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Bob the destroyer
20-03-2005, 09:51
I am building an army and was wondering what everyonw thought about it.
it's mt Triranoc list

1 Lord Mounted
w/ some magic items
3 lvl 2 mages mounted
All with Heavens magic.
3 or 4 dispell scrolls
Ring of furry

3 units of silver helms full command

8 chariots

What i do is take second sign of amul with all 3 mages. cast it as mant times as I can and then slam into the front of a unit with 3 or 4 chariots, reroll impact hits.


front chagre with the Silver helms and side charde with the chariots or vice vera.

Lot's of imact hits. the plan is to brak someone turn 1, it usually works.

I was wondering what others thought and any feedback on the list.


BOB the destroyer!

20-03-2005, 14:46
I like the concept, it has extreme potential to be sickeningly evil. Maybe buy the book of hoeth for your archmage that way once you opponent realizes what you are up to your archmage is at least casting irresistably half of the time. Though this list also could very easily be decimated. War machines anyone? ( as far as the chariot go at least) I would think great weapons would all around destroy your army as well. I personally would never play it because I've never really been a fan of chariots, and because I feel that if your opponent doesn't take the right stuff against you then you've already won. And me personally I always like to feild a diverse list, one of the beautiful parts of playing Skaven. But I feel it definitely has potential.

21-03-2005, 04:42
It seems to me that if you fail to gain the charge, you will loose without chance of recourse. It's a nice looking list, but there are so many beautiful high elf units- how can you settle for using just two?

01-04-2005, 11:39
yeah and if there is forrest on table what will you do ? or flying circus army ? as all one trick pony arms - great aginst some - terrible aginst all others

Major Defense
01-04-2005, 19:32
Yeah, to go along with the angry mob, I must chide the lack of diversity. That said, chariots rock!! I bought three of them and I'm looking for an eBay deal on a fourth.

I'm a big fan of the Book of Hoeth - especially if you put him in a unit of White Lions protected by Korhil. The biggest drawback to the book is that your opponent will have so many more dispel dice for your bound items and other casters.