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13-02-2011, 17:15
Do you still need to take a Vampire as your general? I thought you didn't but a poster on another thread said you didn't. I've checked the FAQ and it doesn't mention needing one but I thought I'd better check.

13-02-2011, 18:49
Pretty sure you do, I think it was in the errata :P

Actually, I recall it better now, there's a page in our army book that says "you must take a vampire as the general" but when the errata first came out it said to ignore that page. I think they omitted that with a later errata though.

Palatine Katinka
13-02-2011, 18:58
The armybook says you need a Vampire general.
An early update removed that requirement along with the old army selection rules.
A more recent update said to remove all the old army selection rules except the requirement to have a Vampire as the general.

This bit

Page 88 – Army List Entries
Ignore everything on this page, except for the second paragraph in the Choosing Characters section, and use the rules for ‘Choosing Your Army’ in the Warhammer rulebook.

So, yes, you need a Vampire. For a brief period you didn't but that was an accident.

13-02-2011, 21:13
Thanks. I must have checked the wrong FAQ. If someone could give me a link to the newer one that would be great.

Palatine Katinka
13-02-2011, 21:54
www.games-workshop.com, mouse over the "Gaming" heading, bottom of the drop down list is "Errata and FAQ Articles". That'll lead you to it.

14-02-2011, 08:21
Got it now. I must have got the old one some how.