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18-02-2011, 02:51
This is a friendly list, 2200 points with a little of everything in it, please let me know what you think of it. Please observe, not 100% competative at all, but am I missing something?


GotE: Barded Warhorse, Fullplate, Lance, Shield, Holy Relic - for ld9 mostly.
Wizard Lord: lvl4, Rod of Power, Crimson amulet - Light Lore probably.


Captain BSB: AoMI - need something more?
Warrior Priest: Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Opal Amulet.
Fire Wizard: lvl1 - for fireball.


30 Halberdier: Full Command
30 Swordsmen: Full Command
20 Handgunners: Full Command
11 Knights: Full Command


20 Greatswords: Full Command
5 Pistoliers: Musician
1 Great Cannon
1 Mortar


Helblaster - or maybe Helstorm

Adds up to 2185 total, with Helblaster that is. What should I do with last points, Flaming banner on Handgunners? Steel Standard on Knights? Ward save or Magic Weapon for BSB?

My Comments: GoTE for fluff and nice model, no Arch Lector here, he goes with knights, as backup and hammer. Some big blocks of infantery, probably WP with halb, greatwords 7x3 with BSB, firewizard roams free, or hide with Swordsmen if needed. Light Wizard with Handgunners, is that a wize choice? An Engineer would be nice, But since I have not got the model yet, he will have to wait, maybe next time at a 2250 list!

EDIT: make that BSB with swordsmen, and WP with Greatswords, better damage output, and 30 swordsmen should be steadfast vs killy units!

What do you think?



Below Picture is how I plan to inted if uninterrupted by oppenents plan, and terrain, (good luck). Strong flank with stubborn Greatswords, other flank guarded by Helblaster and Handgunners, Pistoliers vanguard and redirects, harass on flank. Infantry probably shuffle forward a bit and take up positions to force enemy to charge them instead of going for warmachines.

18-02-2011, 02:55
The musician on fast cavalry is almost a must as you'll be baiting lots, therefore fleeing charges. That +1 to rally is pretty nice.

18-02-2011, 02:59
The musician on fast cavalry is almost a must as you'll be baiting lots, therefore fleeing charges. That +1 to rally is pretty nice.

OK that is why I have been seeing it all around lately. Thanks a lot!

18-02-2011, 06:46
Not a fan of a set deploy. Against experienced players you will fail every game. Deploy is half the game.. and now with more terrian, a static set up is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

18-02-2011, 07:00
Not a fan of a set deploy. Against experienced players you will fail every game. Deploy is half the game.. and now with more terrian, a static set up is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Lol, the setup is far from set. Tried to get a picture of how I plan to use the army, not much experience in warhammer, but in the game played I've never used a deployment setuped ahead. Well, my plan was more or less: First deploy infantry in middle, probable smart to be able to reach everywhere. Then guard weakest flank with warmachines handgunners. Stubborn Greatswords keep the other flank safe (?) Cavalry work as protection for Warmachines and as hammer. Maybe just stupid to make a picture of it, but it makes me feel prepared :P

Any critic on the list it self instead of the poster ?

19-02-2011, 16:30
Please comment on my 2200 Empire list lower down the page in this forum!


This looks like a very solid armylist. some big blocks of infantry, enough shooting and quite a lot of magic. I'd try and add some detachments to your blocks of soldiers to support them a bit, maybe even split up the Handgunners in two detachments of 10.

Other that that, the army looks fine, maybe a bit top heavy for my tastes but the Wizards should be able to pull their own wheight...

Adding an Engineer will make your Warmachines a lot more reliable and accurate.

20-02-2011, 11:03
IMO - you should spilt up the Handgunner unit into a unit of 10 and 2 detachments of 5. Or something similar. This set-up can either focus all fire on one thing as normal, or target multiple smaller targets. Eg. a small unit of shades is annoying your warmachines but you don't want to waste 20 shot son them: the detachments can shoot them, and the larger unit can do its own thing.

The reverse is also true, a mortar will do less damage to the unit when it's split up and a volley of arrow fire with potential to wipe out all 20, can only kill 10 (or 5 if they target the detachments)

This also means that should the need arise, you have two little baiting units which can be very very useful.

20-02-2011, 11:44
@ Boreas_NL: Thanks, yep, could use detachments but I rather have to big blocks and will probably try without this time, different list every game. Going to use handgun detachment instead, can use them anywhare, but since move-or-fire, they will go with the bigger handgun unit, see below. Yeah, an engineer would do more for the army than the lvl1 wizard, but no engineer model yet, so will try this out!

@ftayl5: Good idea, will do that, one unit of 10 with command, for banner, and hochland long rifle which I have in the unit, Two detachments of 5 each it is then, for the reasons stated! Is the Wizard still safe in this smaller unit? Safer than anywhere else I guess!

