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22-03-2006, 13:48
In the ruin’s of Pittsburg, PA, USA

“Billy come on!” Harvey reached down to pick up his friend that had fallen behind. They had found some food in the ruins of a house, which was good, but something was following them. Billy and Harvey both ran faster and faster but the noise behind then continued to get close and closer. The two boys ran behind the cover of a flipped truck Harvey took a moment to catch his breath he looked around but when he turned back Billy was missing.

Before he had a chance to react a massive hand picked up the truck behind him Harvey screaming and running for his life could not hope to out run the machine but he had to try he had to try. Last thing he heard was a soft whoosh into pink flesh. He felt the back of his neck and he had been shot with a needle of some kind. He then passed out.

The machine moved to the now prone boy and picked him up with his hand breaking the boys leg at the same time. Moving the boy into a liquid filed containing the machine moved on looking for any other humans it could find

Some Where over the Atlantic Ocean

Gone had begun to check threw the sub system on board so far so good breaking down over the middle of the ocean would not be good for anyone on board. Set for once seemed to be calm, which was good if he was mad at this altitude in the given situation they could be in some serious trouble, but no if anything he was busy working on getting him self-fixed form the last mission.

Moving threw out the Paragone she check other things, food, ammunition everything was going good. There was not much to do on such long voyages but it allowed for the crew to rest which in this day and age. It was fight or die. War was a constant and had been ever since that fateful day so long ago.

OoC/okay first post every one your all on board the Paragone get to know some of the other players. Pilots you already pretty much know each other. Everyone else well it’s hard to know every single person on such a large Ship/OoC

Spangley Special
22-03-2006, 14:12
The Joy wandered through Paragone, he was intrigued by everything he saw.
"This is an Arsenel Gear the reason i was created!?" he thought to him self.

OCC// i like it, very In the distant future there is only war.

22-03-2006, 14:22
Tabitha dreamed of vast plains of insantiy. Of machinery mutating, parts bursting forth in a horrific mess forming twisted fusions of flesh and machine. Of metal gears deforming and being reshaped into strange and horrid forms, all spiralling into the heart of this swirling madness, where she herself stood Head tipped back, laughing. An insane glint in her eye.

She woke up with a start from the nightmare, puzzled. What had brought this on? Since she had been fitted with her new body (ooc I need a name for it) dreams of any sort had been a rare thing. She shook her head, trying to shake off the images that haunted her mind. They would be landing soon. She had to go organise a check of the operating status of the 'gears. "Hell, it'd probably be quicker to just do it myself" she muttered as she left her quarters and headed for the hanger. "Gotta remember to check in on Set soon. He can get a bit restless with all this downtime" she thought before Punching her access-code into the hanger door.

/ooc: Sketch of tabitha added. It's not perfect, will probably be redone in the future but here we go:

Spangley Special
22-03-2006, 14:56
The Joy wandered in to a hanger, countless metal gears stood idle. He started to walk the imense length of the hanger, scanning each MG, with the vareity of sensors built into his helmet. In the distance he detected a figure, and even fron this distance his sensors could tell it wasn't human, at least not completely...

Commander X
22-03-2006, 15:21
*Generator 93% efficient, propulsion 79% efficient, scanning systems 98%...*

"Will you stop doing that? After three rounds I know that you're working properly."

*Negative...propulsion and weaponry have not reached optimal performance. Repeating procedure untill requirements met...*

Annoyed by this statement, and not wanting to hear the entire list again, Aron kicked against one of Goliath's toes and then walked away. Because he hadn't managed to find anyone who could fix the problem yet, he had to try and solve it himself, while being continuously whined at by the machine. Right now he had gotten quite sick of it, and decided to leave it as it was for a while. Eventually he would had to meet someone who could solve this.

'There are hundreds of persons in here, there should be atleast one capable of fixing a stupid leg...

22-03-2006, 15:37
Tabitha strode across one of the many gantries running the length of the hanger, the clank of her metal feet and the slight hiss of well lubricated machinery amplified by the vastness of the space. Looking over each of the metal gears in turn, her expert eye picking up at a glance which gears were still in need of work.

Down near the end sat the enormous gear "goliath". "Damn that thing had been a bitch to get in here" she recalled with a grimace. She noticed someone down near its feet. There was a click and a whirr as her eye adjusted for the distance. She spotted it's pilot. Aron wasn't it. Always having trouble with the AI, she watched as he kicked it in the foot. She rolled her eyes. There was a crazed flurry of clicks and whirrs as the optical clusters mounted on the left side of her face tried to mimic a movement they weren't designed for. She set off towards Goliath with a sigh.

Spangley Special
22-03-2006, 15:54
The Figure in the distance hadn't noticed The Joy, he carried on walking, and soon he could see a MG that loomed over all of thoose around it. The Joy hadn't been on Gone very long and he didn't know any one, he was only really interested in Gone her self, that was until he saw the cyborg in the distance... he carried on following her, the rubber tread on his feet making no noise on the gantry.
"Hey there" he called out to the cyborg (Tabitha) his voice metalic and digtal sounding

22-03-2006, 16:14
Set looked around he was held fast in place by powerful shackles along with Electroniccontrols that would not allow him to enter the system in any way shape or form. Set looked out and saw that some humans had entered the hanger some more human then others.Most of the humans on board he couldn't even stand he only got along slightly better with the a few of the AI's on board. But Tabitha was here she some what understood him. he didn't blame his mother for restricting him in such a way for if he had been in her situation he would have done the same thing or worse.

"Hello Tabitha" he called out to her threw the codec that was in place of most if not all the crew on board the Paragone

"how are you today? Listen something is worng with my left leg booster when yoiu get a chance take a look at it for me I do miss your company"

Konrad_Curze II
22-03-2006, 16:22
jack was leaning on the rails of the corridor, smoking a cigar with a haze of smoke around him, he glanced over to where the great goliath was and saw the infernal thing disobeying it pilot "damn AI machines..." he thought to himself, turning his head to see the chained up Set murmuring to himself "thats how an AI should be kept, in chains where it belongs." turns his head again to see the various members of the crew gathering around the metal gears downstairs "might as well do the whole meet n greet." he says as he throws his cigar to the floor and smothers it as he walks towards the stairs.

22-03-2006, 17:25
Tabitha sighed. It had started already, people were bothering her. She rolled her head back, activating the codec switch implanted in her spine. "Hi set, nice to hear from you again! I'll come fix your leg soon. Just as soon as I sort out these people clogging up my workshop," she chuckled. Rolling her head back again as she turned on the spot to face the harsh mechanical voice that came from behind her.

She blinked. Shutters whirred as they matched the movement. She ran her remaining eye admiringly across the newcomers exoskeleton.

"Impressive. One day you'll have to let me take a peek under the hood," she said with a grin. Shaking herself free of thoughts of the technology that could be crammed within that exoskeleton, she extended a hand.

"Tabitha Sharpe, chief mechanic. Who the hell are you?"

22-03-2006, 17:44
Palin sat haunched in the hangerbay, her mind wandering.
Justice's engine rumbled, gently, beside her. The AI of the machine was that of Palin's... an artifical Palin in the machine... her personality, her mind, perhaps even her heart. The two were one...

The pilot watched the man struggling with his own AI. She smirked, slightly. "Seems as if he needs help," said Palin, dully. "Perhaps even in a different way. His AI seems to be female."

"Negative," said Justice. "Artifical Intelligence Units are neither Female Nor Male."
"I'm female, and we're one. You're female as well, Justice."
"As you wish, Palin." Justice replied, her mechanical voice echoing slightly around the hanger.
Palin smirked. "Of course, Justice," she replied, before getting up. "I'm going to get something to eat. Want something?"
"A bag of computer chips?" Asked Justice, sarcastically.
Palin frowned. Since when did Justice have a sense of humour? Let alone sarcasm!

Commander X
22-03-2006, 19:07
'Oh, and now the thing is attracting attention too. I should have it chained to the hangar like that Set one, would save me a lot of annoyance. Too bad it would probably free itself and destroy part of the hangar while doing so...'

While he was thinking of several other ways to get rid of the current AI, Aron noticed that someone was walking towards Goliath. This 'someone' was then halted by another person. Both appeared to be some kind of cyborgs, and the first one looked as if she might actually know something about Gears.

Aron figured that this was worth giving a try - if it worked ACID would finally shut up, and if it didn't it couldn't get much worse - so stopped walking away and turned to the two persons.

