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10-02-2011, 23:32
What I mean is, do youlike the moreorganic eldaror the more cubic and tank-y imperium?

Or those organic tyranid or the gothic SoB etc.?

10-02-2011, 23:48
I just realized that this might be better in the general rather than background, if a mod could move it, thanks! ;)

11-02-2011, 03:38
I prefer the stylings of the eldar over the lumpen and unlovely bricks of the imperium.
The tau vehicles come a close second.

11-02-2011, 06:21
I like the amount of curvature adopted by Tau, reminding me of the new US war machine designs. The slightly curved but basically still straight designs.

Unfortunately, the sculptors slightly missed all of the designs, never truly making them shine.

11-02-2011, 06:45
The Tau design has a lot of potential when it comes to skimmers, but for some reason I can never get into the crysis suits. The others are more or less ok, but not that impressive either. Both the SM dreads and the eldar wraithlords (the new ones) are much better.

Overall, I like the eldar designs the most. There are some hits in nearly every codex, though - some of the SM toys look good, the Tyranid have some good looking bugs, too, and I think the kroot have potential as well. The IG I'm not so keen on, but the walkers are nice. I wonder how the new DE fliers would look like - the concept art for the fighter in their codex looked good.

11-02-2011, 07:09
Well, that's because the Crysis suits simply don't use the same aesthetic as the rest of the tau tech. They are blocky, straight lined things, hardly a curve in sight. In other words... hideous.

Now, the FW ones <3

11-02-2011, 08:27
Tau are very aesthetically pleasing, although s Iuris has said, the Forgeworld Battlesuits are much more in keeping with that aesthetic than the standard GW ones.

I like the Eldar 'look', although it sometimes doesn't seem to fit together for me. Whereas the Imperium has dangling cables and exposed wires in it's more 'grunge' aesthetic, the Eldar are supposed to be amongst the most technologically advanced and aesthetically obsessed civilisations in the whole galaxy, with a technology that is as much 'grown' through psychic manipulation as it is manufactured. So, for me at least, exposed power cables and any inorganic lines just grate.

Something similar could be said for the Necrons. I guess there might be a logic that if no cables or whatnot are shown on the models then some of them may look more fantasy than sci-fi, but I think that isn't such a problem. These races are so ancient and so advanced that their technology might as well be magic as far as it matter to the understanding of humanity. If the Tau can manage to create weapons and vehicles without exposing vulnerable ammo feeds, power cables, coolant tubes and so on, why not the living metal necrons and the wraithbone and psychic-reactive plastics of the Eldar...?

11-02-2011, 08:37
Always loved the basic Mk7 Aquila armoured space marine. Marine power armour has just the right amount of medieval to high tech, creating an interesting and synergistic form.

I've always loved the eldar body suit designs because they remind me of ninja and ninjas are win. Their unique helmet designs are also great.

Love the tau fire warrior design. Nice collection of themes.

Like the current ork design but am disappointed at how over the top large they've made everything. By themselves they look great but when you see an ork pistol is bigger than a boltgun it just looks silly. If they kept the design theme but brought them back into scale with other models they'd look SOOO much better.

Loathe the sanguinary guard models. Pretty much sums up the current direction of GW background in miniature form - all image and badly executed. Same for the stormturkey.

Always liked the sisters designs.

Prefer the current tyranid designs to the older ones. I've always had a soft spot for genestealers (because those things were SCARY in 2nd ed). Really love the plastic carnifex and if it wasn't such an obvious sales tactic, the trygon would be my favourite.

Also love the grey knight terminator design - Jes managed to create a new form of terminator without disguising the classic terminator image.

Also love guard Kasrkin and stormtrooper models. The valkyrie is one of my favourite forgeworld designs.

So um, yeah. 40k has a great design aesthetic throughout its armies.


11-02-2011, 09:04
I really like the Gothic look of the SOB and hope that they do not change this when they update the codex/bring out new models. (If?)

I am also a fan of the IG, but wish they had kept the older regiments updated. I would also prefer another option for the basic tank hull. At the moment it is Chimera or Russ variants. A third (Plastic.) maybe light tank would add variety.

