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vinny t
19-02-2011, 16:11
So I're recently made a new Lizardmen list and I was looking at lores to take. Usually I just go with Lore of Life, but it hasn't really impressed me. I've played it in a good amount of games and it seems like its just not offensive enough. For points denial with a unit of TG it seems allright, but it just makes for a bit of a boring game for me.

Anyway, I noticed the Lore of Metal. Now I know the top lores for a Slaan to take are Life, Light, Shadow, and Death. But looking at LoM it seemed really effective. I've rated each of the spells out of 10.

0 Searing Doom - 7/10
If your opponent takes any unit of killer cavalry or a heavily armored monster this spell will scare them quite a bit. d6 hits needing 2s to wound can put any heavy unit out of action. My brother likes his units of 6 Knights of Khorne and this spell is the perfect solution to them. Now I understand that not many people take cavalry, however this spell is level 0. Which means that if no good targets are out there, you can choose not to take this spell.

1 Plague of Rust - 9/10
A permament -1 to your AS is rediculously good. This is especially good against hard units of infantry that Saurus struggle with. And going off on a 7 means a Slaan can throw only 1 dice at it, add one from Focused Rumination, and it will almost always go off.

2 Enchanted Blades - 7(8)/10
This spell is almost perfect to go off on Saurus. Overcoming high ASs and making it easier to hit is basically perfect for them. Amazing synergy with Saurus, regular Stegadons, and sometimes Chameleon Skinks.

3 Glittering Robes - 9(1)/10
Now this spell is rediculously good for basically any other army. Unfortunitly, all Lizardmen can cast it on are Skinks, which makes it pretty worthless.

4 Golden Hounds - 6/10
This spell is very interesting. The effect is basically the same as Searing Doom with one benefit, and one downside. The benifit is the potential to take a wound or two off a charachter if the dice are with you. This could be really nice comboed with the Bane Head. The downside however is the shorter range. 12 inches with a Slaan makes him a little too close to combat for comfort.

5 Transmutation of Lead - 6/10
This spell can be pretty situational. Its only really good against WS 4/3 units who have a highish AS. The -1 to AS is nice but only -1 WS and -1 BS makes it a medeocre debuff. However, it again helps lizardmen in the two areas the are lacking, hitting and bypassing armor saves.

6 Final Transmutation - 9.5/10
I cannot get over how good this spell is. It has a really easy casting value for a big spell, a modest range that can be expanded, absolutly destroys the big hordes everyone so fond of taking, and can make 4-5 units stupid. The stupidity can be very nice, as if you cast it on a unit in a gunline the entire gunline has the potential to be worthless for a turn. It also tears apart big units and deathstars, giving me a solution to them.

So, using metal with my list seems like an effective prospect. I have great anti-cavalry spells, great anti-heavily armored infantry spells, decent buffs, decent de-buffs, and an insanly good anti-horde spell.
It seems like most people are focused on buffing magic. But Lizardmen have good enough troops that they don't need as many buffs.

(Here's my list if you were wondering)
10 Skirmishers
10 Skirmishers
10 Skirmishers
10 Skirmishers
20 Saurus
36 Saurus
8 Chameleons
2 Salamanders
1 Salamander
Ancient Stegadon

So has anyone tried using metal? What have your results been?
Thanks for any comments!

19-02-2011, 16:41
agreed with pretty much everything except glittering robes (my daemons LOVE this spell). metal is usually one of my top 3 lore choices for my heralds of tzeentch (along with light and shadow). its an excellent, very under-appreciated lore.

19-02-2011, 17:10
I found Metal to be a fantastic lore to play around with and have fun with. However on a competitive level it leaves so many units in the game completely, or only minimally affected.

I have enjoyed lore of light quite a bit, and find it to be more fun and more competitive than Life.

For have also played shadow with the slann and it was a blast.

19-02-2011, 20:32
I just used Lore of Metal today w/ pretty good results. I was high elf vs WoC. Badluck in that my lvl 4 caster rolled no duplicates and no 6s!!! So no Final transmutation (ARGH!) Got lucky on 2 uses of hounds (destroying his 5 unit khorne cavalry) the buffs of enchanted blades and glittering robes were VERY helpful! I was unlucky w/ searing doom which I thought would own his armor... very little effect w/ that due to poor die rolls. I'd take metal again. ps Chosen = instant death lol kept them at arms length all game

19-02-2011, 21:00
I think it works great against Beastmen :p

Seriously though, any army that struggles with heavily armoured stuff should consider this lore (if they can.) Lizardmen don't suffer too much from heavily armoured stuff (they have Kroxigors, Stegadons, Salamanders etc)so I don't think it would benefit them as much as something like life or light would, but definitely worth a try.