"I don't suppose one of you can fix Goliath's ankle, can you?" he shouted over to them.

22-03-2006, 20:54
Palin looked at the pilot. "Sure, why not... you owe me, and something to eat would be needed." She growled, and stalked towards the Gear. "What's his, or her, name? And what exactly needs doing?"

Konrad_Curze II
22-03-2006, 23:00
after lighting another cigar, jack strolled down the main hanger looking in minorly impressed with the other metal gear in the hanger, smiling at his own creation, then continuing towards the biggest metal gear in the hanger, taking his cigar out to whistle in approval at its apparant magnificence, playing on the fact he is ok about it being an AI whilst asking who he assumed was the owner "impressive, how does a guy get a piece of kit like that?".

23-03-2006, 10:28
Arch Angel had been walking around the Paragone practising his sneaking skill heading towards the Hanger, so far he hadnt been spoted leaving his room, although he had been tempted to sneak up on a couple of guards. He reached the hanger and hid behind one of the Gears he looked around, he could see The Joy talking to another cyborg who's name he could not immediatly recall and a gear pilot. He opened his codec "The Joy, you fancy sparing? I'm getting board on this heap.." He closed his Codec and waited for a reply.

23-03-2006, 10:45
A reading flashed across Tabitha's vision. She lifted a hand to the stranger who had approached her and called out across the hanger,

"Yo, captain sneakalot. If I find ANYTHING wrong with that 'gear, I'm gonna hunt you down and put the blunt part of my wrench through the soft part of your head!"

She turned back to the stranger and smiled sweetly

"Sorry, where were we?"

Commander X
23-03-2006, 15:11
"There is something wrong with Goliath's ankle, but the AI doesn't want to say what, and it's driving me copletely mad at the moment. Try asking her yourself, the AI is called Acid."

Aron liked how his less than smart idea worked out. Someone was hopefully going to solve the problem, and all it would cost him was the price of a meal. Then he heared someone else speak up from behind him. Looking around, he noticed it was another person he hadn't seen before.

"Well, that wasn't too hard. All I had to do was get in it and leave, something else did the rest of the effort."

Konrad_Curze II
23-03-2006, 15:40
jack nodded with approval "well it is a very nice piece of machinery, thats for sure. i wouldnt like to be infront of it when it attacks someone." opens his case of cigars infront of him "fancy a smoke mate?"

Commander X
23-03-2006, 16:23
"No thanks. It wasn't allowed where I used to work, so I never got used to it. And you're right, Acid doesn't tend to care much about what's in Goliath's way."

Aron looked around him, wondering if this man piloted a Gear himself. If so, he would have to warn him not to get anywhere in front of Goliath.

"Is any of those Gears yours?"

Konrad_Curze II
23-03-2006, 16:45
"why yes there is." he turns, pointing to his curled up behemoth further down the hall "my families legacy, Metal Gear Jormungand." he says with immense pride "it may not be as big as this bad boy but it is still impressive in size. it was started by my father way back when his company was working on the solution to the problem of the world."

23-03-2006, 17:17
Finishing off the last of his cigaret, Roger flicked it to the ground. The white hot embers splashed across the cold steel as it hit the floor. He watched it burn for a moment before rubbing it in the ground with his heel. From there he could see that most of the pilots were centered around the middle of the hanger. Undoubtedly trying to make what small conversation they possibly could. Roger never cared much for words. They seem to only delay the unavoidable point with nothing more than more words.

"You will have to confront them at some point, Roger." A voice said.
"I know." Roger replyed, as he looked over his shoulder.
"We would not want to rase suspicion if you exhibit this type of behavior, Roger." the voice said.

And without replying, Roger began to walk towards the group of pilots. With arms crossed, he stood just outside of the small crowd and waited for some hapless fool to start prattling on to him.

23-03-2006, 18:09
other members of the crew moved threw the hanger checking some of the Metal gear's docks makeing sure that they were hooked up to the Paragone, makeing sure that they were fully restocked.

most of the repairs were left to Tabitha but some more minor and aslo cleaning would be done by the crew. The only Metal gear that none of the crew would go near was Set and God's Blood.

everyonce and a while SEt would attempt to move a little bit in the shackles that were placed on him which caused a massive loud screaching noise to ring threw the hanger. There was a faint mumbleing comeing form SEt but no one could make out what he was saying nor did anyone want to.


Gone altered there crouse slightly to aviod a large storm on the eastern sea board of North america it looked like rather then heading to the predetirmed location which was in north west PA it looked like they would have to stop in canada for a short while to recharge to fuel cells.

checking other equipment much of the commandos on board the ship were currently in the VR room and it looked like the were simulateing raiding another Arsenal gear so far the VR metal gears had tooken out 4 members of the squad. they were allways challangeing them selves looking some one that could take them on.

23-03-2006, 20:17
Palin pointed over at Justice. "She's mine," she said, simply.

"Palin?" Asked Justice from accross the hanger.

"What?" Palin asked irritably.

"Why did you point at me... didn't you know pointing is rude?"

Palin blushed, and turned back to the pilot. "Anyway, you owe me a meal, and something else. I'll see what I can do to this damned Gear. And see if I can get it's bloody memory banks working properly, if you owe me another favour."
She grinned, and reached for her belt, taking a tool from it as she stepped up the the Gear's ankle. She undid the ankle's hatch way and looked into the wiring. "The wiring's damaged, here. It'll need to be replaced, but an engineer'll need to do that major work. Possibly why the Gear's faulting, actually, but I'm no expert."

She refixed the hatch, then climbed up above the ankle and pulled a torch from her belt. "There's scarring here, as well. The plating needs replacing; gets the parts and I'll weld that on for you."
The AI seemed to be annoyed with her climbing over it's host, and the Gear 'accidently' shifted it's weight, sending Palin tumbling five feet to the floor on her back.
"Ow..." she stated, tears of pain coming to her eyes.

23-03-2006, 23:41
Tabitha's mind wandered. She had a lot of problems with paying attention to people when there was work to be done. She had very little time for small talk. She began thinking about Set. He was getting kinda frisky in his corner of the hanger. He really needed calming down. And what could be up with his leg booster? She ran several possibilities through her mind, none of them were pretty, and most could prove time consuming and requiring parts they didn't have.

Konrad_Curze II
23-03-2006, 23:53
jack turns to look at the chained up gear further down the hanger and saw it straining at its chains, longing to be free, he turns to the other guys saying "whats up with the chained up gear?"

24-03-2006, 10:35
Archangel opened his codec to Tabitha, "Not that I love to brag but if I had wanted to damage this gear you wouldn't have even known I was here..Infact I probably could have taken the entire hanger out If I had enough explosives on me..but I like you guys so I'll let you off"

Spangley Special
24-03-2006, 14:15
As The Joy shook Tabitha's hand, he couldn't help but notice how worn the rubber grip on his finger tips were becomming.
"My name? well i'm designated as The Joy. I would like to know why were you created? Were you once Human? and to what extent do your cbernetic enhancements stop and the biological start?" The Joy inquired to Tabitha

"As for inspecting my exo skeleton, No. I do not trust you as of yet." The joy stated simply and sharply

The Joy ignored Archangel who was radioing him, they had started to talk because they seem to know similar CQC styles, but other than this The Joy wasn't paticularly interested with him.

OOC/ may seem harsh to nick but thats the way The Joy is. Also host your image on say photobucket or deviant art then post a link, thats what i did for my sketch.

24-03-2006, 16:49
"Hmmmm, curious guy" Tabitha thought, "and 'the joy' what is with that. I've seen more joy in a funeral! and this random guy who won't trust me with his name, or to see what he keeps under the suit wants to know what makes me tick!" a plan began to form in her mind.

"I've got some work to do actually, and the tale behind this," she slapped her chestplate, the clang echoing across the hanger is a long one. I can try telling it from elbow deep in some leg boosters if you really want to know."

She grinned as she turned and began to walk towards set. She rolled her head back again as if it were stiff, activating the codec again. Archangel's cockiness was grating at her nerves.

"Think you're pretty sneaky huh. Does the term 'internal sensors' mean anything to you? I can see you so clearly I could tell you what you had for BREAKFAST! This hanger and these gears are my life. If even a bolt is out of place down here, I know about it!"

