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22-03-2006, 18:04
Within the past week or two, I have been designing an army. I don't know too much of whats its going to be like. It will be a mix of Lost and the Damned and Chaos Marines, it will probably end up being two armies, that I can mix together. I am not sure what some things will be but here is what I do know.

Here is what I do know:

The Chaos marine squads will be a mix of sister of battle, Imperial marine models, and Chaos marine models.

The traitor guard will be made from Dark Elf warriors, with cadian lasgun arms. And Corsair models will lead the squads.

The leader of the lost and the Damned army will be the Lelith Hesperax model.

The mutants in the army will be witch elves, and maybe daemonettes, as I don't want to summon daemons, but that may change.

If it does, I will have deamonette models with human arms as mutants, and deamonette models with the claw arms as deamonettes.

I am also debating on if the army/armies will be undivided with just a lot of females, or if it will worship slannesh, if it will be slaanesh, I may call them the Heirs to the Golden Throne (I came up with that name when i originally came up with the name for my loyalist marine chapter that I sold, i rename the marines Archangels.

The colors that I plan to use are: red, black, grey, and gold for armor, and probably space wolves grey, and fortress grey for flesh, but I am not sure. All I know is I want them to have pale greyish flesh.

My Idea for the Army symbol is the biohazard symbol , if not maybe a variation if I go slannesh.

Any advice, on anything would be greatly appreciated, and soon enough I should get some WIP pics up

23-03-2006, 00:31
well, i was going to show some pics of what will be a traiter guard leader, but my camera is giving nothing but blurry pics. Now unless I can get some help, I probably won't be putting many pics up.

23-03-2006, 02:22
Look for the macro function. It's a flower.

23-03-2006, 02:27
either macro or take from farther away and zoom rather than closer. it helps out a bit, also if you put white paper behind and under the mini helps a bit.

23-03-2006, 02:57
Well I guess my camera doesn't have macro, and its one of those kodak ones with a printer. Damn rip off cameras. I zooming, I tried moving back and zooming, but it doesn't help my camera only has a 3x zoom. And here are the best pics I can get.



So, if you can get the idea of the pic, what do you think of the progress of the model? Just so you know that is not going to stay the flesh color, its too purpleish.

23-03-2006, 12:29
Xenos: Depending on what type of camera it is, you should have a scene setting button where you can choose what kind of type of shot you want.