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16-02-2011, 11:03
Hi all, i'm new to Dark Elves and plan to take make a tournament army with them and this is what i have come up with so far ( as this will be my 5th army i do want a huge DE army so need some help so i do not purchase midels i will not use or will not work in a tournie).

Dread Lord
Pendant of Khaeleth
Whip of Agony, Gragon Helm ( do i need this )
The Other trickster Shard.

CoB BSB 225

Sorceress Level 2 Scroll

Sorceress Level 2 Seal of Ghrond


2x 17 XBM Shields

16 XBM Shields

40 Warriors, FCG, Shields


10 COK, FCG, Crimson Death, SOHG


2 Hyrdras

So what do you think comes in at 2245

16-02-2011, 14:57
If you come up against an opponent with high toughness and good armour you might struggle, as you have a lot of points tied up in XBM who struggle to put much damage on anything above T3 in my experience, then get butchered in close combat. Basic warriors are also pretty useless against these sorts of opponents in my experience.

Also don't think I would want to be without any Black Guard or at least one bolt thrower...

16-02-2011, 14:59
A better Dreadlord would be: Dark Steed, Heavy Armour, SDC, Soul Render, Dragonhelm, Pendant of Khaeleth, Crown of Command.

If you can, taking a level 4 with Shadow and Sacrificial Dagger would be a better option than the 2 level 2s.

Waaaaaaaay toop many xbows. They look good on paper, but in reality there are several match-ups (think VC, Wood Elves, Warriors) where those shots will do nothing and you'll get ripped apart. Taking minimum core is still the way top go. That way, you can invest in some elite infantry. A unit of dark riders with xbows and musician and a unit of harpies is also a must.

Take one unit of around 15 warriors with a musician for the Level 4 to stab, and then units of 10 xbows with musicians (I like shields as well, but they're not entirely necessary), and a unit of dark riders- this should fill your minimum core.

For their points, knights are just not competative. They have no staying power, and can die very easily- ask any Brets player, that 2+ armour save does not help as much as you would think, especially at T3. Compare them to Black Guard or Witch Elves, and the infantry is superior in every way, shape and form. 20 Black Guard with full command (and possibly Banner of Murder) and as many Witch Elves (at least 30) as you can fit in with full command and Banner of Eternal Flame would be a much better idea.

Double hydra is fine for a tournament, but I'd suggest experimenting with just one and the double elite infantry- most tournament armies will have a way to deal with double hydra/abomb etc, whereas those infantry blocks (combined with the Cauldron extra attack and Okkams Mindrazor) will go through anything in the game (besides 3+ ward Chosen, in which case you'll need a couple of phases).

If the tournament you're playing in is using scenarios, a unit of 20 Warriors to put in the Watchtower would be a good idea, as would be fitting in as many standard bearers as possible.

Don Zeko
16-02-2011, 23:34
I think you're under-rating Cold One Knights, tmarichards. I won't dispute that Black Guard are the best combat unit available, but I think Knights still stack up pretty well when compared to Witch Elves, Corsairs, and Executioners. The key is not to try to get a big invincible unit of them. Instead, take them in units of 6-8 models, so that you get a unit that's big enough to fight but still clocks in well under the 350+ points that you'll have to spend to get an appropriately sized unit of BG or Witch Elves. The Knights will benefit more from the cauldron than other units, they give you a valuable source of high-strength attacks, and they take a lot fewer wounds in return from S3 and S4 hits, which are pretty plentiful lately. Oh, and fear might not be what it once was, but it's still potentially useful.

16-02-2011, 23:37
My main problem with them is that in my experience, they always die too easily. I took a unit of them to the UK Throne of Skulls in November, and they spent all 5 games running of hiding because every army had something that could rip them apart.

Personally, I just find the infantry to have always served me better. But, different strokes for different folks.