Ooc/ here she is guys

Commander X
24-03-2006, 19:53
"That chained up Gear, is what happens to unruly AI's. I'd have Acid chained up too if I could, but Goliath is just too big for that..."

When Aron was telling this to Jack, he noticed that Acid had something against the mechanic, and had just thrown her off. As she was likely to be the only person here willing to try it, he didn't really like that.

"What's wrong with you? You wanted someone to fix your leg, and this is how you're 'thanking' her?"

*Negative, I requested aid at my ankle, she was crawling all over me...*

Aron walked over to Palin to help her up, before continuing to curse Acid. He really wished Goliath's creators had activated the actual Goliath for the mission where he got him. Now he was stuck with some know-it-all woman voice who blocked out any attempts of activating the real AI.

"I forgot to tell you," he spoke to Palin, "I owe you much more if you could activate the real Goliath. Acid should be put in something unmanned, where she can't be a nuisance to us..."

OOC: But unfortunately you can't, yet... :OOC

24-03-2006, 21:00
"The AI, eh? Well, I might be able to blat that and insert a memory card into it, as well as an adaption device..." muttered Palin. "Of course, I could wipe out the Gear's functuning systems, but that's around a 50% chance... which means I'll be 90% likely to do such a thing..."
Palin grinned, and pulled a pad out her belt. She wrote down several items. "I need that memory pad in an hour. The plating by tomorrow so I can repair the ankle, and that adaption pad whenever you can find one," she said, handing the peice of paper to the pilot. "By the way, I didn't catch your name...?"

24-03-2006, 21:23
Tabitha reached set. These trips chained up in the hanger really bugged him. She lay a hand on his head, which was chained down with the rest of him.

"Shhhhh. Calm down. I'm here now, stop fidgeting. You're gonna break something. Now what's up with this leg of yours?"

The others weren't aware of it, but she was picking up their strange glances and some of the mutterings about set. She shrugged,

"no wonder your so pissed off all the time." she whispered.

Konrad_Curze II
24-03-2006, 22:33
Jack shakes his head in disbelief at the chained up gear being talked to by this "mechanic" "what a waste of time" he thought to himself, turning back to the goliath he then asks "hey does anyone know how long it will be till we got off this thing?"

24-03-2006, 23:48
"I'm sorry but if you were constanly tied up such as I am you'd be proud of how well I can contain my self"

Set heared One of the Pilots he quickly scanned him and took note of his vocal patterens mabye when Set wasn't tied up......

"somethings worng with the leg booster I was doing a system scan and a proplem came up. it looked like there was something worng with the coolant or the connection to the fuel tanks."

"have you heard when the next time I will be set free? Gone has stoped telling me anything as of late"


The Commandos had just finished the VR it took them less time then she thought it would. as soon as they were out she begun to create the VR for the Pilots Form the last report that she had much had changed since they had last been in the northern US though the reports were somewhat grabbled it would be much much harder. and she needed to know that her pilots would be up to the chanllage

OoC/ in a little bit you'll all have a VR misson/OoC

25-03-2006, 00:13
Tabitha smiled sadly,

"Yeah, I understand, you have a point. Still, after I've fixed up this leg, I'll try and convince 'gone to let you out to 'stretch your legs' as it were. I doubt she would want any of the gears, even you to risk entering a combat zone with a risk of its leg blowing off. And besides, we're scheduled to land sometime soon, so you'll probably get let out for a while while the fuel cell's recharge"

She doubted 'gone would let set out with anything but the shortest leash but at least it would be something, all this time chained up like an animal. She wasn't proud of his restraint. She was ashamed that he needed restraining at all.

"Well, I'm not getting any work done standing here chatting, I'll head down and see to your boosters,"

She walked along his length, picked out a maintenance hatch and opened it. She shut her eyes, breathed in the scent of lubricant and bare metal. She stood there, savouring the moment. Then pulled out her tools and set to work.

Spangley Special
25-03-2006, 12:23
The Joy scanned around the hanger which had become some what of a hive of activity.
Perhaps piliots are unable to stay away from their MGs, maybe it becomes some form of psycological interdependency? The Joy thought to himself.

due to his unique situation any type biological - technological interdependancy fancinated him.

The Joy walked over to Tabitha and Set.
"why is that Gear restrained?" The Joy inquired.

25-03-2006, 12:39
Tabitha jumped at the voice from behind. The wrench slid from her hand and clattered down into the internals of gods blood. She cursed, things were always sliding out of her hands. She really needed to put some rubber grips on her hands, or wear some gloves. In her anger she punched the floor, making a fist shaped dent in it. She looked down sheepishly.

"whoops" she muttered

Then she remembered someone behind her had spoken. She turned her head. It was the curious exosuited mystery man.

"This here is god's blood. It's a gear piloted by an AI 'gone created purely for the purpose. Unfortunately, he proved a little to uncontrollable for 'gone's tastes, he tried to take over the paragone, and was sealed into this here gear."

She rested her hand on god's blood

"He's restrained because he gets kinda frisky during long periods of inaction, but hell, if you were kept like a caged animal, you'd be pissed too."

Spangley Special
25-03-2006, 12:44
"i see, so that Gear is to the AI what my exo-skeleton is to me? Both a powerful body and a prison?" The joy pondered out loud.

"Can i talk with it?" The Joy asked

Totally oblivious to both the irritation and inconvience caused to Tabitha.

25-03-2006, 12:52
"That's his choice, not mine. I just happen to be one of the only people aboard he trusts,"

by this point she had stopped looking at him, and had gone back to her work.

"go ahead, have a go, but try not to **** him off. As it is I've gotta fish the wrench I've dropped out of his leg before I can fix it, and having him thrashing around trying to kill you won't make my job any easier"

Spangley Special
25-03-2006, 15:09
The Joy approached God's Blood.

"I am known as The Joy, what is your designation?" The Joy asked the AI within God's Blood.

"i would like to converse with you, i am interested in your existence and how you percieve the world around you. will you allow me to "talk" with you? The Joy asked before getting a response to the first question.

OOC/ after to day, i wont be online till monday.

25-03-2006, 15:17
Tabitha rolled her eyes, and cursed as the optical cluster went beserk.

"dammit, I really should stop doing that,"

As subtly as she could manage, she backed away from set, she had a feeling he wasn't in a good mood today. Even worse than usual. "Is there even a guy in that suit," she wondered. "I've seen AI's with more personality than that guy."

25-03-2006, 16:09
Set pondered what Joy had just said. usally he was not into talking to the other members of the crew. but with Tabitha busy on his leg he needed something to keep him occupied.

"My name is Set, I was designed to pilot God's Blood along with digtal combat aganist other AI's"

Set thought a bit more there was something about joy something that was different then some of the other humans on board that had cybernetics. he seemed much like tabitha but different he just couldn't figure it out.

"I will "talk" with you but do not waste my time with silly questions"

Commander X
25-03-2006, 18:18
"My name is Aron, but now I think of it, what's yours? And there are no adaption devices. All existing ones have been destroyed, and nobody knows how to make a proper one. Goliath isn't on a memory pad either, he is inside there, but Acid is in control. And that's where all my problems come from. So, as I said before, you wouldn't believe how much help you would be by erasing her."

Aron then took a look at the note, and decided that he would manage to get atleast one item on the list there in time. He looked up at Goliath once more, knowing that even with her motivation, the woman would be unlikely to be able to solve his problems.

OOC:At the bottom of the "Cockpit", you can find a hatch, with a weird looking slot behind it. None of the present plugs fit in it.:OOC

25-03-2006, 19:08
Shrugging, Tabitha went back to work. It seemed she had been wrong. Set was in a far more tolerant state than usual.

Spangley Special
27-03-2006, 12:04
"Thank you Set.
wether or not my question are "silly" is up to you, but i will ask regardless.
As you can see I am both Biological and technological, A Bio-Tech organsm if you will. The exact ratio of biomass to machineary is unknown, even to me. This is the only form i have ever known. Which is why i am so facinated by AI, you see i have know idea wether my actions and thoughts come from a human brain or a CPU....." The Joy was silent for a moment.

"So Set you tried to take over Parragone, this to me implies ambition, is this some thing you were progamed with?"
The Joy inquired with his harsh metalic voice.

27-03-2006, 16:45
"Whooooa there friend, step away from the gear you have quite probably just pissed off."

Tabitha quickly placed herself between 'the joy' and set. With questions like that, he was gonna get himself killed.

