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16-02-2011, 20:47
I usually play quite a balanced empire list with knights, plenty of state troops and some guns to back them up. this list takes a different approach with more guns than usual and no knights :( What do you guys think?
1 Wizard Lord 360
Level 4
Book of Ashur
Talisman of Endurance

2 Warrior Priests 196
Great Weapon
Heavy Armour

1 Battle Wizard 90
Dispell Scroll

2 Master Engineers 130

1 Empire Captain 133
Full Plate
Holy Relic
Enchanted Shield

10 Handgunners 80

10 Handgunners 80

10 Handgunners 80

10 Handgunners 80

40 Swordsmen 265
Full command
Detachment 20 Halberds 100

40 Swordsmen 265
Full command
Detachment 20 Halberds 100

2 Great Cannons 200

2 Hellstorm Rocket Batterys 230

1 Hellblaster Volley Gun 110

Total 2499

16-02-2011, 22:37
Nice big infantry blocks there.

No mortars?

Also, why is the wizard on a pegasus? It just makes him easier to shoot at, since he's bigger than everything around him.

17-02-2011, 21:50
I find that the abiltity to get behind people can be very useful :P. which is why hes o his pegasus. although 50 points would give me some nice upgrades for other stuff..

18-02-2011, 00:04
The list looks decent and which lores are u planning on using on ur wizards

ur captain is illegal as he has 60pts of magic item and is only allowed 50pts (u use the points cost for common magic items as printed in the army book if it is there)

i would drop one of the hellstorm and upgrade a warrior priest to arch lector and give him some magic items (i use additional hand weapon, armour of metric iron, holy relic, van horstmann's speculum)

an idea could be to make the handgunners detachments for the swords units

i should also point out that u only have to lose 2 banners or ur general dies to lose a blood and glory mission

18-02-2011, 07:45
Give all the Handgunners banners for blood and glory

Get an arch lector

Give the wizard talisman of preservation, flying carpet to get around. Other wise he'll get cannon sniped of the Pegasus.

Drop one of the engineers.

Drop the hellblaster for some mortars.


18-02-2011, 14:05
@last post, only adding things, where to get points from :)

I agree with suggestions, though I find arch lector leading every army boring, if using them for dispel dice, and no altar, 2 warrior priest will do ju as well gamewise IMO, and better fluffwise :P

The list do not really look like a gunline to me!! More of combined arms, with a bit overweight on shooting! That could be a good thing, must say I am a bit worried that without any real hammer, and not that much firepower, the opponents elite might make it to your lines, and then you are toast. Maybe it works, but I would like to see some kind of strong unit as well. I don't know how to find the points, and since you say you usually use knights you might just try without any elites, and see how it works out in 8th! Do you really need 40 strong swordsmen? Will 30 do when you are going deep anyway? 30 swordsmen, 15 detachments that is This only saves you 110 points though. But if you do this, drop one Helstorm, and find 5 points somewhere, you can field 3 mortars, for some serious hordecontrol!

You could combine two of the handgunners to a unit of 20 and them field the other two as detachments, safer with panic etc, and if you have the points, you can give the bigger unit a banner. If you have not built the models yet, 20 handgunners + 2x10 crossbowmen, or the other way around could be nice! it is not always you need the armour piercing and the extra range could mean one extra volley!

My 2 cents.

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