View Full Version : Woot, picked up Aekold Helbrass, now what?

14-02-2011, 19:00
I got lucky on an ebay lot and picked up a Aekold Hellbrass(old Tzeentch special character) figure for my Tzeentch WoC.

a little history
"Aekold Helbrass was once a knight of the Templar Order of the Jade Griffon, but he pledged his eternal loyalty to Tzeentch."

so, any ideas on the best way to use him? I was thinking of a lord or a hero with a greatsword, and helm of many eyes and the crown of everlasting conquest. Or, an ogre blade with the talisman of preservation.

also, I picked up one of the old 5th ed sorcerer which I'll use as an undivided sorcerer lord to try out lore of shadows or heavens.