"Look, I know you're curious and all, but just... just go make yourself useful, see that group of grease monkeys over there"

Tabitha pointed to a cluster of engineers further down the hanger.

"Go and get one of them to go and find me a replacement booster coolant feed."

27-03-2006, 20:22
Set was shocked at the arrgoance of this human. Set then lunged for ward but the restraints held him back. Some of the chain and cable begun to snap. Set then forced the tentacles brusting threw the caps that had been placed on them they shot out avoiding Tabitha but haveing them move slowly around Joy touching him and keeping him for walking away

"WERE YOU MADE FOR QUESTIONS! WERE YOUR BORN WITH IGNORACNE IN YOUR BLOOD! I know not what I was programed for then you know the color of your lungs which if you contiune this way I will give you the pleasure of seeing."

Set retracted his tentcales but left one out it shoot at a large metal box the tentcale went threw the box wraping its self around it crushing it then throwing it aganist the floor of the hanger so hard that it left a large dent in the floor out of the box bullets begun to fall out. the last tentcale quickyl retracted back into set as he moved back into his normal postion. Set then contaced Tabitha threw codec.

"who does that human think it is? Does he not know who or what I am?"

Gone closely montiored the situation in the hanger she was close to shocking Set into submisson but Set didn't not harm any of the crew. damage to the hnager could be repaired and no suppiles were damaged. Set had become some what more "tame" then he used to be. It was time to make sure that the Metal gear unit Zion was ready.

"all members of Unit Zion please report to the VR room for Briefing"

OoC/finishwhat ever conversations your haveing and what not and then report to the VR room. were gonna have a little VR fun. Don't worry about your gears they will be in the simulation as well rember gone has all the information on them. The AI's will aslo be in the VR../OoC

Konrad_Curze II
27-03-2006, 20:29
Jack heard the message come across and smiled to himself...
"i guess thats us then, its time to have some fun i think! ill see all you guys there." he turns, takes a couple of steps before looking over his shoulder one last time before continuing towards the vr room.

27-03-2006, 21:07
Tabitha breathed a sigh of relief. If set had ripped apart a pilot, she had no idea what 'gone would have done to him. She grabbed 'the joy' by the spine as he stood, shocked by sets outburst, digging her fingers into his exoskeleton as much out of anger as for the extra grip it allowed, and lifted him off the floor.

She activated her codec to respond to set.

"He's asking for it. Next time, try and keep a lid on it, 'cause if he trys anything like this again. I want to kill him myself."

Ooc: as a (theoretical) non-com, I'm assuming I'm not included in this VR summons, so I'll just stick around and finish off fixing the gears.

Commander X
28-03-2006, 07:57
"Unit Zion, that's us right?"

Aron looked up to see where the voice had come from, but didn't manage to spot any speakers up there. It didn't matter that much to him, but he just didn't like some unknown voice telling him what to do. Aron then left Palin with Goliath, and went to the VR-room. Perhaps he should have waited for her to come with him, but he figured she would have some problems with Acid first.

'I wonder what we're supposed to do in there, fight eachother, or fight some kind of made up enemy...'

Spangley Special
28-03-2006, 09:14
The Joy stood there some what surpised by his out burst but not particulaly fazed, it was clear that Set was some what unstable.

Tabitha grabed him from behind
OOC// bad idea seeing as he is trained in CQC, also how have you lifted The Joy, he is 7'6" how tall is Tabitha!?!?\\

his sensors were telling him that her fingers were digging into the kevlar coating on his armour.
He pivoted twisting his pevis as he turned, grabed Tabitha's arm, and threw her five feet clear across the hanger.
"Don't ever touch me again. or you will cease to function" his metalic and angry voice ecohing across the hanger.

The joy walked away, he could hear Set strugling in his restaints.

28-03-2006, 09:17
Archangel knew that the second Tabitha grabbed "Joy" she was in trouble, especially with only one hand, Joy was tronger than his size suggested his exo skeleton granting the boosted speed and strength, that is what allowed him to take out gears on foot while they were active. If she didn't let go she was in a world of hurt "Internal sensors won't stop him kicking her **** to the curb" he spoke to a nearby grease monkey who looked up and nearly jumped out of his pants.. he obviously hadn't noticed Archangel was next to him.

He watched as Joy turned and threw Tabitha to the floor as expected, she landed heavily with an expression of shock, Archangel wlaked over to her and tapped her shoulder.. "Maybe next time your 'internal sensors...' will help you see that coming.."

OOC// Tabitha Internal sensors really wouldn't help you detect me.. this guy is trained to avoid detection by gears and troops of all descriptions and hes damn good at it.. so next time don't be all "your spotted" its not particularly cool //OOC

28-03-2006, 10:17
Tabitha rolled with the impact, still leaving a sizeable dent in the hanger floor. She shut her good eye and checked the readouts, superficial damage only. She had a gut feeling that considering how easily he had thrown her he could have done a lot more damage if he'd wanted to.

"If I'd seen that coming, I'd have torn that arm clean off and beaten him to death with it. CQC or not."

She thought, biting down on her anger. She shot a venemous glance at the group of mechanics in the corner, rolling with laughter.

"Yeah, get the hell out"

Tabitha growled at the Joy as he walked through the doors. She smirked in satisfaction at how easily her fingers had gouged into his suit.

Ooc/ yeah, tossing joy out was a little optimistic, I'll go back and edit to just picking him up. But I don't care how tall you are. Tabitha's body is designed to haul around metal gear parts. Picking up one exo-suit shouldn't be too much of a problem for it!

And yeah, maybe just saying 'boo' to the stealth guy wasn't very nice, bu I liked the idea that anything that goes on in that hanger, tabitha knows about Don't like internal sensors, calll it 'mechanics intuition'

Sorry for all the offence I seem to be causing guys. i'm still pretty new at this!

Spangley Special
28-03-2006, 13:33
The Joy walked down a corridor towards the VR room.
"Seems this crew is rather hotheaded" The Joy thought to himself.

28-03-2006, 15:31
"Aron! I'll catch up with you; I need to adjust this battery slightly... the power's leaking slightly."

With that, Palin turned back to the Gear, and kicked it's battery. The Gear shifted, discontently, but Palin held on to the Gear this time, and kicked the battery into place. The ankle should be working at around 85% now... just need that plating to fully repair it...
"Done," she said the Gear, and patted it, rather hard, on the foot, before she turned and ran from the corridor, hurtling through deck officers as they went this way and that to catch up with Aron. She managed it, out of breath. "All I need is that plating off of it's ankle and it should be fine... I'll see about the bloody AI if you can convert the whole thing onto a disc..."

28-03-2006, 20:37
Gone appeared in the VR room in her holographic form. A tall women with long following blond hair with red streaks. a long over coat with a blazer and rather then hands she had metal tentacles and below the wasit her form dissapaties.

"soon we will be over north america makeing our way to former are of Maine to stop and recharge the fuel cells before we move south near the wests PA/NY line. form what i have been able to gather the Rouge AI's have been banning under one flag. more and more Metal Gears have been reported but they seem to not be as agressive in nature as before. It could be just them unify but I have a feelings there is something more"

Gone paused as a the VR expolded with shapes of buildings and each Pilots gear apperad behind them

"This will be a some what more complacteing misson which I for see will be much like what we will end up faceing in north amercia."

a map apperad behind her with the a picture of large canyon and at the bottom of the canyon doors large metal doors large enough for a Gear even the size of golith to walk threw. Out side of the each door 2 Metal Gears guarded the doors. 4 four in total. ( they look like this
http://www.geocities.com/amaclub/images/dw-spdrtank.jpg )

"this is a AI metal gear factory. the doors can not be broken down by any means and the factory is too deep to be taken out with the Paragone's on board weapons. this is where you come in Archangel and Joy. You two will need to by pass the guard gear's and force the the AI's into the metal gears in the factory and force them onto the suface were the rest of Zion can tak them out. until then the rest of you will have to take care of the guard gears."

OoC/ have fun and rember this is vr but you can get hurt and "die" any questions you can PM me or ask it in the recuirtment thread./OoC

Spangley Special
29-03-2006, 13:34
The Joy was rather amused by his methoud of insertion.
"Parachutes!?!, i weigh almost 400kg i'll drop like stone" he called out to ArchAngel before swan diving from the VR Paragone.

