View Full Version : Does a unit keep its base weapon when given new weapons?

22-03-2006, 17:41
I am planning a Nurgle Mortal Army and I would like to give most if not all of my units great weapons. In the army book it says that the unit may be equipped with great weapons but it says nothing about replacing the hand weapon. Does this mean that if I give a unit great weapons can I chose to use either the hand weapon or great weapon? And if I can use the hand weapon can I also use it with a shield in close combat?


22-03-2006, 17:59
As per the BRB page 88, all models are assumed to carry a handweapon even if they aren't specifically listed as such.
If you equip a unit with Great Weapons and Shields, then yes - you have the option of great weapons, or handweapon and shield.

But remember you can't switch mid-combat.

22-03-2006, 18:37
It varies between troop types, some units can be armed with more than one combination.
Chaos Warriors can only have one Weapon upgrade cos it says 'or'. naturally) but can have shields regardless of weapons.

And as Beast says, all models have hand weapons anyway.

22-03-2006, 19:00
Thank you for your quick replies.

23-03-2006, 00:16
Does this also includ magical weapons? I know that you can have a magic weapon and mundane CC weapon and vice versa however, can I have, say the great fang and a GW? Ie. a magical CC weapon and a mundane one?

23-03-2006, 00:32
Yes you can, but you can only use the magic weapon.
This is not handy in most cases, but if you're facing High Elves (or the new Dwarfs) who have the power to destroy magic items, you could bring a 'spare' one in case your magic toy gets destroyed. :)

warlord hack'a
23-03-2006, 08:19
the only ones not equipped with hand weapons are orcs, savage orcs and black orcs. they have a choppa instead.