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17-02-2011, 22:46

Prophetess of the Lady (lore of life) [281]
- level 4 wizard, barded warhorse, wand of jet


Paladin [125]
- BSB, grail vow, barded warhorse, gromril great helm

Paladin [161]
- royal pegasus, lance, shield, dragonhelm, virtue of the ideal

Damsel of the lady (lore of beasts) [130]
- level 2 wizard, prayer icon of quenelles


Knights of the Realm (12) [312]
- gallant, musician, standard bearer

Men-at-arms (41) [220]
- musician, standard bearer

Peasant Bowmen (14) [108]
- skirmishers, musician, braziers


Pegasus Knights (3) [185]
- standard bearer


Grail Knights (7) [296]
- musician, standard bearer

Field Trebuchet [90]

Field Trebuchet [90]


The prophetess joins grail knights
The bsb paladin joins grail knights
The royal pegasus paladin flys around and does his own thing
The damsel joins the Men-at-arms

19-02-2011, 07:40
Hmm... I think you've got too many eggs in your grail-basket. Grail Knights die just about as easily to shooting as other knights, 7 Grail Knights, your general and your BSB will attract a lot of shooting and I could see the unit going down very quickly.
Leave the BSB in there but put the prophetess in the KOTR unit.

Otherwsie, I think the list seems a bit character heavy. And you should try to get another unit of Knights in there as at the moment you only 2 fighty units. Maybe ditch the pegasus knights as you have a peg-paladin. or ditch the paladin as you have pegasus knights. Then get rid of the bowmen and you can afford 12 knights errant - or something like that.
Just my 2c

21-02-2011, 17:43
I agree with the poster above far too much in the grail knight unit.

My advice would be reduce the prophetess down to a damsel, get rid of the Paladin on a pegasus (he's pointless), and buy another unit of Knights of the Realm and if you have any points left a unit of Knight Errants. Also maybe another Paladin to be your general.

I love the fact that you have 40 Men at Arms. I've always thought you need huge units of them to be effective.