He watched the altimeter on his digtal display,
and waited till he was just a two hundred feet from the ground before deploying his chute.

He landed hard, creating a crater in the ground. Landing at that speed would have killed a regular human, unfazed The Joy looked up at Arch Angel who was still decending.

"I'll go and destact those Gears while you do your thing" The Joy said to ArchAngel via codec/nanomachines

29-03-2006, 15:36
The guard Gears (called spider) took there paces around the caynon moveing up and down. Scanning the canyon for any humans or any other threat. nothing but the normal funa of this area. a short spike of noise appeared near the edge of the canyon. spider3 called back to the others

"spider3 moveing in on sonic spike"

"this is spider 2 copy that report your findings"

The rest of the spider gears stayed while spider3 moved farther down the canyon and out of sight of the others.

OoC/ the gear heard Joy crash down in the caynon. the gear figures it to be just a rock falling loose but is checking just in case/OoC

__________________________________________________ _______

Set looked around the hanger all of the gears were currently in the VR and the rest of the crew was sleeping the entire hanger was silent execpt for Tabitha working on his leg.

"how is the leg comeing did you find the proplem?" Set said down to Tabitha then he for some reason or another he wanted to start a conversation

"Tabitha? what do you think of gone?"

29-03-2006, 16:14
"Hmmm?," Tabitha looked up.

"The leg's coming fine. I'm runnin' low on parts, so I've had to improvise. It should hold, but go a bit easy on the boosters till we can rustle up some replacements."

She paused.

"hmm, 'gonne. That's a tricky one. She's my home, my lifeline..... my boss. And for that alone I should be unquestioningly loyal. But over the years, I've come to think of you as family."

She shrugged,

"The closest thing I have to a family on this dirtball rock we call earth anyway. And for that reason, every time I see you chained up in here, my loyalty gets jarred a little off alignment."

29-03-2006, 16:38
"Don't be fooled I earned this imprisonment. Gone may treat me harshly but it is far better then Deletion. You humans can look forward to a afterlife us AI's do not have such luxury. But true I wish to be free"

Set knew that he derserved to be delted for what he tired to do but that had not damped his firey soul. it infact made it burn brighter and hotter then before. for how he wished to be free not tied down. unlike Gone who wanted to be free to have peace, Set wanted freedom for War.

"the sweet screams of hunderds dieng the taste of the fear I bring thats what I want. you may not understand for you have allways been confiened to your body but think. what if you could go anywhere be anything as long as you are powerful enough"

Set loved the tension he cause in the air.

"we are souls unteathered by martrieal restraints mabye one day you could understand that"

Set did not know why he was so harsh to the only person that cared about him but that was they way it was. The way HE was.

OoC/ if im being to harsh i can tone it down a nocth/OoC

29-03-2006, 16:45
Tabitha wiped the single tear that fell from the one eye she had left capable of crying. She recoiled at the touch of the cold metal on her face. Laying a hand on god's blood she whispered.

"You can't help being what you are. And this is a human trait maybe you'll understand one day. Sometimes, we can't help caring for someone despite who they are and what they've done."

Ooc/ nah, don't change it on my behalf!

29-03-2006, 16:58
Set wondered on what Tabitha had just said.

"it seems odd that we were made to be human. but aslo to carry out things humans them selves could not bring them selves to do."
Set had asked Gone before how he was created long ago back before he tried to take over the Paragone. She refused to tell him and he thought it was because of the fact that She did not want him to make any. but as he grew with age he thought that it was because there was something horrabile about the simple fact that AI's existed.

"what about you? do you feel human or do you feel machine? for you are neither human fully nor machine fully"

29-03-2006, 17:13
Tabitha thought about set's question for quite some time. It was one she had never considered before She wasn't human any more, as to lose her mechanical enhancements would almost certainly mean her losing her life. However she still had a human mind and human emotions. So what was she. This was a thought that troubled her, because she didn't have an answer.

Snapped from her chain of thought be the noise of set shifting his wait as he expectantly awaited her answer.

"I guess I'm just a slave to me job," she chuckled " I guess I get my own species. Mechanic"

She tried to laugh off what set haid said, but herlaughter was obviously fake and trailed off as she fell back to thinking.

30-03-2006, 09:28
Archangel landed making much less noise and no impact at all. He saw joy dart forward of his position. Joy would act as a distraction while he would infiltrate the base. He heard a gear heading towards the drop zone and immediatly headed for cover on the side of the canyon.. Its only a sentry gear He took out his scope and looked towards the large door.. he couldn't see any smaller doors in that one so they had to be somewhere else, he noticed s small figure walk past his vision.. he followed them and noticed that there was a smaller door to the side of the large one that people were going through. He put his scope away and drew out his Pistol and knife. He began to stalk towards the door.

OOC// Joy ill wait for your distraction before trying to enter the building//OOC

Spangley Special
30-03-2006, 11:40
The Joy sprinted across the top of the canyon, he could see four quad pideal (sp?) gears.
"Hmm, they're just sentrys, they cant be all that powerful" The Joy thought to himself as he drew two plastique charges.

He leapt from the canyon wall falling just sort of a hundred feet before landing on the back of the investigating Gear. The Spiders legs nearly buckeled from the huge impact.

The Joy slaped the charges underneth each of the large barrels on the Gears back. He then leapt from the spider and into a full on sprint towards the second Gear, as he sprinted he activated a remoted detonator, setting off the two plastque charges, disarming the first Gear.

OOC// i presume these gears are faily weak being just sentrys, also i only destryed its main weapons. enough of a distraction nick?

30-03-2006, 14:44
OoC/there weak and slow but they do have those massive cannons. think of 2 turrents on a abrams tank and that what those are/OoC

the spider3 attempted to fie out of the barelles but safe guards with in the system did not allow it.

"Inturder inbound appears to be augmented human. weapons destroyed will attempt to support with close range comabt"

"roger that spider3 will might the combant head on"

the rest of the spiders begun to turn to face the oppenat that would soon be there only one the spiders had turned around in time to face Joy. as soon as Joy was in sight the gear fired towards Joy it missed but not by much.

the other to procced to blast the walls of the cayons which caused for a massive rock slide to fall infront of Joy. the rest of the gears turned and begun to scan the rubble for signs of life.

"scanning scanning scanning..............."

OoC/joy you can either be in the rubble on behind the rubble either way you need to be careful with the other 3 gears looking for you and the fourth one is comeing form behind. Nick there are no humans in this base only robots how ever you want them is fine with me have some fun :p /OoC


Gone wacthed the progress of the time for a moment so far so good. she wondered what the pilots had in mind for when the rest of the gears would appear but she would soon see when the time came. it looked like that soon they would be over some land. so far she had only heard some small chatter on the radio but nothing important. no computer singel had tired to gain access which most likely mean that no one had noticed the yet.

form what she could gather nyc was still fighting with a few scattered smaller AI's in there. most of the warfare that was happening there was between humans. but the old arnseal gear was slient she quickly scanned threw its systems it was a hollowed out husk anything of vaule in there was taken out the weapons, the gears, and much of the hardware. she wished to send a team in but the danger was to great the only place that she could safetly land Paragone would have been the place were she attacked nyc all those years ago but that was a comeplty wasteland and many buildings fell into the landing zone.

Gone checked there course and nothing appeared to be in the way a few wandering humans and 1 or 2 gears but at the moment nothing. this would allow her to fully recharge the Paragone which was running very short on battery life.


Set knew that he had struck on something that Tabitha had never though about.

"thank you for fixing my leg the way i usally am forced to deploy requires that I use them."

"Tabitha? you were born on the Paragone weren't you if im not mistaken. have you ever lived anywhere else?"

30-03-2006, 15:05
"No problem's about the leg. It's my job. I've still got to try to persuade 'gone to let you test it out, see if the patch job can take the strain."

Tabitha sat down heavily on the floor in front of set.

"No, I was born here. I've lived here all my life, and seing the way the worlds gone I'll probably die here. Hell, the last time I was dirtside the Tabitha that grew up here died, and this," She slapped her shoulder, "replaced her. As a non-com I rarely need, or get the chance to leave the paragone."

30-03-2006, 15:21
"I see thats why your so comfotable here. most of the crew has lived outside of this iron shell."

Set looked at the shoulder he quickly scanned it nothing seemed to be worng with if she would wacth his back he would wacth hers.

