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22-03-2006, 11:02
Due to the recent activity being quite pitiful in the RPG thread I am going to close it in a few days and well, close the RPG forever, as in never resurrecting it again. So you have two choices: Either start posting once more as well you signed up to play the RPG or just post here saying you want out and don't care.

Traitor might be the longest RPG on Warseer, but it will never reach anywhere near what I hoped it to be. I'm sorry, but thats the way things are. If you guys don't want to participate eg: Bmaxwell, Darmort, and a few others, then fine. Traitor will just close.

Thank you for your time.

Thane McHammer
22-03-2006, 11:24
Well, an ultimatum...

Frankly, it was great while it lasted, but to me, anyway...it's getting rather dull. Little variation between the usual "Talk, slaughter, kill more, wait for Slaz to get back, slaughter, talk, rinse and repeat".

I just can't do it, Captain, I need more intrest.

22-03-2006, 12:59
Well I think it would be a shame to see it die. It just so happens that as of late almost every person who has a character has had net problems. I know xhalax is or was having trouble with her laptop im not sure if shes fixed yet or not.

22-03-2006, 18:11
Well if I could alter the internet through the power of my mind, i would have posted....but the fact that I've had no internet for 2 weeks for various reasons, included not having a single working computer in the house it was not possible.

But as Thane said, we were all waiting and waiting around for you to reappear to push it forward, but since it took you forever to get back, people seem to have drifted away.

22-03-2006, 20:06
Although I am sure it does not matter now and has not mattered for quite some time, I would like to apologize Slaz and company for my numerous and sudden withdrawls from many of your RPs. Life, as it seems to do more frequently now, kept me far too busy for any form of real roleplaying.

I just felt compeled to say that and I am sorry to see Traitor die....or is it dieing....I can't tell.

22-03-2006, 20:15
Well I do try my best to give it a shot in the arm in a
'Charging to 360, clear' sort of way. But I'm no GM so need guidence when I reach an impass....as i kinda have now.

22-03-2006, 20:46
Slaz, I am EXTREMELY busy, and I have a SEVERE case of writers block. THAT is why I haven't posted.

I do care, but I can't actually think of anything... I can't just say 'Jaeger chopped and hacked at the Cultists, letting them fall to the ground,' or 'Jaeger pulled the triggor, his bolt pistol hammerering shells into the cultists and the surrounding area, exploding and caving in their skulls.' Those posts just aren't... well... Darmortish, really...
I'll try coming up with something, but I've got major 40K Writers Block... I've not been able to write any of the Cadian 13th Company fluff of mine since Feburary the first... :(

Grand Warlord
23-03-2006, 01:55
I am still in it if it lasts if not then thers always the next one whatever it may be.

23-03-2006, 11:03
Tyranid had a brillant idea.....I essentially end the RPG with a story like ending, that sums up mostly whats going on in the end of the second episode.

From there I then re-open traitor for the third episode and run with it. I am sorry for getting angry, just it feels that no ones gives a flying hoot about traitor anymore.......

Sound like an idea? Oh yeah:

Xhalax: I lost my mobile, waiting on a new one :(

Thane McHammer
23-03-2006, 11:07
Well, it's just getting a bit samey now.

We care about it, but it could do with a redux to light the fire of intrest.

For the third episode, it would be worthwhile to consider assigning a co-GM, someone to asist you in running it and keep it going when you're gone. Also, more time for character interaction might be worthwhile.

A change in character would be nice.

- Thane

23-03-2006, 11:13
Must have lost your writing arm too then.

And as long as everything gets tied up and the storyline itself continues, that's fine. Be it on another thread or the same. I've poured too much into Freya to just let her go!

A co-GM would be a good idea coz of what's going to happen in episode 3, coz there's estenially to stories running together, but are somewhat seperate....if you get what I mean.

23-03-2006, 11:31
Actually speaking of that writing thing, I am writing but its like 16 pages long and showing no signs of stopping so once I am finished writing story based on Incendium's earlier life you will get the letter I was writing for you....

What I was thinking was more time for character interaction and more intiative from the players themselves as to the story. Also asking some one to be co-GM might be handy, but I don't know, I am pretty selfish :p

23-03-2006, 12:45
I tried to get back into traitor after i had been gone for a couple of weeks, but i found that it as the monster it has become was to massive a gap and i just couldnt set back into it, if a 3rd installment is to come, ill start again there.

23-03-2006, 17:46
I'd also be interested in re-tossing in my hat when the third installment come about.

Tanith Ghost
23-03-2006, 18:20
If there is to be a third chapter, I'd be interested in joining. And when all others fail, I will provide at least one post every day. :) If nodbody minds a sarcastic storm trooper with a bionic leg who likes his drink a little too much that is.

