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21-02-2011, 13:26
I've been considering making a lost and the damned army, using the imperial guard codex. I miss playing chaos, but I just can't stand the chaos marine 'dex and I still have a hard time thinking daemons fit as a stand alone army in 40k.

I would like to know some good kits that fit together to make traitor guardsmen, mutants and the like. I've been considering the pink horrors combine with cadians for some gibbering mutants. So basically use this thread to discuss kitbashing and converting all the little gribblies that come with a lost and the damned army.

Oh also, some suggestions on what unit entries to use the guard book to represent different things would be nice.

For the dark gods!

21-02-2011, 14:44
For a theme army, I'd try using Psyker Battle Squads, Ogryn, large infantry blobs with enforcers (commissars), and odd vehicles like Banewolves. Model them appropriately and you'd have a nice Chaos-corrupted Renegade army.

Have fun, and good luck!

bert n ernie
21-02-2011, 14:49
Every army is different really. It's only limited by your imagination.

I have used some skeleton shields along with random bits to make catachans look like pirate LaTD. I have used wood elves to create slaneesh cultists.
I have used Skaven, Ork and zombie parts to make the mutated rabble.
I have modified catachan torsos so they look like biker gangs, using transfers on the back for their gang symbols.
If you are looking for something cohesive then I would actually start with the art of LaTD (or any other creatures/mutants etc).
Once you have chosen an overall look (whether for a squad, or the whole army) you can start looking around for the cheapest way of replicating that look.
If they have robes you might want to use Valhallans, Flagellants, Delaque gangers, High Elf archers for parts. That's just off the top of my head, and limited to GW. There are plenty of alternatives out there. You can then use Dark Angels OR Black Templars if you want robed Chaos marines to lead them.

What direction do you want to go in?

21-02-2011, 14:55
Hell yeah for the dark gods.......using the Imperial Guard codex! They can join Abaddons 14 Black Crusade with the daemon prince Mephiston spearheading the attack with the unstoppable might of the World Eaters lord Wolfy Mcwolf riding a wolf leading a bunch of wolf riders in support, if we encounter any fortresses we can always rely on the Iron Warriors lord Vulkan with his TH/SS armed terminators, heres hoping they bring enough meltas and flamers. Joking aside heres a LATD army list, while not as powerful as the "and heres Straken the CSM with his blood pact mech vets" it has the bonus of actually being a real LATD list.


with their FAQ:


and pretty soon the Nurgle and Khorne lists will be getting their updated lists posted for free on the site. Heres what can be found in each list:


So for a Heavy Nurgle theme with chemical weapons, zombies and scary as hell ogryns try the Vraks 3 list, if you want your beastmen, big daemonic hounds and Khorne berserkers then try the Vraks 2 list, for the basic LATD Alpha Legion insurrection type list then try the Vraks 1 list.

21-02-2011, 15:11
Thumbs up, the LatD was such a great concept, it's a huge shame that GW got rid of it.

Good convertions for mutants usually fall into 3 categories:

Zombies that are usually used to represent Nurgle's plague zombies.

Animals using beastmen, skaven and even lizardmen parts to make nice hybrids.

Mutants/demonic using deamon parts as well as possessed and mutation bits.

I think that using Catachans and old necromunda plastics looks better than Cadians tough. The Cadians look too clean and orderly in my view, although they mix really well with zombie parts.

21-02-2011, 15:36
When I port my Servants of Decay over to the Guard codex, I use normal squads with Autocannons, Straken surrounded by Flamers with a Priest (Nurgle Preacher), as well as a large horde/screen of Zombies (Conscripts). That's pretty much the basis. PBS using Ghoul models, Ogryn using Plague Ogryn models, Chenkov to make the Zombies keep coming back etc. is just added flavour I add on the top.

Oh and a couple of Bane Wolves as Nurgly goodness.

21-02-2011, 16:13
Ive literaly just started planning to Convert my Guard into LATD :)
these guys have some awsome ideas for when i expand, however i have started with basic Cadians, However im just waiting on payday to use some Pig iron Winter Militia heads. :) The revised IA5 list is pretty cool for this :)

the idea of biker gangs is cool too :) im thinking of using Catachans trench weapons and chains to make a Workers Rable :)

thers some thoughts :)

21-02-2011, 16:15
Lost and the Damned armies opens so much room for freedom and are a kit bashers delight.

Off the top of my head...

- Cadians are great for making traitors or renegades, just remember to remove any imperial icons off helmets, weapons etc.

- Flagellants make great cultists. Throw in some las weapons and other odd bits to make them look like an armed mob and you've got a winner.

- Ogres for Ogyrns. You could make ripper guns out of cut down autocannons?

- Mix cadians and ghouls for crazy frenzied creatures. Or cadians and beatmen parts for Khorne worshipers. Mix cadians with daemonette heads. Or zombies for nurgel.

- Traitor rough riders? Use the Maurader horses...

-Stormvermin bodies make good muties

- Ork torso's make great mutant bodies... Catachan heads could work with these.

As for unit entries. Most things will work fine if its a traitor guard force. But some of my faves are penal legions for cultists and conscripts for hordes of muties.

Good luck!