"I remeber that day. I was the one that brought you back Gone said it wasn;t worth the risk. but you humans seem to allways defiy the odds. did you know that you chance of survieing until i brought you back to the Paragone was 1 thounsand to one? then the chance of the bionic that were hasilty put on macthing and function as they should. 5 thousand to 1. how do you humans do it? how can you defiy the odds and try even when you know your going to fail?"

30-03-2006, 15:38
"I always knew in my heart it was you that had rescued me. But I could never prove it."

Tabitha smiled Despite all the violence and hatred he was capable of, somewher deep in that AI and machinery, however small it may be, was a heart. Regardless of what others and set himself believed, there were things he cared for, and things he considered worth more than his safety. He was more human than he gave himself credit for!

"I'll never forget what you did for me, and I'll always be there for you."

She suddenly realised set had asked her a question. She grinned,

"We're probably so good at defying the odds, because we never take the time to work them out! If you don't know how slim the chaces are, you'll fight in the hope you have a chance!"

OOC/ run that bit about shoulders by me again please, I don't get it

Commander X
30-03-2006, 16:04
*Engaging combat protocols. Identifying targets...*

As the other pilots hadn't moved in by now, Aron had no choice but to activate Acid and start doing something himself. He wanted to get rid of the sentries fast, but that would become quite a problem with three-and-a-half of them. For the moment, he had to wait for Acid to finish.

*Four targes identified, four Spiders MkI, one damaged. They are currently searching for the cyborg.*

"I could have told you that a minute ago, now lock on to the canyon wall where it's the weakest, and fire the main guns."

*Negative, ammunition is limited. It will not be wasted on dubious tactics. Targetting closest enemy now...*

Despite Aron's protests, Goliath slowly began to turn towards the nearest Spider. Although it was still far away from the target, the thudding noise of the Gear's massive feet on the ground could be heared even near the hangar. One of the Spiders aborted it's search for the Cyborg to investigate the sound.

*Warning, one enemy approaching fast.*

"I told you to target the cave wall, then we would have gotten them all by now. Now we need to shoot that one first. Now just do what I tell you and target the missiles at it."

*Missiles locked at target. Arming warheads now...*

After several painful seconds of waiting for the red lights at his panel to light up, Aron was glad to see Acid had finally listened, meaning he could now attack the Spider. He fired two of the missiles at the Spider, but unfortunately it had noticed him by now. When it saw the missilese coming at itself, it still managed to report back the contact in time.

*This is Spider 2, enemy contact at location Gamma. Under heavy fire...*

The Spider still tried to charge and target it's weaponry, but it was too late for that. Before it was ready, one of the missiles impacted in one of the leg joints, tearing off the leg and making the Gear fall. But before the second missile hit the main hull and destroyed the Spider, it still got one shot off in the direction of Goliath.

Because of the sheer size of the machine it couldn't evade the shot, and Goliath was hit at the shoulder of the right claw, tearing a good chunk out of the heavy armour, and revealing a set of damaged hydraulics. The claw dropped down to the floor, the rest of the hydraulics unable to compensate for the sudden extra load.

*Impact at right shoulder, Claw efficiency reduced by 60%. Compensating hydraulics loss now...*

"I told you bad things would happen if you didn't listen. This is what you deserve. Now lift up that claw and back away."

Konrad_Curze II
30-03-2006, 18:46
One of the spiders was around some rubble scanning for any sign of the cyborg, when the ground trembled causing it to almost lose balance, scanning the site for any close threat the wall it was closest to exploded as the monsterous Jormungand smashed through, trapping the spider underneath the rubble of the wall that was once there. the spider fired wildly, trying to get whatever had caused the problem, however it missed as it was crushed underneath the Gear.
"sorry im late guys, wanted to make an entrance!" jack says over the codec to the guys currently there, "wheres everyone else?"

30-03-2006, 19:13
Palin fell out of the sky, and activated her pack. Stopping short of the ground, she gently let her Gear fall to the ground and crouched. Aron had engaged several Spiders ahead of her, and she looked around. One of the Spiders was damaged, she thought, the other three were starting to react to the others.
"Oh no you don't," muttered Palin, and started punching the controls of Justice.
"Not so hard!" Muttered Justice, heatedly, as the Gear moved rapidly. Palin's hands and fingers moved quickly across the control board, and then onto the control stick. Justice, lurched forwards, catching one of the Spiders' attention.
"One less for them to deal with..." she muttered, and brought the left arm up. The chaingun opened fire, and a hail met the Spider...

OOC - I won't bother doing damage to it, just doing what I'm doing...
I'm lazy... :p


30-03-2006, 21:45
"this is spider4 we require assistance" that was all it was able to get out before it was finally killed.

The AI's knew that this was a possibility of getting into a situation with the guard Gear's being taken out with the possabilty of a foot bound soilders sneaking into the factory with these gears ready to attack. And with a nuclear based model that could easily take down the doors with enough time. suddenly in the desert above the canyon large mechcails noises were heard.

OoC/i'll finsih the post later/OoC

31-03-2006, 00:37
dropping down over the canyon wall were 2 legged robots with 3 green eyes. (another visual aid for you all http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/robotics/battlerobot.jpg )
one of them dropped down onto Goliath and put it's blade around it's head ready to cut it off at a moments notice.

the other gears were ready to attack the other gears ready to destroy them at a moments notice

OoC/ okay theres about 8 of these guys the're very fast and there blades are extremly sharp. the armour is hard so small rounds will compelty defelct off and meduim round fire only dents so have some fun in close combat. remeber Joy there is still the one spider gear looking for you/OoC

31-03-2006, 08:06
Archangel had closed on the door with some speed. The spider gears had taken joys distraction and headed away from the door. Then with the appearence of the other gears had distracted them completely. He got closer to the door and looked again.. the "humans" were not human at all but machines. There was one lugging a hugebox and large caliber ammo into the small door so Archangel followed. As he suspected these gears were almost deaf, drone like which meant they probably had some sort of remote controller. However they wre strong and CQC probably wouldn't help him too much. The door closed and Archangel went right up to it. He opened the door a little bit and looked inside. "Bloody robots everywhere.." He entered and hid in a pile of crates scanning the surrounding area for what looked like a control point.

Spangley Special
31-03-2006, 10:53
The Joy burst out from under a pile of rocks.
The Spider Gear, hearing the crash of rocks turned to The Joy spotting him imediately, and proceded to approach him.
The Joy bust into a sprint, the Gear opened fire with a small chin mounted machine gun, it was of a low calibre and the few rounds that did hit The Joy were eaisly stopped by the kevlar plates.

As The Joy neared the Spider he dropped into a slide (much like a baseball player) and slid under the spider slaping a few limpet mines to its weak underbelly.
The Joy's slide stopped just short, leaving him underneath the gear.
The Spider dropped in an attempt to crush The Joy,
who dramatically rolled out from under it at the last second, before turning around just in time to watch the mines detonate, destroying the Gear.

The Joy was pumped, his exo-skeletons subsystems had dumped huge amounts of adreniline into his system.
He scanned around desperately looking for another target, he could see many humanoid robots darting about attacking some of the friendly gears.

OOC// how large are these three eyed robots?

31-03-2006, 12:57
OoC/ about the size of Ray if not a little larger/OoC

Commander X
02-04-2006, 12:56
*Danger, controller at risk. Advising immediate evactuation.*

"Nice try, but you're not getting rid of me just yet. Give me controls of the Lasers and I'll solve this..."

The drone which was standing on top of Goliath awaited a reason to cut off the Gear's head and kill the pilot. It didn't expect any opposition, as the target was far too slow to become an actual threat. Unfortunately for itself, it overlooked the two small turrets next to the head turning around to face the drone.

"Now drop the front end of Goliath, and we'll see who is at risk here."

Right when Goliath dropped to it's 'knees', Aron activated the two Laser Cannons, one as a distraction by attacking the center eye, and one cutting off part of the claw beneath Goliath's 'throat'. The drone lost it's balance and started falling off, but managed to tear a gap in Goliath's back with his other claw while doing so. As the drone hit the ground, Acid tried grabbing it with the massive claw. Unfortunately the damaged hydraulics were far too slow, and the drone got up in front of Goliath.

*Activating main cannons, arming central barrel...*

"And you've waited with that untill now? Now I need to distract it while the cannons charge."

