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bert n ernie
18-02-2011, 21:00
Hi everyone.
As it says, I am looking for people who have experience with wargames to write articles for my website.
Specifically I am looking for people to write reviews of wargames.

I am currently in the beta stage of the site, and would like to have some reviews of games on the site before I open it up to the wider public.

I am looking for reviews of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern and Historical wargames.
In fact, if you can think of something outside of these genres that you would like to write a review for I'd be interested in that too.

Feel free to PM me to discuss details, or post here for general questions.

19-02-2011, 02:45
Are you paying, or is this expected to be gratis?

bert n ernie
19-02-2011, 21:26
Hadn't expected that kind of question so soon.
I'm guessing that means you're interested?:p

Sadly I'm going to have to say no, for now. I've already sunk a fair bit of money into other aspects of the site, and I need to regain some of that first.
I can not offer recompense apart from recognition.
However if you have a website I can offer advertising space- or things like that.

I am looking into methods of financing the site so that this would not be the case. However that takes time and... money:shifty:

I have a couple of reviews in the works already now, and looking forward to hearing from others.

User reviews(like those on many computer game sites) are also an option, although those are up to each individual user, so they can just go on the site and post as they wish.

20-02-2011, 02:22
Not given a lot to go on here.

Is this going to be like Tabletop Gaming News? BoLS? A blog? Destructoid for wargames? 1up for wargames?

It's difficult to really say whether or not one is interested with so little info.

If it's not something you want to post, feel free to pm me - I'd definitely be interested if I like where you're going with this.

20-02-2011, 04:29
Hadn't expected that kind of question so soon.
I'm guessing that means you're interested?:p

Sadly I'm going to have to say no, for now.

In that case, I'm not particularly interested...

I used to do the wargame reviews for InQuest Magazine, and I got both free games and cash for my efforts. I'm a little too used to getting paid for my writing to backtrack, methinks.

The primary reason has nothing to do with the money per se, but because non-paying markets don't really count as getting published as far as writing credits that editors care about are concerned.

bert n ernie
20-02-2011, 15:47
Hi Tavendale.
No, I guess not. I didn't want to overload the opening post with details so stuck with the very basics.
Tabletop gaming news and Bols are primarily news and article sites.
I don't have a lot of experience with Destructoid, and from looking at it it does not seem to be what I am aiming for.

1up (or gamespot), on the other hand would be closer to what I am aiming for. They certainly have articles and news, but they have a focus on reviews of actual games.

They use well written reviews with a rating, supported by user reviews to give readers an idea of how people are enjoying the game, along with a broad perspective of how it plays. In addition they have video reviews based on the written ones. I intend on having all three

These three review types are a great resource for video gamers(or book readers, film goers, TV watchers) so why not for wargames too?
If this interests you feel free to PM me.

@Meri. I understand where you're coming from. I also remember InQuest when it ran.
I want to be in a situation where

writing credits that editors care about
can be given, and am looking into ways of resolving that issue in time.