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13-02-2011, 15:02
I was trying to make a very nasty army list to play against a friend of mine and came up with the idea of using a treeman ancient as a lord and 2 more treemen as rare choices. My question is if this is against the rules or not in a 2,400 point game? I know in the last edition it was because of the ancient being both a lord and a rare choice, but does the same apply here?:confused:

I appreciate your respone,

13-02-2011, 15:30
As long as the %'s are ok I can't see a problem. Pretty much every character that counted as lord/hero and rare choices have been FAQed to only taking points from the lord/hero sections (depending on what they are).

Ultimate Life Form
13-02-2011, 15:32
No more Slots, so they're entirely different things now. Having 2 Treemen is not against the rules, as is having a Lord as long as they don't exceed their % caps.

13-02-2011, 15:44
The 10pt flaming banner and fact that treemen are flammable means treemen now suck.
As does anything with regen.

So feel free to take as many as will legally fit within the limitations.
At 2400 you get 600pts as 25% of the army.
Two regular treemen will fit in that, but not two ancients.
So three is your maximum at that value.

In 7th edition, you could get three in 2k as it was based around slots.
So in 8th ed they're not as nasty, even if they do get thunderstomp.