Chaos Undecided
20-02-2011, 11:47
Nice to see a chunky Knight unit though if you intend to use it as a hammer units it could do with a little more punch maybe give the general a magic weapon or take a leaf from the reiksmarshalls book and give him the laurels of victory for extra combat rez (admitedly without the back up of a runefang). Presumably these guys are lancers rather than Great Weapon carriers?

20-02-2011, 11:53
Templar Grand Master with Laurels of Victory could be a good combo I guess, which weapon do you suggest? He is modelled with a lance, but that is not a problem. Warrior Priest on horse is another option but I am not a fan of having them everywhere just for the hatred. Yes, they are lancers, looks better on the table =)

electors champion
20-02-2011, 20:24
well if your gonna go with laurels on a tgm i would go all out with sword of sigismund. asf and I6 means re-roll to hit and S5 is far from bad. he's got good armour but no ward. obviously you have to go all out with laurels otherwise theres no point.

20-02-2011, 22:49
OK, I will look that up and maybe try it out, vulnerable without save, but I agree that laurels do increase in value exponentially the more damage potential he has!

21-02-2011, 11:16
OK, here is the latest list now we settled for 2250 points.

It was pointless to resist... now an engineer is incoming.

The list is:

LORDS: 427
GotE: Barded Warhorse, Fullplate, Lance, Shield, Holy Relic: 167 - settled for a cheap general with some staying power, for support, ld9
Wizard Lord: lvl4, Rod of Power, Crimson Amulet: 260 - probably my favorite build for a Wizard Lord, will use lore of Light

Captain: BSB, AoMI: 100 - cheap and with good armour save, could use a ward though. Holy Relic here instead?
Warrior Priest: 113 Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Opal Amulet - Not sure about this build
Battle Wizard: lvl1: 65 - cheap, for fireball or of he rolls a good spell
Engineer: 65 - for rerolls of artillery

CORE: 868
30 Halberdiers: FC: 170 - standard 5 wide
30 Swordsmen: FC: 205 - 5 wide, BSB goes here
10 Handgunners: FC, Hochland Long Rifle: 120 - Wizard Lord goes here
Detachments - might put these on any unit
5 Handgunners: 40
5 Handgunners: 40
11 Knights: FC: 293 - GotE goes here, 6 wide, 2 ranks

20 Greatswords: FC: 230, 7 wide
5 Pistoliers: Musician: 97
1 Cannon: 100
1 Mortar: 75

RARE: 110
Helblaster: 110

Total: 2250

What do you think?

Lords: 19%
Heroes: 15.2%
Core: 38.6%
Special: 22.3 %
Rare: 4.9%

electors champion
21-02-2011, 12:17
not too sure about a long rifle on just one guy, its just a bit of a gimmick. it rarely accomplishes anything. if you had say 2 on units of outriders 2 on handgun sergeants, and an engineer or 2 with them then they can be used to devastating effect. killed teclis in one turn with this btw. even better warrior priests prayers can give them a re-roll which applies at range. killed a vamp hero with 2 outriders at 1500 because they had re-roll on them and the player completely ignored the prayers thinking i was trying to waste his dice.

also try not to use the knights to break enemies of block head on. you wont manage it. steadfast is the most ridiculous rule against charging heavy cav its not even laughable considering i have nearly 60. i have manged to break them but i was on 14 knights, swarzhelm and a priest. so just a warning there. luckily you went for lots of block infantry so you can use hammer and anvil tactics to good effect there.

21-02-2011, 12:52
Yes it is more of a gimmick actually, but not many points, could be useful for taking of a wound of a mage, or killing a champion, probably not worth it, will try it though. Can imagine a unit of outriders with Hammer of Sigmar!!! I will try to get it of on the Helblaster! With reroll from engineer that is a nice combo!

Thanks for the tips, I know about steadfast and I am looking to use them as a hammer on the flank, very strong versus other units players use to put on the flank!! But have to keep them close to the mainbody of troops for leadership, if there is an opening to charge home with the horse and the lance and the shield, my general is the reckless, brave kind, and will not hesitate to get stuck in! My hope lay in the blocks of statetroops, may they keep their courage, and not falter.

electors champion
21-02-2011, 13:54
sorry to pull you up again but priest prayers can only target champions and characters apart from soulfire obvs. so you cant get re-roll on the hellblaster even with the engineer nearby as he no longer actively fires it and that was faq'd before anyway because it was mean.

21-02-2011, 14:07
Don't be sorry! Appreciate you letting me know that, forgot about that, must have read something about Hammr of Sigmar on Helblaster, but that might has been before the faq, when the engineer could join warmachines. That means that it won't work on outrider neither.

21-02-2011, 16:50
The engineer gives a reroll of the artilery dice of the helblaster.

21-02-2011, 17:22
Yeah, I know :) But no reroll to hit with the prayers from warrior priest it seems!