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10-02-2011, 06:50
This is a list that just has a lot of my favorite stuff in the skaven army. It's a lot of pestilens and skyre clan stuff.

Plague Priest lvl 2 with dispell scroll and flail on Plague Furnace
Plague Priest lvl 2 with flail on Plague Furnace

Chieftan BSB with shield and Banner of Verminous Scurrying

Warlock-Engineer with Doomrocket
Warlock-Engineer with Brass Orb
Warlock Engineer with Death Globe
(in units of clan rats where they can best use their one shots)

4 units of 31 Clanrats with Full Command and Poison Wind Mortars

5 Giant Rats with Packmaster
6 Giant Rats with Packmaster
(These units absorb Doomwheel lightning during the first few turns.)

35 Plague Monks with full command and Plague Banner
35 Plague Monks with full command
(7+Furnace by 5 ranks)

3 Doomwheels
2 Plague Claw Catapults

I'm worried that I'm missing out on some of the other cool units (I wouldn't mind trying Plague Censer Bearers, Poisoned Wind Globardiers or a Grey Seer on a Bell if they are worth it,) But I just love my wheels, catapults and furnaces. My problems with the units I mentioned are:

Plague Censer Bearers-
Holy crap expensive, and oh-so fragile. Will they even make it to melee?

Cheaper, but seems like wounding with 1/4 of the shots at such close range isn't very much effect.

Screaming Bell-
Seems like a super expensive unit. It doesn't do much in close combat, and it's effects seem too random to be useful. I proxied one for a fight, and it's main use seemed to be to make the unit unbreakable and give the Grey Seer a ward save. is it worth it?

10-02-2011, 07:51
Who is your general? And how are you thinking of protecting your furnaces against shooting with? since you don't have the storm banner or any ward saves on them.

It seams that you have the numbers in the clan rats, but to me a skaven army is not a skaven army if it dos not include slaves.

PCB are not that good anymore after the changes to skirmish, However they do pack a punch, but are expensive. PWG are a support unite which work great with huge unites of slaves which are steadfast. Lock an expensive unite in combat with the slaves and have the PWGs shooting into the combat. killing the expensive unit.

10-02-2011, 15:19
I make my general the plague priest with the scroll for the 18" range on leadership.

So far toughness 6 and magic resist 2 has been enough to keep them (the furnaces) alive, but then the person I play against tends to try and destroy the units surrounding them. between all the shooting, impact hits, and shrouded in fog happening before it gets hit back, they tend to do pretty well.

As far as slaves go, I'm just not a fan I guess. I have trouble getting all of my units on the front lines in favorable locations. Clanrats may not be great, but they seem to do well enough as tar pits, and cause a few casualties on the way.

Looking at it again, I may switch the vermin banner with the storm banner for that first turn of protection, and cross my fingers that I can shoot at least a few of my war machines.

I'll also edit my OP with how I rank up my units and such.

10-02-2011, 20:28
I always take a small unit of PCB's- they hang out in back, or to the side behind another unit- once everything is engaged they flank charge against units that have been locked into combat-

You can make them into a much more dangerous unit by upping the number, and adding a plague priest with the Shadowmagnet trinket- being skirmishers they are not really worth the warmachine shot as they are spread out- T4 and skirmishers with a further -1 to hit protects from any other shooting- your opponent can cast spells on them but usually there are much larger targets for his direct damage and 18+ to cast spells-

10-02-2011, 22:45
That makes sense. I think I'll try and make some room for some PCBs or PWGs.

Other than the storm banner, what are some good ways to protect my Furnaces from shooting? Does giving a ward save to the priest give them one too? is there some magic item I'm over looking or not giving enough credit too (like the ironcurse trinket?)