I also like the scrappy feel of the Orks, I think they are supposed to be bigger, more stocky and heavily built compared to even SM? Basically with Ork models you can get away with just about anything.

I like the style of the Eldar but never seem to be able to do them justice with my painting manner.

I really do not like the Tau, they look as if they have been lifted from a Manga comic and to my mind just don't fit the background.

Although 'Nids are OK, I'd like to see a more organic alien but using proper technology. One that is not humanoid, maybe six or eight legged or with no legs at all (?) but not using organic tech. An advance alien race that was actually alien and not just humans with pointy ears or blue skin and hooves.

11-02-2011, 10:45
Generally I like most of the aesthetics of each faction, with some exceptions. From the start though, they have been done by quality designers who studied around and knew their stuff. This has given many designs a lasting appeal.

Some thoughts on specifics:

Eldar - I can't really think of anything off my head that's really bad at all. Granted, I prefer the general aesthetic of the earlier Eldar (WD127 and 2nd edition) which seemed more organic then; the older style looked more 'grown' as per the fluff while the newer ones look manufactured.

Dark Eldar - Went from one of my least favourite to one of my most favoured designs. I especially like the Trireme style Raider boats.

Space Marines - My favourite is the Corvus (Mk 6) armour. I have a soft spot for Rogue Trader Marines though, which probably influenced that. I don't like the 'bling' that has been added; in the Codex there's a picture of 'Marneus Calgar's Land Raider' which I think looks much much worse than the plain Ultramarines Land Raider. And they're probably the smallest offenders here.

A lot of work went into design of the Marine Armour, which carries a lot of weight but isn't bulky looking.

Tyranids - Mixed feelings. While the current line looks great and is coherent, the very very early Tyranids gave a different 'feel' which I found more sinister than the current Hivemind.

Chaos Space Marines - I prefer the look of Fantasy mortals over Chaos Space Marines; there's something about them which means I don't like them over the loyalist version.

11-02-2011, 11:21
I love the Guard, especially the Cadians. They are the only army besides the Tau and basic Space Marines that look like a professional army. Besides that, the Guard is designed in such a way you can do so much with it. They are just normal humans fighting against big bad aliens, and they got no insane heroes that can punch an avatar in the face and get away with it. They dont have troops that singlehandedly can hold a breach in the wall against an overwhelming Ork attack. They need numbers. And tanks. And thats what I also love about the Guard. Especially the latest versions of the Leman Russ MBT. So much options, but still a pretty straight forward tank with good old tracks and a big gun on top of it. Besides that, there are so many patterns (counting in the FW designs) and each tank has a specific role. I like that.

I also like the Tau. Especially their tanks. They look awesome. And their basic infantry also looks like a competent army. And I like the idea of Battlesuits. Even though they arent as curvy, I like the things you can do with them to make them look dynamic.
Also, Railguns are awesome.

Then the standard basic space marine. The normal trooper. I like the idea of armored warriors like that, with big awesome guns that shoot stuff. Just not a fan of most of the newer, not so standard models, like the Dark Angels. I mean, all those robes might look cool, but I cant shake the idea that fighting looking like a medieval monk is just ineffective and restricts your movement. And the Blood Angels guys with wings. They just look silly. With all that ornament Im surprised they can even land a punch without getting all tangled up.

I dont like the look of the Eldar, although their gravtank is pretty cool. But they just seem so weak. Like, weaker then the individual guardsmen. Like they care more about being pretty then not getting shot in the face.
I do like the new Dark Eldar look. They look like a bunch of Cybergoths in space. At least, if you paint them the right way. I might just buy a squad and paint them like that for lulz.

Tyranids look good. They look like classical aliens that want to eat your babies, and thats what they do. And their swarm approach is pretty cool. Also, the big monsters look pretty sweet.

Orks look stupid in my opinion. In a universe that is supposed to be this grimdark and all, they just look like a bunch of idiots and their background only reinforces that image. The idea of them invading another planet or making a spaceship that works just seems to ridiculous for words. They fit well in Fantasy because there they just look like Barbarians who have no need for advanced tech. In 40k, that just seems like a really stupid idea.

