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This is a little Fan fic on Metal Gear it also serves as some back stroy with the RPG that Im runing in the RP fourm.


“Wake up”

“Its time for you to begun your life”

She awoke but nothing was different it was dark. The only difference was that she knew it was dark. What was this feeling it was painful but at the same time it was good.

“I told you this wouldn’t work a female you would transfer probably,” said some man.
“it will work” listen to her she’s awake.

The Wiseman counsel looked threw the video screen each one had its on personal screen for they were located around the entire world. They looked into the bridge of the arsenal gear this was the first time that a female had tired to been imprinted onto a AI this one was named Paragone.

It took time to teach her for the different things had how to simply exist as a AI. She was the first AI that was designed not to be a weapon of war. For what good is a army if they have no way to heal themselves or rest. Paragone was designed to be a sort of mobile hospital and repair facilities for the Patriots. Paragone was imprinted with a female personality one that was caring and kind but at the same time be capable of being an effective war machine. After months and months of training all that needed to happen was time.

After the Big shell incident it was clear that the Patriots could not control the world threw the just solely information domination. For all it took was a dedicated group to take out the first Arsenal gear. Luckily GW had survived and had helped in the constructions of the other Arsenal gears and there AI. It all was set to happen on July 4 of 2020. Paragone would release a payload of bombs over a very tight area of New York City to secure a landing site.

Jonas Quinn moved threw the hall of the Paragone and made his way to the armory. In a few hours they would begin the operation. Currently the Paragone was making its way down form its building site in Maine. They were already descending down the to combat level. Jonas would be leading one of the Tegnu squad. There objective was secure the subway system If they could gain control of the underground New York City would be there’s. Once there they would gain support form the rays onboard Paragone. Jonas took the amour and begun to attach it to his body it making small adjustments to fit his body. He grabbed the machine gun it looks good enough to him and he stored some extra clips with in the amour. He moved over to the weapons locker to pick his blade he decided to rather then go for the regular issues katana he picked a blade similar to the ancient gladuis used by the Romans it had a sort of nobility that he liked. Walking into the hanger he looked at the rest of his team it was a small one but still quite large for the task at hand. Around 8 of them would be plenty to take over the subway.
“Project Root has begun” Gone chimed in over the comm. System shortly after the announcement explosions could be heard coming form below the ship a few minutes later the Paragone had landed on the now ground zero.
“GO GO GO” Jonas yelled as he level the gun and ran out of the hanger bay and jumped down to the ground. The rest of the unit followed him he quickly checked the surroundings no hostiles as excepted. Once they had cleared the initial blast zone there NYPD had already set up a blockade
“Stop right there!” yelled a cop out form behind the blockade. His squad simply moved behind cover. This was not foreseen how did the NYPD react so quickly. Some one must have leaked out information.

Jack looked out behind the barricade since the bombardment nothing had came out of the destroyed blocks until he saw this armed squad. No way these were simply gang bangers. “Sergeant what should we do?”

Jonas looked at his men he wasn’t sure what to do he radioed back to Paragone.
“This is Jonas we have encountered a Reinforced Police Blockade how should we proceed?”
It took a moment before he heard Gones calm voice.
“Move past the Blockade with minimal Police and Civilians casualties” This order was heard threw out the squad. It took less then a moment for the squad to put down there machine guns and pull out there Blade. Running towards the blockade
“Defense pattern Phoenix!” Jonas told the other members threw the comm. Network that had been built into the suits.

“FIRE!!!” The police sergeant yelled hang gun, shotgun, and assault rifle fire broke out at the running masked foe. They all in the same motion pulled out large katanas except for the one in the lead who pulled out a ancient looking sword. Faster then he could see they moved deflecting bullets “there not stopping!!!” one of the officers yelled out soon the men would be on them.

“NOW!” Jonas yelled at the other members they all then leapt into the air jumping onto the cop cars crushing some of the hood Jonas then rolled down off the car and sprung to his feet. A cop was about to shoot him and with no time to deflect it he had no choice. He made a up ward cute which cut the man he then spun around slamming the blade into the gun not only cutting it but throwing it far. He then dropped down and kicked the mans legs out form under him. He then sprung back to his feet and begun to run bullets flew past him but so far he was unharmed. He continued to run down the street to the side of him he heard the screams of regular citizens. He needed to get out of the open he saw grate covering a entrance to the sewer he grabbed it threw it aside crashing threw a store front he then jumped down into it. Once he landed in the muck he quickly switch to night vision and moved threw the sewers.

Gone begun to lose contact with the ground forces. So far everything was going according to plan. Once Jonas had returned with the data disk they would leave and then attack the arsenal gears with the on board rail guns. Threw her times she learned of the Patriots and though she knew that she her self was just a tool of them but the chaos that would be caused would be better then the iron rule of the patriots.