19-02-2011, 22:13
Metal is probably a premier lore for empire actually, greatswords get a 2+ armor save, swordsmen get a 3+. +1 to hit and arp makes halberdiers pretty scary. In a situation that the pew spells are useless the buffs are probably among the best available.

20-02-2011, 00:02
I try to always put a level 1 or 2 in my list with lore of Metal to deal with annoyances like Stanks and Cav buses.

vinny t
20-02-2011, 00:10
Well even against beastmen, Final Transmutation works great against Bestigor hordes/Gor hordes with are almost standerd in Beastmen armies.

Plague of Rust/Searing Doom would be allright against Chariots.

Transmutation of Lead would be nice against anything WS 3/4 fighting my Saurus (so basically the entire Beastmen army)

Enchanted Blades would be nice on Saurus in CC or even Skinks shooting. 3s to hit in CC (2s if comboed with Transmutation)

So even though Beastmen would be the best army to take against a LoM caster, there are still many uses for it. And besides, would you really need much help crushing a Beastmen list:D?

20-02-2011, 01:05
I think the reason people don't take lore of metal is just that- it works really well with some armies and against some armies, but not very well against several others- so if you tend to play all-comer lists Lore of metal gets left out-

I could see this lore being great for certain armies and certain builds-

Lizardman is a tough call though- you do have some units that could benefit from the buffs, and most likely your opponent would have at least one good target to hex/direct damage-

Have you thought about a dual slann list- maybe metal and fire- with some of your TG and Saurus painted entirely in metallics, while others are orange and red-

I play against someone who runs a Life and Death list- i.e. a life slann, and death slann, with corresponding color schemes- it looks good and is tough to play against-

20-02-2011, 01:29
More often than not, Metal is a brilliant Lore to take. My DFark Elves have had a fair amount of success using it (regardless of what spells I actually roll) but there have been one of two occasions where I have rolled offensive spells such as Plague of Rust and Golden Hounds where the opponent has little armour to speak of (Wood Elves and Orcs and Goblins are a nightmare here), where I would have been better off taking Shadow.

Metal is brilliant for an army that can take the fight to a low-to-medium armoured opponent without magical assistance and to a high armoured army. but if you have a force that is geared to a high armoured opponent and you're not equipped to face a low armoured force, you may find yourself in some difficulty.

vinny t
20-02-2011, 18:55
Well, all I can basically do against heavily armored cavalry is try to get stegadon charges. But with metal I have more of an answer to it.

And my gaming group is pretty heavy WoC, so there's that to consider.

21-02-2011, 09:56
Metal is a very decent and usable lore imho. Often underappreciated, but people tend to forget that the armour based to wound rolls are only relevant for two spells; the other five generally being quite usable against any opponent (final transmutation is one of the better and most consistent mass unit damage spell out there imho). And keep in mind that searing doom and golden hounds often have at least one viable target, even against lightly armoured opponents. Think treemen / treekin for WEs (remember searing doom does flaming attacks as well!), chariots / arachnarok / boar cavalry for Orcs, chariots / that lone 1+ minotaur character for beastmen, etc. Even daemons might field bloodcrushers or a thirster in armour (though those will have a good ward save).

Usually not my primary lore, but a great backup lore for a lvl1/2 imho. I'll try a lvl 4 one of these days though.

21-02-2011, 20:37
It's lethal, really enjoy using it,and yet the lore is pretty under-used. wish i could take it with my woodies...

21-02-2011, 20:51
The biggest problem with the lore of metal is that the armies that would often profit from it the most can't take it as a lore. Not saying it is a bad lore, but much like the lore of light those armies that want it the most often can't take it. Likely for some it is for very good reason.

My only issue with Lore of Metal is the same as the Issue I have with Lore of Life. To get the stuff you generally want you have to have a decent number of magic levels to insure you get it, meaning generally a Lv4. Only if you are interested in Seering Doom for those important few match ups does a Lv2 suffice it seems *then again if you can maybe give the Lv2 one more spell it might be good*.

But yes, I love final Transformation. People do not seem to understand while I like it over Dwellers or Purple Sun for some odd reason. Sure both are great against certain targets but often have several armies that they lose effectiveness against. At the very least I know with Final Transformation it is useful again Chaos Warriors, Elves, Bloodletters, and pretty much anything in between.