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18-02-2011, 20:44
I've decided tot get a couple of test games in before 8th edition book comes out, so this list is supposed to be "about" 1000 points. What I fielded (with no succes at all) today was this list;

Black Orc Big Boss with shield and boar.
Night goblin lvl 2 shaman
Goblin lvl 1 shaman

40 nightgoblins with spear and shield, 3 fanatics. FC
20 orc boyz 2 choppas FC
20 orc boyz 2 choppas FC

10 Black orcs FC

now... I have a lot of minis on the shelf that I could use, and I wouldn't mind using nothing but what I already have :rolleyes:

I have:
20 wolf riders, spear
40 Ngobs bows
20 common gobs bows
16 arrer boyz
3 stone trolls
1 giant
1 rock lobber
1 doom diver
1 boar chariot
4(5) boar boyz (one of them is my big boss)
10 spider riders
4 squig herd teams
1 pump wagon
1 wurzagh

Please help me with building a more competative list, though it is just for fun and I like it to be more fluffy than powergamy.

Many thanks, Waaaaagh!

19-02-2011, 04:41
I think with what you have you might do better to run

2 blocks of NG's
And one large block of orc boy big unz

Do you have any other heroes? if so throw them in Orc heroes are good fighters- and goblin heroes are also a great buy for their points-

If not try the pump wagon, and a boar chariot to help win combats-

19-02-2011, 17:25
I'm thinking i'll drop the black orcs. They have never done annything for me. What should I replace them with?

19-02-2011, 17:59
Go for 2 blocks of 35/40 nightgoblins. Dont bother with the spears, just shieds for ward save, but give them nets and a fanatic or 2 each.
Then a fighty block of orcs in the middle. 7 wide is nice, so 28 Big'uns is a nice solid unit overall. (Big Boss goes in here)
Ditch the L1 shaman and make it a BSB.
You should have points spare for something fun. I prefer wolf chariots to boars, for the speed. Could you squeeze a pair in?

19-02-2011, 18:13
Interesting, Annyone a suggestion for making this a 500 point list as well? got 2 or more games planned for next week, one needs me to take 500 points:S

24-02-2011, 20:19
My 500 point list to fight my empire wielding friend is :

lvl 1 NG shaman
orc big boss
20 orc boyz
20 night goblins with 2 fanatics
boar chariot