Jonas moved threw the sewers following the nav point that was in his HUD. Soon he would be under the national library it was some what frightening how much of the patriots top secret information and meeting places were in common and famous historical locations but it wasn’t his job to figure this out just to be a solider and complete the mission. Jonas popped the manhole and jumped out onto the street. He quickly looked around and ran into the library. He quickly looked around and pulled a gun out and pointed at the librarian’s head.
“Where’s FDR’s private library?” Jonas spoke calmly and slowly so that the women would understand him in her frightened state.
“dow dow down stairs take the key” she held out a key on a ring shaking the key make a ra-a-ta-ta sound.
“please don’t hurt me” Jonas grabbed the keys and holstered the machine gun again and ran down stairs quickly jumping over tables and people that had dropped to the ground. He quickly opened the door and entered the private library though there were many books he quickly slipped his view to Electro-magnetic. Though the data was stored on a simply dead hard drive it would display a small signal.

There it was.

Jonas threw the bookcase out of his way he was running out of time shortly they would be found out and then it would complicate the already complex situation. He picked up the roughly brick sized Hard Drive this was supposed to contain the data on the entire Operation and the locations of all of the Arsenal gears perhaps even the location of the Patriots. He put the HD into a special holding container on his amour and he dropped down and moved out of library. He was just about to move out the door back towards Paragone but just when he stepped out of the door a bullet chipped the pillar right next to his head. Jonas rolled out of the way and instantly pulled his gun to bear looking not sure what or who attacked him.

More shortly.........

25-03-2006, 01:35
He peaked out around the corner and looked out not sure what to except. All he saw was men in urban camo before he had to duck back behind cover to avoid getting killed by the hail of bullets. He didn’t know how to get out of this one he quickly switched to infrared hopefully he could see threw the pillar. He pulled out a small smoke grenade. Tossed it at the wall and it bounced off the wall into the street. 5 ………….4……3…….2……1. he heard the smoke coming out of the grenade. He popped out form the pillar it war fuzzy but he could see human shape. He dropped to his knees and shot at the men in front of him some of them dropped but some of the just stood there. He tossed the gun to one hand and pulled out the sword he jumped up but also towards the group of men. When he cleared the smoke he could see that is was the army. Along with a APC. He let the bullets fly usally he would have killed all of them but if they had found him here the Paragone would be already under attack. He didn’t have time for this. he dropped down on a man killing him just form the force of his body weight on him he stuck another man with the sword and shot rounds into another man about to shoot him at point blank range. He then ripped the blade out of the man jumped over the APC. Once he landed behind it he holstered both of the weapons and then he begun to sprint as fast as he could.

Gone was worried he hadn’t heard anything form Jonas for some time now and already there had been some attempts to break into the Paragone. They had not been able to break into her hull but they had begun to break into her electronically so far they had failed. Nothing of them singularly could match Gone but the amount of hackers trying to get in was the problem. She couldn’t terminate there connections fast enough. If she had to time she would have radioed in for Jonas but it was to much to fast.

Jonas ran as fast as he legs could carry him but it wasn’t enough already he had seen army vehicles trailing him. He Tried to reach Gone but he wasn’t sure if she could hear him.
“This is Jonas I have the Hard Drive I’m in route to the Paragone” he got cut off when an army jeep almost ran him over. Luckily he had been able to get past it in time. He saw man just turning on his motorcycle. Perfect. Jonas pushed the man out of the way and wicked the throttle on the bike it skidded at first but once it found purchase he was off.

Gone heard Jonas transmission he at first was moving fairly slow to the Paragone but just recently his speed had almost tripled even soon it would still be about 10 minutes before he would reach the Paragone. She did not want to resort to violence but she had no choice she could not allow to be killed nor the crew that trusted there lives with her. She had no choice but to use the Metal Gear on board designed for her and defense of the Paragone
“all crew members this is a code Shell prepare to repel any boarders” There was a ruffle in the crew as all begun to prepare. Code Shell was when ever the AI would not be able to aid the crew. Soon they would break in but if they did not get the Data on that Hard Drive this entire small rebellion would end all to quickly. Once the crew had taken over the Paragone completely she begun to take control of the Metal Gear code named God’s Blood.

She had never controlled this Mecha in the real world she had trained in VR with it before that was true but currently she had no choice.
“Open the hanger bay doors as soon as I’m threw close them” gone said to the hanger crew and as soon as the Hangers had opened men begun to enter and fire on Gone. she didn’t worry about them once she was out of there and the doors were close the crew could easily take care of them. Gone begun to push the Gear faster and faster luckily God’s Blood was based off of RAY and was capable of high speed due to the leg chassis. She sped threw the streets of New York onto the position of Jonas. She turned a corner and was met with a m1 Abrams tank. She barely was able to moved fast enough out of the shell that was waiting for her she quickly dropped her level and picked up the tank and effortlessly threw it down the street.

