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06-02-2011, 18:48
I hope this is the correct forum, apologies if it isn't and maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I don't think it really fits in the Background forum.

I've just started a new army of renegade Space Marines derived from the Blood Angels geneseed and I'm looking for opinions on the background I've created. I'm not just after something to explain away the army but something that sounds like it could be part of the actual background, I'm also looking for opinions on accuracy regarding their creation.

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The Fellblades

Founding: Unknown (mid-late M.40)
Geneseed: Blood Angels
Appearance: Black armour with red and silver trim, often bedecked in war-trophies. Chapter badge is a white stylised blade. Later sightings report armour and equipment in a state of neglect and disrepair. Bodily mutations are common and horrific.

One of the last known Blood Angels successors to be created, the Fellblades’ origins are shrouded in myth and secrets. In the late 40th Millenium, following increasing attacks on the Imperium from xenos, traitors and more, the High Lords of Terra decreed a new founding of Astartes chapters. The majority of chapters, exact creation date and specifications of this founding are not known to any but the highest ranking officials of the Adeptus Terra. What is known is that the Blood Angels submitted a portion of their genestock for this founding – a rarity these days due to the apparent deterioration of geneseed in later Blood Angels successor chapters [ref. Knights of Blood/ref. Exsanguinators]. As well as this, they also provided examples of some of their specialist equipment, though not the ‘Baal’ pattern Predator tank, much to the chagrin of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The chapter created from Sanguinius’ geneseed was named the Fellblades. They were created to act as a rapid response counter-attacking force to be wielded with extreme aggression against the forces of Chaos in and around the Cadian sector near the Eye of Terror. Unbeknownst to the Blood Angels however, the Adeptus Terra had long sought to take the aggressive nature of their geneseed and enhance it to find its full potential and to further enhance the Astartes strength, reactions and combat prowess by altering their primogenitor’s geneseed. The genestock submitted from Baal was experimented on and modified to create a chapter of highly aggressive and unyielding warriors ready to be let loose upon the forces of evil like a pack of savage dogs.

In late M.40 the Fellblades chapter was dispatched to the Cadian. The subject chapter was initially successful with numerous decisive, if not bloodthirsty, victories over rebel and alien opposition with little to no losses for the Astartes. Reports suggest the Fellblades were deployed near the Eye of Terror at the close of the millennium to combat growing Chaos threats in support of Cadian infantry and armoured detachments. Evidence shows that the Fellblades were overwhelmed by a consuming rage and, spontaneously turned on allied Guard units whilst besieging a fortress of Khorne. No survivors were found.

Mounds of human skulls found at several Fellblades battlefields as well as recovered vid-logs suggest corruption on a chapter-wide scale. Chapter Master Gorvael, according to distorted pict displays shows full-scale mutation above and beyond his chapter brothers. Shortly after reports of the massacre, a small Astartes fleet with Fellblades livery was seen entering the Eye of Terror.

Status: Chapter declared Excommunicate Traitoris. Rumoured sightings in and around the Eye of Terror as well as numerous raids on Imperial worlds are attributed to the Fellblades.
Imperial Response: Initially the Adeptus Terra were keen to purge their out-of-control project from the galaxy and a strike force of Imperial Fists Space Marines was dispatched to the Fellblades’ last known location. Upon finding the renegade chapter, the Imperial force was quickly beaten into submission by the berserk warriors and their ships attacked and boarded. Moments before the bridge of his strike cruiser was breached, and feeling a sense of duty to his fellow Astartes, the Imperial Fists captain in charge of the force sent an emergency message to Baal telling of the Adeptus Terra’s meddling with the heritage of Sanguinius and the blasphemies born of their experiments. With a strong sense of outrage and betrayal, the Blood Angels and their successors have taken up a crusade to destroy their tainted kindred and undo the wrongs committed by the Adeptus Terra upon their precious geneseed. Mephiston, Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels leads the crusade and has vowed to return to his lord with the head of Gorvael, Chapter Master of the Fellblades and self-proclaimed Archangel of Khorne.

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So, essentially, the Adeptus Terra created a new chapter using the Blood Angels geneseed, unknown to the sons of Sanguinius however, the Adeptus modified the already unstable geneseed to try and increase the levels of strength, aggression, skill and ability of the Astartes, this results in wild and uncontrollable warriors who, in the presence of the Eye of Terror and the followers of Chaos, succumb to the lure of Khorne who promises to sake their thirst for blood and carnage.

What do you all think?



08-02-2011, 21:42
sounds pretty good to me - but the involvement of the imperial fists doesnt seem to fit so id cut that out.
also im not sure about putting a big name like mephiston in there, but lets get some more opinions on this.

10-02-2011, 11:08
Thanks for reading.

Meph is in there as a tie-in to my loyalist Blood Angels crusading force which he leads and this renegade chapter was created to be their enemy and quarry.

You could be right about the Imperial Fists. They're only mentioned because I want plenty of their corpses on my models' bases and chained to my tanks (yellow contrasts really well with red and black hehe).

Thanks again!