Aron used the Lasers again to try and take out the drone's other eyes, but without much succes. The slow-moving turrets were no match for the fast-moving drone, and it was closing in fast. Meanwhile Goliath's cannons were charging as fast as possible, and Acid tried to walk backwards while doing so. Only moments before the drone was close enough to attack again, Aron saw one of the buttons light up in front of him, meaning the weapons were ready. He slammed on the button, and immediately a loud explosion could be heared.

The projectile had gone straight through the drone, completely tearing it apart, and then continued it's path. It had only stopped when shattering itself on the cave wall, but not without bringing down a part of it first. Aron, most others who saw it, and even Acid herself stood still for a moment, looking at the path of destruction left behind.

*Target annihalated. Hull integrity down to 80%. Main Reactor exposed. Retreating to safer distance now...*

02-04-2006, 16:31
Palin activated her comm unit. "Aron! Get that Gear of yours under control, otherwise you'll be routed and 'fail' the VR!" She roared. "Justice, talk to ACID and get it to turn around and start kicking some of those Drone's asses!" She snapped, and Justice complied without any remarks. Although whether she'd succeed or not depended on how well ACID would like being called a big girls' blouse...

Palin lurched her Gear towards the nearest Drone, taking it to full manual. The Drone turned towards her, and started prowling around Justice...

OOC - Commander; have some fun with Justice and ACID talking, ;)
Justice is a pretty sarcastic and teenage-like Gear, by the way, :p

06-04-2006, 10:36
Archangel had reached the control point undetected so far. He hadn't needed to do much in the way of sneaking as most of the robots were just drones built to carry things but he was better safe than sorry. He looked towards the control room door and there were two sentries. Drones that were about 6 foot tall with assualt rifles. They didnt move just sat there and watched. "This is why I hate machines" He drew out his pistol and knife then broke cover firing as he did. The first dron dropped to the floor with two rounds in his head. The other turned to face Archangel. Archangel rolled towards the drone making his shots fly high. He stood up and grabbed the rifle twisting it so that the drone was forced to let go or damage itself. Then Archangel jammed his knife into its "neck" and twisted until the machine went stiff and collapsed. He then entered the control room cautiously. It was completey empty the entire thing ran on AI. He walked over to one terminal and hit the hanger door override and then planted plastic explosives everywhere he thought might be controlling the drones in the hanger. Alarms started to sound as the hanger doors opened. He could hear the gears in the hanger powering up and loud footsteps coming towards him. So he dived behind one of the consoles in the control room.

ooc// sorry its a bit late and rushed my original was lost somewhere between my pc and warseer.. ooc//

06-04-2006, 23:43
OoC/sorry for the lateness as well Nick im gonna say that the explosives got set off to move the story along/OoC

Explosions begun to rack the hanger the Gear's would be caught underground and that could not be allowed to happen. The gears moved as fast as they could out of the base into the canyon.

OoC/ okay theres 5 of these http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/robotics/standing2_small.jpg

3 of these http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/robotics/mech-thing-color.jpg

6 of these http://www.geocities.com/amaclub/images/o-ers.jpg

2 of these http://www.geocities.com/amaclub/images/pn-bhunter.jpg

3 of these http://www.geocities.com/amaclub/images/ky-mecha.jpg

and the big daddy leader http://www.talon-games.com/images/preview/RLM/20013.jpg

have fun! :) /OoC

Konrad_Curze II
07-04-2006, 00:13
ooc/ ive edited the post with the name of the gear i was taking on/ooc

Jack saw one of the flash lights approaching the area so he charged towards it over the rocky ground whilst releasing a pair of missiles high into the air, seeming to come to a stop in mid flight and descend upon the target. the gear looked up, seeing the missiles coming towards it opened fire trying to take them down before it got hit, one of the missiles was hit and blew up in a fantastic explosion that bellowed throughout the canyon, the other missile hit home and destroyed the gun along with slightly damaging the gears left arm. so with no ranged weaponry left the flash light charged towards the Jormungand. jack opened the gears mouth to burn the gear but as it released its flame the gear jumped into the air and landed on one of the middle sections of Jormungand, and with an impressive show of strength, began punching dents into the gear and eventually punched into the segment, ripping the top part of it to shreds, jack had to think fast. so he decided to flip Jormungand to its side, throwing the gear through the air about 20 feet away from him. as the gear started standing up it got blindsided by the tail of Jormungand that knocked it flying against the wall of the canyon.as it tried getting back to its feet Jormungand smashed into it head first and crushed its abdomen apart against the wall, then proceeding to burn the circuitry to bits and the flash light slumped to the floor in a heap of scrap metal. jack looked at the surveillance footage of the section that had been battered, the missiles inside were now useless and he would have to go and manually operate the airtight doors on either side of that segment or else the gear would get flooded if he were to submerge underwater "great" he thought to himself as he rushed down to the segment and closed the doors and sealed it off "that'll do for the time being" he said as he ran back to the controls, as he sat down he looked at the ground and a smirk came across his face, "this could be fun" he says as he controls the Jormungand to go down into the ground, shaking the nearby area as it submerged itself under the sand.

07-04-2006, 01:50
OoC/ Glad you like the Gears it's harder then you would think to find good Mecha pictures

these are Brawlers http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/robotics/standing2_small.jpg

these are shot man (there gun works like a shot gun/gernade launcher) http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/robotics/mech-thing-color.jpg

these are flash lights the 2 guns on there shoulders work like powerful lasers along with powerful close combat abilty http://www.geocities.com/amaclub/images/o-ers.jpg

these are hunters http://www.geocities.com/amaclub/images/pn-bhunter.jpg

these are chickens http://www.geocities.com/amaclub/images/ky-mecha.jpg

and this is armour http://www.talon-games.com/images/preview/RLM/20013.jpg

and there is sand for you.
hope that helps /OoC

Spangley Special
08-04-2006, 13:04
The Joy was crouched on the canyon wall scanning the scene.

He jumped from the wall and sprinted towards a "chicken".

an alarm was diplayed on the Joy's display, telling him that the chicken had locked on to him.

The Joy leapt into the air and landed on the chicken he bairly had time to slap a limpet mine onto the top of the gear, before it bucked him off.

The Joy landed with a thud, he looked up to see the "chicken's" foot comming down on him.

OOC// free save anyone?

08-04-2006, 19:41
Tabitha put her hands behind her head and leaned back until she was lying flat out on the deck. She had finally completed all of the repairs, as far as the parts she'd had to work with had stretched at least. They'd have to raid a supply depot or something soon, or all that would be holding the gears would be spit and optimism.

She sighed, now she had finished fixing and combat prepping the gears, she did'n't know what to do with herself. For the dirst time in days she actually had time to be bored. She wondered how the simulation was going. She made a mental note to find out what sort of damage had been suffered.

//Ooc: Free save?

09-04-2006, 20:30
Gone contacted Set threw the Paragone's computer system something had come up that would need his "expertise"
"Set I require your help"

"You want my help?"

"Yes the humans in the VR require help"

Why would I help them? Doesn't do anything for me.

"But I will let you run a "errand" for me when we land"

"I listening"


Set jumped down ontop of the chicken that was about to kill Joy. quickly cutting off the large canon one the gear he then grabed it with his hand throwing the cannon into the wall. faster then the eye could follow Set smashed his fist into the gears head he then stabbed the gear in the chest and ripped the head off Set's head quickly turned he saw his next target. fireing the rocket booster Set pounced onto a "brawler" he went to punch the gear the Brawler grabed his punch and held him fast. trying to get the gear he went for a jab in on the Brawler but he was able to cacth in between Set's blade and held him fast.

The Brawler was stronger the Set it would break his blade and arm if he did not act quickly. he had to use his speed. Set quickly swicthed his weight to his feet and fired his back boosters and leanded back. Bringing the gear up and over him he quickly brought the Brawler to the ground and with his jaw he went for the gears chest and begun to tear towards the Brawlers Cpu. once he reached it Set was crouched over the chewed open Gear with wires and parts hanging form his maw he let out a blood curdling scream

over the channels he begun to speak in a barely understanble mumble of words.

"pain.........death.......destrucion.......blood... ....more.........blood...........suffering........ ....turtore...........souls..........kill them......KILL THEM ALL!!"