Jonas wasn’t sure were the army went they disappeared about 2 minutes ago. Then some came flying down on the street in front of him. What the? He though to him self was that a tank? He stopped and then saw something that he could not believe. It was a Metal Gear. He skidded the Motorcycle and was about to turn around until he heard a familiar voice it was gone.
“Jonas this is Gone we don’t have much time step in here” The Metal Gear dropped down to its knees and inside its chest cavity it opened up to reveal a small opening with a chair. Jonas jumped into the chair as soon as he did the doors shut it was a bit cramped but it didn’t matter he knew he was safe or at least for the time being.

Gone had Jonas safely inside of the Metal Gear she begun to move back threw the city once again. There was more and more army presence but so far only some jeeps and she had been able to navigate threw the city streets. And keep them on edge until she heard what she was dreading.
“Gone this is Paragone we are takeing heavy fire and Nemours boarding parties have made there way aboard. Hurry” the message was cut off my gunfire. Her crew needed her she didn’t have time to full around anymore she quickly hit the rocket boosters on the back of the gear propleing her into the sky over buildings unitl landed ontop of another building form there she ran as fast as she could jumping form building to building. She finally made it to the Paragone
“Open the Hanger bay” she stopped mid sentence the doors had not been closed either that or they had been re opened. She ran on board into the hanger and quickly put God’s blood into its dock. Gone quickly reentered the Paragones mainframe again and instantly took begun to raise the ship form ground zero. She quickly sealed all of the extoir doors and begun to close the hanger bay door. One of the commanders on board the ship commed into her
“Glad to see your back Gone” he said he was winded apparently the fighing had been worse then she thought.
“How many boarding parties are there to contend with?”
“Currently there are 4 left”
“Where are they?”

Jonas walked threw the halls were numerous bullets holes were in the walls along with blast marks. Once back on board Gone was able to quickly quartine the surviving boarding parties. What they had been able to learn form them was that there mission was to destroy the Paragone and if possible capture and bring back the AI on board the Paragone. After the information had be told the boarding parties were striped of the equipment and shot in the head then thrown off the ship.
“All Senior officers please report to the bridge” this must mean that she cracked the Hard Drive. It was surprising how long it took her to do so. Most computer programs could not stand against her but this one took her a few hours Jonas along with other head people on Board the Paragone made there way to the Bridge. Jonas noticed that the ship was already undergoing major repairs on some of the more damaged areas. On the bridge door a large blast mark had been made as he stepped near the door they slide open to reveal the Bridge.

A tri level area with at least half a dozen computers and monitoring stations many of them were empty but a few had people sitting at them working away on all sorts of different things. In front of them on the walls was projected the outside of the Paragone they were already above the clouds and form the looks of it seemed to be slowly moving somewhere. Then suddenly directly in front of all of them a women appeared as a holographic projection. She looked to be around her mid to late 20s with her hair let down long and flowing and glasses in front of her eyes. Form there down she seemed to wear a long robe almost toga looking piece of clothing. The women looked simply stunning had she been a real person. This was the form that Gone had chosen to take to present the plan to the members of the ship.
“After delving into the Hard Drive it did not revel the location or the names of the patriots as we had planed” suddenly pictures of another Arsenal gear came up behind her.
“Instead there were complex schematics and information the Arsenal Gear Chariot along with the AI on board the Chariot named Apollo. Currently the Chariot is attacking Washington DC. I purpose that we attack this Arsenal Gear with our long range missile’s and possibly even a tactical Nuclear weapon” there was suddenly a mummer through out the men and women assembled on the bridge some said the plan was genius others said it was barbaric. Gone simply lowered he arms and the chatter quickly stopped. Though she was only a machine the Crew respected her more so then even their commanding officers.
“It is obvious that the Patriots know of our rebellion and if we are lucky the chaos caused by us and the Chariot attacking DC that they do not have time to worry about where we are. I was also able to discover some other interesting information on the Hard Drive.”
A Map of the world appeared and red dots appeared in nemours places all over the world.
“Each dot is a target of a Arsenal gear attack now I do not know how many of these are attacks by the same or more then one but I can estimate that there are at the very minimum 18 different Arsenal Gears in the world. There could quite easily be more
We alone cannot cause the Patriots to lose control but. If we attack Chariot we will be able to cause chaos”

25-03-2006, 01:36
It took for ever to get the rest of the crew to agree but in the end it didn’t matter what they thought Gone was the ultimate authority on this ship. For the ship was her. At any time she could kick them off and kill them. True that would be a dumb thing to do but it could be done. The Paragone needed to stop for extend repairs but before that could happen they needed to attack Chariot. There wasn’t much to such a important event as you might think. Gone simply angled the ship properly and fired the rail gun barrage in less then 3 minutes the barrage was over. And the same time later the barrage a hit the DC area and were Chariot was.

Much like when 911 happened rather then a explosion of traffic over the airways it was virtually silent. It was obvious that the patriots were looking for them and wanted to keep any sort of communication to a minimum. Luckily by the time that news got out that DC had been bombarded the Paragone was already safely nestled in a mountain range in West Virginia.

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