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16-02-2011, 09:15
I've just started Vampire Counts. As yet I haven't played any games in 8th edition, but hopefully I'll be able to soon. I've come up with a 1,500pt list and I was wondering how it looked to someone more experienced. This is pretty much all the models I have at the moment, but I have got 20 Zombies, a kit-bashed Wight King, a Necromancer, 10 Ghouls and a second Corpse Cart in addition to what's below.


Vampire: Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Battle, Dark Acolyte

Vampire: Dread Knight


20 Skeletons: HW & Shield, Full Command

20 Skeletons: Spears, Full Command

Corpse Cart


9 Grave Guard: HW & Shield, Full Command

9 Black Knights: Full Command


3 Cairn Wraiths


Heroes = 295pts (19.67%)
Core (without Corpse Cart) = 380pts (25.33%)
Core (with Corpse Cart) = 455pts (30.33%)
Special = 420 (28%)
Rare = 325pts (21.67%)

This leaves me with 5pts to spend, which I'll use on a magic item. At the moment I'm leaning towards the Iron Curse Icon on my foot Vampire to help protect the Grave Guard, but if anyone's got any recommendations, that would be very useful.

16-02-2011, 09:40
hello, i know you dont have more models but if you get more (or if you build some uinit fillers)i would go with atleast 25 skeletons per unit. And from own exp i wouldent have your general with 9 graveguards its way to easy to kill.

Fancy Salami
22-02-2011, 20:03
I would drop the number of Black Knights to 5 and spend the points on increasing the number of Grave Guards. Some prefer 3 ranks of 7, and I have tried that a couple of times with a good result.

Going with skellies, I would also give the general Lord of the Dead, so you can increase the number in the unit beyond starting size. Then you can start with 20 and add more as you go along.

I have never had any luck with the Corpse Cart, but if you like the model go ahead...

Varghulf is very cool, but he is easily killed with a cannon. He is also weaker than monsters at same cost in other armies. I prefer to boost my core units instead of bringing him. I usually bring him in bigger battles than 1500

Also, I recommend 4 wraiths. They are a natural target for magic attacks, and having some more hits keeps the unit going so you can raise them. I have never had any luck with the Banshee myself, and prefer the extra attacks in close combat over the howl