some rules about these units.

I know they use the same rules as the rock throwers, but do they shoot the poison globes like the Poison wind globadiers? or are they just cannon balls?

06-02-2011, 00:37
I'm not sure what you're really asking, but the mortar fires scatter like a stone thrower, using the small template, then does damage kind of like a globe. The rules are on page 63.

06-02-2011, 01:35
Mark where you would like the shot to land, then roll the scatter die (one dice has arrows on it, the other has numbers on it {2, 4, 6, 8, 10, MISFIRE})

From the point where you wanted it to land, in moves a number of inches (as shown by the dice with the numbers) in some direction (as shown by the dice with the arrows)

If you roll a Misfire, consult your misfire table in your army book.
If you roll a HIT, there is no deviation and the shot lands on target.

The rules for the mortar are in your army book, but basically one model under the hole in the center of the small round template is wounded on a 4+, models touched by the template are wounded on a5+.

This is generally how a stone-thrower is worked out, so to re-cap:
Step 1: Pick a target
Step 2: Roll Scatter die (direction and distance die)
Step 3: Determine where the shot has landed, or take a misfire.
Step 4: Following the rules of whatever you are shooting, finish your attacks against anything under the appropriately sized template.