23-03-2006, 20:56
Yeah, make a cliffhanger ending... those are always good... ><

If I could make a humble suggestion; make a new thread for the third Chapter, otherwise you'll confuse everyone. Especially me. ><

Either way, I'm in... I just need to get past this damn writer's block. ><

Grand Warlord
24-03-2006, 01:09
I be the only Co-GM ARGH but its hard when i don't know where to take the story lol but i do agree a fresh start may be in order .. allow people to end this chapter with a final post and then just cut and burn the old and start anew.

On the pretense of a Co-GM I suggest Xhalax since you talk to her more than me ... damned time difference lol

Edit: TG, the Ordo Hereticus always need imperial drunkards lol

Edit2: Or we could be tri GMs since we all can bring something to the tables. Or you let us know the story line and if you dissapear we can keep it going ... hope that make sense.

24-03-2006, 10:28
Well I'd definatly be in for the 3rd episode.. the older more experienced Azriel is far cooler than straightlaced new guy azriel..

and a Co GM is a good idea so long as he/she is kept informed of your master plans

24-03-2006, 10:28
Hmm this Co-GM was more than likely going to be Xhalax, but we'll need some one who has a collective character so GW would be like an overall 'judge.'

And don't worry people, I am going back to the US soon where broadband is reliable once more. And then I come back here and get dial up as I'm moving houses and it requires dial up as no broadband is allowed. Damned 2nd and 3rd year halls :p

24-03-2006, 16:21
Me? Why do you want to dump that whole load of responsiblity on me for?


Well if you let me know what you want to be happening if you're going to be disappearing off the end of the earth, I'll do my best to get it done.

And Freya will alwyas been there and next time she'll be at her Daemon-**** kicking best.

26-03-2006, 11:39
I'm in for episode 3. I'd have stayed for episode 2 but school sorta shot me out. A new thread would be nice, cutting it back down to a managable size.
I'd also like to put out a vote, those who think we should restrict Xhalax's voting say aye (if you've changed your posting habits I apologise Xhalax, but i doubt you have) :p


26-03-2006, 12:45
And what exactly is that supposed to mean?

Grand Warlord
26-03-2006, 15:45
Well I personally have no problem with your posting habits but it does suck checking the thread at the beginning of the day and then come home and theres like 4 more pages lol it can get tedious to follow lol ... I HAVE BEEN URSURPED AS Co_GM ... oh well less I have to do lol And not sure what he means by voting lol

Xhalax you know we love you lol

DISCLAIMER: No offense intended.

26-03-2006, 15:48
Fine then.

I shall curb my posting and see how long it is before people are whinging and whining because nothing's happening on the threads, they're getting bored and are ready to leave.

And when that happens, don't come crying to be to give the thread an adrenaline injection through the heart to get it beating again.

That'll teach you!

26-03-2006, 17:09
well if theres the possibility of a new =][= roleplay starting and you want some 'fresh blood' as it were then im up for it.


26-03-2006, 17:38
Hey I am half a reason as to why Xhalax posted as well. So it was NOT all Xhalax, and GW I remember a few post whoring sessions from you as well ;).................

I wanted to keep it all in the same thread for practical reasons as its still the same RPG........I don't know about new thread.

As for new players, they are always welcome :)

Grand Warlord
26-03-2006, 20:13
Yes but hands down Xhalax is the Post Whore Queen, mainly due to the fact everyone post whores with her lol ... again we all love you lol It has never bothered me but i can understand the statement thats all lol

Also some RPers on the board want a fast paced RPG ... that could cause some problems for those of us with fulltime during the day jobs. I just need to know so whether or not I should play ... i hope that makes since.

26-03-2006, 23:16
I prefer fast pace during action hence why I do it during the weekend usually and then slow pace for traveling and other happenings as players need to chat with one another.

Thats my stratedgy

26-03-2006, 23:39
I do have to agree with GW and marineowar are saying, not about what Xhalax does, but what happens in most of the RPs is that a few people whore right in the beginning and leave a lot of people in the dust, making it hard for their characters to really fit in with the rest of them after all kinds of excitement has ensued.

27-03-2006, 09:18
And to be perfectly honest, I don't want to be Co GM either

Tanith Ghost
27-03-2006, 09:48
I'd be willing to give it a try. Given an idea of where I'm supposed to take things, I think I could hold down the fort for short spans of time.

27-03-2006, 20:26
I vote for GW.....after all, he was the Co-GM for the last load of stuff and plus he has a good idea what what's been going on and where its heading.

Plus....shouldn't someone have posted on the actual RPG by now....that way we get towards the 3rd episode quicker and more or less start afresh.

27-03-2006, 22:50
I don't know who the Co-GM will be and haven't decieded if one will be immediately neccassary.

I know I got to post, been quite busy sorting things out....

27-03-2006, 22:54
Your custom rank is still spelled wrong slaz :p

27-03-2006, 22:57
Not any more Xavier

27-03-2006, 23:02
Now your just a n00b

27-03-2006, 23:19
Remember you cannot kill me Cloud....Till we meet again

27-03-2006, 23:21
Dont make me use the big scary :p smiley, you cannot beat it.

