View Full Version : 1000pts Lizardman army help for teaming with Dwarfs

15-02-2011, 09:00

Im playing Dwarfs atm and my Freind is wanting to play Lizardman army with me in the warhammer doubles event at Nottingham this year and we both dont know the army that well..... so just a rough outline on what we should be looking at would help us out no end!

Thanx in advance

15-02-2011, 12:02
well what you guys have going for you is excellent magic defense (due to your dwarves) and sexy assult magic by lizardmen. now for 1000points you cannot take a slann, OR an engines of the gods. you cant even afford the special mage heroes, however you can play to the advantage of the dwarves. so being that you will have a rune smith and you will help shut down the magic phase. let the lizardmen take combat character(s) and maybe a lvl2 with some funny gear (again to disrupt THEIR magic) and stack up on saurus and chamilian skinks.

Necromancy Black
16-02-2011, 07:41
With your range combat, take a salamander and then let the dwarfs take care of the rest of the range combat with their warmachines and such.

Dwarfs are going to handle the majority of your magic defence so you would only need say a level 2 priest (lore of heaven buff and hexs will be really handy for close combat, conisder taking them over the damage spells).