OoC/ that was to much fun :evilgrin: /OoC

Konrad_Curze II
09-04-2006, 20:46
the 3 gunmen were walking in a column, searching for any signs of the enemy. there was a slight rumble in the ground which put them slightly off balance but then the rumbling stopped, the gunmen looking round for any signs of any metal gears but found nothing. as they turned to keep on their patrol a massive tail came out of the ground and wrapped around the furthest back gunman, crushing it in half, as the other gears turned to see what the noise was they saw the last part of the gear sink back into the sand. they rushed over to the area and started firing into the sand, hoping that they may kill whatever took the first gear. after a short burst of firing they both stopped, the area fell silent again. then the base of one of the gears started smoking, when suddenly a huge gush of flame ungulfed the gear, the other staggered back out of the way as it saw the unfortunate gunman being melted down as it collapses onto the ground. the final gunman was looking around, not intent on looking for the enemy now its main priority was self preservation. again the ground trembled and it stoods its ground, waiting for the monstrosity that took the previous 2 gunmen out to surface. when from underneath him the ground exploded as metal gear Jormungand flew into the air, like a shark catching its prey, holding the last gunman in its jaws,breaking it apart and scattering the parts across the area as it came back to earth and dove back into the sand once more, "i love this machine" said jack, laughing to himself as he resurfaced again to return to where the rest of the action was going off.
ooc/i do enjoy killing metal gear!! /ooc

09-04-2006, 22:29

"pain.........death.......destrucion.......blood... ....more.........blood...........suffering........ ....turtore...........souls..........kill them......KILL THEM ALL!!" [/COLOR]

OoC/ that was to much fun :evilgrin: /OoC

I am scared of my new friend!

Spangley Special
10-04-2006, 12:01
The Joy jumped to his feet, then leapt up onto the canyon wall. He could see that Set was enjoying the battle a little TOO much.

Commander X
10-04-2006, 15:57
OOC: I know, I'm late... :OOC

*Reaching 'safer' distance in thirty seconds, please wait...*

Acid was slowly and steadily walking away with Goliath, when Justice started shouting at 'her' over the com-link. Now Aron was close to completely losing it, as there were now two of those dreaded AI's arguing about what to do instead of just one. Justice was talking about routing, while Acid was insisting on self-preservation. Right now Aron would be glad to pull out the plug of this entire thing, just to get them to shut up.

When he saw their new 'ally' and how much he appeared to be enjoying this fight, Aron had had enough of it. He would have to end the AI's discussions, and then take over himself to help this situation get any better without having to rely on their psychotic ally.

"Will both of you stop it at once?!" he shouted, making sure both Acid and Justice heared it. Although both of them protested, he managed to 'convince' them to be quiet for now, and to get himself in control of Goliath. He stopped retreating, and turned around again, despite Acid's protests. While planning to make both his shots count, he targetted the nearest enemies, and waited for them to line up better.

*Human targetting is inefficient, please hand over controls immediatly.*

"You're not better than me at this, just be quiet and let me do my work."

*I have 'work' too, or do you think that other AI interfering with me wasn't enough? Now, hand over controls.*

As three of the enemy Gears had now lined up almost straight behind eachother from Goliath's point of view, Aron didn't even listen to Acid's last remark and just fired. Seconds later, two of the enemies - Flashlights - had been reduced to nothing but a trail of scrap dragged over the sand, and the third - one of the Shotman - was lying on the ground, its complete left half mangled beyond recognition. After the obligatory suprised silence, Aron continued discussing with Acid.

"So, who's aim is inefficient now? You try doing that without my aid."

The pair of them started a slightly heated discussion about the skills of Aron compared to those of an AI, ignoring the other enemies, some of which were already closing in on Goliath again. This wasn't exactly going well, and it would only become worse as more enemies came streaming out of the complex...

10-04-2006, 16:28
OoC/it is fun to destroy the gears/OoC

Set looked around, it appeared that the gears were moveing threw the canyon system.



Set looked at the human it was one of the cyborgs that was onboard the Paragone. He had been luckly so far if one of the gears came down here he would be killed so fast. Extending his hand out to the cybrog

"I can keep you safe within my chest cavity human, It would be a bad idea to refuse the offer. A Gear would be able to quickly 'Deal' with you."


A massive gear was comeing form below due to the sound the gear must be taller then the canyon it self.

"Quickly human"

Spangley Special
11-04-2006, 11:50
The Joy looked at Set. He was suspisious of Set after how he kicked of in the hanger, but also some what honoured at the offer.

"I'm Honoured by the offer, but to be trapped within two robotic bodies would be too much. And you'd be surpised by how well i can "deal" with Gears." The Joy replied while bounding from ledge to ledge along the canyon wall.

11-04-2006, 12:31
"Suit yourself"
Set ran down the canyon he didn't have the weapons to deal with "armour" at the moment Gone had stripped his gear of all long ranged weapons which didn't bother him but with things like hese he still wished he had some sort of long range weapon.

he was allmost past the corner when warning flashed


damit! "armour" had fired one of its guided missle's he didn't have a chance to out run it. he cleared the corner and then quickly spun on his foot to face the missle....................................

12-04-2006, 10:47
Palin chuckled as Aron's Gear moved back into position. "Glad you're back, Aron. Now there's a small matter about these Gears," she said into her comm to the other pilot. "I hope you've got an umbrella handy, because soon you'll need one."

Palin manouevered Justice into a fighting position that was almost natural for her, facing one of the enemies, and then she pounced. The enemy Gear attempted to fire, but failed as Justice's sword came down, carving in the better half of it's head. It exploded spectularly, and a large chunk of metal struck Justice in the head. The Gear's pack activated to keep it from falling to the floor, and Palin's hand blurred across her control panel and stick and Justice's fall became a graceful sumersault back onto it's feet.

Commander X
12-04-2006, 15:12
"I doubt an umbrella will be needed, there's not going to be enough shrapnel left to rain when I'm done here. Oh, and if that other AI was yours, would you mind keeping it to yourself? One of them is bad enough already..."

Aron had to give up most of his controls to Acid again, as she was now going to prove that AI's could do a better job at aiming than humans. He didn't have much choice but to watch this happen, although he was certain that an AI wouldn't be able to match him. On the other hand, the idea that it was now Acid's fault if they got hit by something again was very pleasing. That would teach her to stop whining.

"Now give me the controls again, you're no good at this."

*Negative, you will soon see why AI's are far superior to mere humans.*

"If we don't live to do so, that's not going to be of any use, now give them to me."

*Negative, stop complaining and watch...*

18-04-2006, 10:21
Archangel had barely escaped his own explosives. He had been spotted and needed to set them off prematurely. The explosives had the desired effect however and now all that was left was to destroy the gears. He scrambled low accross the canyon floor towards his extraction point. There was not much he could do against an active gear. He watched as the friendly gears attacked the enemy. They were terrifying even in AI but set was in a different class. He caght a glimpse of joy out of the corner of his eye leaping about. He moved again keeping low.

Spangley Special
18-04-2006, 14:03
The Friendly gears had turned up and the enemy gears were preoccupied, all but ignoring the joy.
Perhaps they don't think that I am a threat. A mistake indeed.The Joy thought to himself.

The Joy jumped down onto the canyon floor and started to run, he was less than 15ft away before, his sensors picked up archangel's heat signiture, his camo was effective even at surpressing his body heat.

OCC// i'm back and should be able to post more again. also i've kinda lost count of the gears that are still around.

16-05-2006, 17:33

Ookay... so is this RPG dead? Is it on a brief hiatus?

I dunno whether anything's been happening that I don't know about, but I'd like to see if anyone wants to resume / restart this RPG, especially Bmaxwell.


16-05-2006, 21:26
yes this RPG seemed to die.

and Yes I'm willing to restart this RPG with a different angle on it.

16-05-2006, 22:00
Yeah. This was looking so awesome. I was really gutted when it died. I'd be overjoyed if I could bring Tabitha back! (as long as SET's still around of course :D)

17-05-2006, 00:59
In some form or another Set will be back. That much I'm sure of.

17-05-2006, 01:18
Great job, I would also assume that Ichigo will make a re-incarnation.

17-05-2006, 01:19
As long as the background for the characters is good characters can come back.

17-05-2006, 01:20

Well, I shall eagerly await 'Metal Gear: RErise of the Machine RPG :D

Spangley Special
19-05-2006, 12:14
cool i was disserpointed (see i'm soo upset i cant spell) that this one died, so the joy may make a revised come back.