27-03-2006, 23:22
Anyhow back on topic Xavier, it is suposed to be a normal thread not spam...

27-03-2006, 23:24
This IS a normal topic, it is me after all. :p

Yea, so like the other guy said, if your re opening for people to join ill consider it.

27-03-2006, 23:26
Before the start of each new episode....the chance to join has been created. And i'd imagine...with what's going to happen in end of episode 2/beginning of episode 3...there'll be a few more spots opening up.

27-03-2006, 23:35
...I'm just wanting to ask how serious an RPG this is, I tend to be fairly erratic with my internet access. But I do like RPGs it's just a shame I don't feel I can keep the ABC afloat on my own. :(

27-03-2006, 23:53
I'd say that if you at least give the thread a look each day, you should be able to keep up with what's happening.

Though that may all depend on if I'm about to post on said days.

27-03-2006, 23:57
Even that's pretty hard. I can get online when I'm at my girlfriends but my home PC is a complete wreck so I hate using it even though it can, just, get online.

28-03-2006, 00:00
As long as you reveal where you got that interesting avatar from......... :D

I require a post from characters at every two to three days and reading it once a day keeps you ontop of things. Also I post OoC at the end of each thread thats a GM post so people know whats going on. I might change the colour from here on as well. Maybe a nice red..


28-03-2006, 00:01
Didn't realise that there was posting requirements now.

Grand Warlord
28-03-2006, 00:06
Alright then I think im gonna go ahead and remove myself then ... no way I can meet that requirement and well to be truthful I havent been a necessity for a long time, havent felt like i was a part of the RPG, amongst other more personal reasons ... no offense to anyone and if you need any ideas or want to chat ill be on MSN for a little bit longer. Good luck to you all and be safe and may the Emperor guide you all ... you damn heretics lol

28-03-2006, 00:21
well, if something is going on and you want a post a day minimum then i can make it except for rare occasions; i.e. in a couple of weeks im on holiday with my girlfriend for a week, but other than that the uni timetable aint too taxing ;)


28-03-2006, 07:18
Xhalax, I apologise for not being clearer in my first post, it was intended as a joke, not a serious dig at you're posting. I actually quite enjoy reading your posts.

28-03-2006, 07:24
@Slaz Sorry that is a closely guarded secret. i.e. i don't know where I found the picture exactly but I have the full one on another computer. :p

*looks at marineowar's sig*
Oi lota of random colours is my thing, has been for years...;) :p

28-03-2006, 07:34
*looks at marineowar's sig*
Oi lota of random colours is my thing, has been for years...;) :p

Well... yeah...
But my colours are more normal than yours. So your position as "bright-offensively-coloured-sig-owner"(tm) isn't really compromised ;) :p

marineowar; stealing other peoples sig ideas since he got the net

28-03-2006, 07:41
Oh you git, you would say something I wan't to Sig that is to long for me to put in without going into the 8th line. :p
Plus there is a 500 character limit on sigs these days, which includes effect tags. It's rubbish. :( I used to have huge sigs with every letter a different colour to the ones arround it, those days are gone. Stupid Warseer.

28-03-2006, 16:22
I thought a post every two to three days is quite reasonable? It keeps the thread at an up pace instead of a slow trudging speed. I mean you can post once a week, but it makes things difficult for me to interact with your character.

Sigh. I was just wondering it is and what its name is........ :p

30-03-2006, 17:06
Just wondering, is there any kind of ballpark figure estimate about when the next episode will get underway?

30-03-2006, 18:16
When people pull their fingers out and post to the end of episode 2.

It's not moving very quickly so I'm imagine there might be a fair bit of wait for the 3rd episode...that's if the 2nd episode has to come to a proper end.

01-04-2006, 00:54
Hmm....yes.....there does seem to be a lack of activity going on right now....perhpas, and this is only a suggestion, that perhaps you should begin Episode 3 without a completely player driven ending? I am just saying...you know....give it a shot of life.

Grand Warlord
01-04-2006, 07:03
well you could have a planet wide withdrawal ... the imperium cant win EVERY fight right off the bat .. that would allow players to 'reset' with the entire storyline as most may be a tad lost given the long amounts of no real action for whatever reasons.

06-04-2006, 04:20
So this is not going to happen? Awh how sad :-(

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 06:32
Ah well. Mac is gettting some action with the farsight expedition. He can wait.

07-04-2006, 23:41
Well as of Sunday....I'll be offline for over a week because I'm house and dog sitting while my parents are on holiday.

Not that my absense will be missed or provide a slowing force since the grand total of bigger all is happenig on it.

I think Traitor really is dead. And if it starts up again......I'm starting to think that I'm not going to bother putting Freya in it.

17-04-2006, 10:03
I lied and this has now been edited. Bye everyone.