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grimgors battle buddy
19-02-2011, 23:19
I've got a regular opponent who fields a slann in a unit of 30 TG in games of 2.5k. He always takes the lore of life and invietably soups up his TG with the regen and the touhgness 8. I play HE and i try to use balanced lists with only two level 2 mages. 1 taking High and the other fire/shadow.
I don't like souping up too many characters, one mage has the silver wand and the other is the scroll caddy.
I can finish of the rest of his army but the main unit invietably needs my entire HE army to finish it off.
My HE lists consist of
Prince, Armour of caledor, vambrances of defence, lance, barded pony
Mage e/l seer staff
Mage e/l d/s
40 spearmen f/c
20 seaguard, f/c shields, banner of eternal flame (seer staff mage)
20 seaguard f/c shields
10 DP f/c ellyrian banner (prince goes in here)
2 Ellyrian chariots
2 bolt throwers
5 Ellyrian reavers, bows

I was thinking about losing the prince for a BSB with the world dragon banner and then the DP's for 28 swordmasters with the BSB in there. Any thoughts

20-02-2011, 00:13
Ever hear of purple sun? Lizards and Dwarfs really dislike it. Especially if you take Teclis.

Just tell him as long as he keeps fielding that unit you are going to keep fielding Teclis and his always total power purple sun that doesn't cause a miscast.

vinny t
20-02-2011, 00:14
Well, killing the slaan would be pretty much game over. So you could take a lvl4 mage, take Life, and cast dwellers on the TG unit until the Slaan dies. Purple sun is good too, but then the Slaan gets a Look Out Sir.

Remember, the Slaan is pretty much only defensive (except dwellers) so taking a shooting army and play the aviodence game could work out.

Swordsmasters would rip that unit apart as long as no buffs/debuffs were on, but I think a lvl4 mage would more effective.

20-02-2011, 00:28
Take a large unit of swordmasters, banner of eternal flame, and a lord with the other tricksters shard, and sword of strife-

This is your slann/TG unit killer- you can ignore any attempts to get regen on the TG, and if he wants a 5+ ward go ahead and let him have that as well-

You also want your SM's to be wider than his front- so at least 7 wide-

I would also spam drain magic- just cast it twice and make it so no one can cast anything-

grimgors battle buddy
20-02-2011, 08:54
Cheers guys i'm loving the SM option with the flaming banner, i don't really take souped up lords unless in BIG games (re Teclis) or themed ones.
Iam thinking of putting another character in there with the other tricksters shard, possibly a noble (getting rid of the reavers) he'd join the SM.

20-02-2011, 12:30
would the slann still get out look out sir if large template was used and every model was touched? (i ask cause i have nagging feeling u cant use look out sir if every model is gettin hit but this could just be a radom thought or sumthin from 7th)

Chaos Undecided
20-02-2011, 13:08
Dont think theres ever been such a qualifier to the look out sir rule tbh, sounds like something that would make sense but such things dont apply to game rules generall :p