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12-02-2011, 17:40
When you position your slan inside the temple guard unit, do the temple guards from the second row lose attacks because of the slann in the second rank. Made me wonder, because there was not this "problem" in 7ed.

And what if they are horde, do you lose 4 attacks then ?

12-02-2011, 17:52
Yes. Not everything is great when you are large :)

edit: I can't find any rule to support my statement, other then larger bases displace bases to the rear rank.
On the other hand, in the combat section is states that a model directly behind another may attack, nothing about a difference in base size...

I don't think I would allow it though...

12-02-2011, 18:04
a small price to pay to keep your general/bsb/main caster safe from close combat attacks, especially when it doesn't inhibit his ability to use magic missiles if i'm not mistaken.

12-02-2011, 20:57
Considering that dudes standing behind the slann couldn't attack in 7e either, it is difficult to see what is being 'lost' here...

13-02-2011, 12:54
I mean, am i forced to put a slann in the second rank, could i put it to the third instead and thus having 4 expensive and important temple guard more to attack in the close combat.

This is what bugs me in this, do i have that option or not.

I think it would be stupid not to have the option, like all slanns follow some strange reliqious ritualic rule to be in certain spot of the unit or the gods get angry to him/her resulting as a ridiculous miscasting in life.

Also, would fit to my logic that now when models fight in two ranks the slann would "avoid" combat in the third rank instead of second in 7ed.

Haven't checked the FAQ, is there something about this in here.

Palatine Katinka
13-02-2011, 19:23
He has to be in the second rank. Which is just as safe as the third since he still can't be targetted there.
It would surprise me at all if the slann was following a strange ritual regarding placing in the Temple Guard. That sounds exactly like what a slann would do.

Temple Guard:"Lord Slann sir, if you would let us in front of you we could better protect you from our attackers. Please could you move back?"
Skink:"The Plaques say no."