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09-02-2011, 02:41
Hey ho,

Well, I have been working on a army list for an upcoming tournament at my FLGS this weekend, and I decided it was in need of some work, so here it is. Feel free to dissect it!

Black Orc Warboss with Enchanted Shield, Heay armor, Martogs Best Basha, and the Collar of Zorga~186(planning to put him with the unit of Boyz that has the Black Orc BSB in it)
Level 4 Orc Great shaman with Power Stone~ 235
Night Goblin Warboss with Light Armor, Shield, and Lucky's Dirk~61(this and the other NG Warboss are just to help out the main block of NG's with spears)
Night Goblin Warboss with Light Armor, Shield, and Sneaky Skewerer~77
Level 2 Night Goblin shaman with Dispel scroll~110(he's a sorta sidekick for the Level 4 Great Shaman)
Black Orc Warboss with Heavy Armor, Banner of Butchery(Goes in the main unit of Orc Boyz, alongside the Warboss)

Horde of 50 Orc Boyz with Shield, Musician(just a good, tough unit to hold the center, made tougher by the BSB and Warboss)
2 units of 15 Savage Orc Boyz with additional Choppas(these work alongside the Horde of Boyz, kinda like attachment, as in they help out by adding extra attacks. 20 attacks each is a big benefit)
Horde of 60 Night Gobs with spears, nets, and 2 Fanatics (these little guys are a tarpit/artillery magnet)
3 Spear Chukkas
Doom Diver

Any ideas or suggestions?

14-02-2011, 01:26
Any idea what armies you will be facing?