Im not a fan of Chaos. I mean, I think the idea is awesome, but I think the focus is way to much on Chaos Space Marines and not enough on the actual heretic cultists and traitor guard armies. The way it looks, its like only civilians and Space Marines turn traitor. And instead of coming with an actual cultist/traitor guard army, they release a demon army. It always seemed to me that demons were there as a supportive role in chaos army that still mostly consisted of humans, not like they were an army in their own right. Besides that, I dont like the way they look. Again, way to many things that seem to be hanging in the way.

I very much dislike Necrons. Such an awesome idea, completely ruined by making a cheap rip off from the undead armies from Warhammer Fantasy. They got rid of the squats because they looked like Dwarfs in Space (from what Ive seen, the whole mining image was pretty cool though) and then they come with the Necrons, a bunch of Iron skeletons with a huge Egyptian theme, including flying Pyramids in BFG? Come on. No, the idea seems so cool. Have a bunch of genocidal super robots trying to wipe out all life and you come with this. I hope that for the update, they take a very good look at Mass Effect, for both the background and the aesthetics of the whole army, and come up with something that actually looks like robots, and not iron zombies.

Hmm, I guess Ive covered pretty much every army. Oh wait, SoB and the Inquisition. As an army, I dont like them. They dont look coherent enough. Its like a bunch of individuals fighting together next to each other. They could do better then that.

11-02-2011, 12:33
Like the current ork design but am disappointed at how over the top large they've made everything. By themselves they look great but when you see an ork pistol is bigger than a boltgun it just looks silly. If they kept the design theme but brought them back into scale with other models they'd look SOOO much better.

I quite preferred the older range of Orks...maybe its I just don't like the newer power claws... Give me back the lobster claws... and I quite liked the idea that the guns they had were bolters sold to them by rogue traders...

maybe I'm just getting too old... the beard needs a trim.

Brother Grimmnar
12-02-2011, 16:39
Personally, I think that all designs in WH 40K are masterly dead-on.
I mean, without knowing how much time designers and editors really set-off for research and development, I think they really got to grips with what a war-torn across millennia galaxy and how humanity in a similar environment should look like!
The whole high-tech/low-tech image of Imperium is awesome. A world where if you put a Space Marine beside a Death Korps of Krieg’s trooper you go: WTF? You know what I mean?
The SMs are awesome. Whether we talk Mk. II Crusade, Mk. III Iron, Mk. IV Maximus, Mk. V Heresy, Mk. VI Corvus (awesome one!) or the current Mk. VII Aquila or Mk. VIII Errant (these two FTW) – on Mk. I Thunder I’m not sold at all – they are simply great.
Still, the best looking Astartes will always be the Grey Knights! Period.

The Eldar are awesome. Elegant, swift, powerful and intelligent.
The whole idea of Necrons just gives a boost to the whole Universe.
Orks. Those I love. One thing though which I wouldn’t have done is to present their orkish language as it is presented. I mean, I would give them their own language (kind of grunts and growls) and not try to “humanize” it in the funny way that’s been done, e.g. 'Ere We Go!' or 'Da red wunz go fasta'.The Chaos too is right on. Different Lords, different followers, different looks. Much better then the Dark Eldar IMO.
The gothic look of the Sisters Of Battle…hmmm. I’m not sure ‘bout that. It just doesn’t appeal to me…
The Tau. Somehow I see them as the most “down-to-earth” alien race. A look that, according to the present general expectations we might just meet some day. I like everything about them. (the best of the best in terms of humanoid alien designs I still consider to be the StarCraft’s Protoss though)
The Tyranids are great. I would just be careful not to make them a permanent issue. I mean let them come and pass at various stages in time instead to gradually place them in the galaxy indefinitely.

In short? Yeah, what an enchanting universe WH 40K is.

Torpedo Vegas
12-02-2011, 18:38
I hate the Tau models, every one of them. They seem, to me, at the same time too boxy and too sleek.

I really like eldar, both Dark and Craftworld, especially the on foot models, I like how smooth and flowing they all look. I like the Imperium's boxy nature, because it reflects how backwards their society is, though I don't care for the vanilla marines. They seem so static and top heavy. Orks are great, and I think both the Necrons and Tyranids have very well done, menacing models.

If I had to pick a favorite though, I would prefer the Imperial boxy style, more familair than the inhuman sleekness of the Eldar.