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22-02-2011, 15:12
20 zombies, standard = 88pts
20 skellies with full command = 180pts
30 ghouls, ghast = 248pts
coprse cart, balefire = 100pts

20 grave guard, full command, royal standard of strigos = 305pts

Varghulf, 175pts
5 cairn wraiths, banshee = 275pts

vampire lord, +1 magic level, spectral form, forbidden lore = 340pts

Konrad = 145pts

vampire, sword of might, nightshroud = 135

22-02-2011, 15:55
I don't know a whole lot about VC but maybe some bloodknights would give your army a little more hitting power? It seems like, other than your grave gaurd, there isn't a whole lot of damage dealers but then again, from what I have seen, VC excel at bogging down the enemy while the special, rare, and character units wittle away at the enemy.

22-02-2011, 16:45
Zombies are usually not worth taking and especially not in that small a unit. either 40+ going deep, or not at all. Otherwise that list does not look like the absolutely min-maxed strongest, but fun! I suggest some changes though!

Either remove the zombies or make them bigger. I prefer Banner of Barrows on Graveguard, since it lasts every round of combat, but Hatredbanner is actually better first round, and the rerolls gives you more chance to inflict KB. You could make the unit bigger, now that they do not have much of protection. The rarechoices are good, I like wraiths, keep them away from big ranked up units and magic missiles, easier said than done!

The biggest changes needs to be done on the characters, the Lord and the Hero Vampire builds are not optimal, and I do not think you need both a hero vampire and konrad! If you use konrad, maybe use the Lord as a caster. I am not suggestion that you create the same list as everyone else with vampires, but the characters needs a clear role, and the herovampire looks very vulnerable, you could put more points in the lord instead.

22-02-2011, 16:57
you have to remember that these are all the models I have currently lol I prolly should have said that in the army list. The reason why I don't have blood knights is because I have gone away from a Frenzy army in the fact that I use to play a khorne heavy warriors list. The zombies are there to give me the min core units allowed and the vampire hero other than Konrad I didn't know what to give her.

22-02-2011, 17:18
When you are able to add more models to the list I'd really suggest dropping the zombies and putting those points into the Skeleton unit- without the Lord of the Dead power to increase them beyond their starting side a 20 strong unit isn't going to do much.

If you can get your hands on a few more skeletons from somewhere, but want to keep the rest of the army as it is, I'd suggest keeping them in your summoning pile, dropping the hero Vampire and proxy the model as a Wight King BSB and add Lord of the Dead to your lord, then use the last 20 points to put a couple of bits of kit on the Wight.

22-02-2011, 17:55
If that are the models you have got, then play with them and have fun. That is more important, you can always improve you list later! The characters need a bit adjustment though. What do you want to achieve with each of them?

22-02-2011, 18:05
with konrad it's pretty obvious what he is going to do as he is a beast. With the other vamp i want to go high elf hunting as I will be hitting most of them on 3's killing on 2's before they get to attack, the lord is just there for magic.

22-02-2011, 18:29
Konrad.. =)

If you want magic with the Lord the Master of Black Arts is great, and if you plan on using any of the rulebook lores you need Forbidden Lore, for the Vampire lore, making him lvl4 is great, since he can get 4 spells. Would not make him ethereal but, with the exception of magic he is hard to kill, so why not. He can not choose item then right? You lord actually looks quite interesting but I would give him MotBA, it is great!

I see, that vampire thrall will never survive combat, but since he is hitting first you can make him into an assassin, if you HE opponent do not expect this it could be a lot of fun, otherwise that build is not good for combat. If you want him to kill characters the shard to force rerolls of wards is great, but I fear that he is to weak to kill characters and then will fall to the return attacks!

22-02-2011, 18:36
Well it's either nightshroud or the 2+ armour save and there's not many points between those 2 it's just I thought robbing he of their asf and making them i 1 would be fun

22-02-2011, 18:46
Sure, but the vampire will die a quick death vs almost any units, after he done his thing, he is only tougness 4, two wounds! Make sure it is worth his 100+ points! Where are you going to field the characters, in which units?

22-02-2011, 18:47
well i was thinking of putting konrad with the ghouls and the other hero with the grave guard or the other way round, i was also thinking of putting the lord with the wraiths for added protection

22-02-2011, 18:56
Can the lord join the wraiths? that is a nice idea, but VERY vulnerable to magic! Let me know how it works out if you try it, it really is unique! Konrad with ghouls is fitting! You could use a wight king insteaf of the vampire, maybe same model if you opponent lets you.

22-02-2011, 18:58
yeah as long as the lord is ethereal he can join ethereal units, it says he cannot join non-ethereal units and cannot be mounted.

Fancy Salami
22-02-2011, 19:49
Can the lord join the wraiths? that is a nice idea, but VERY vulnerable to magic! Let me know how it works out if you try it, it really is unique!

I have tried an etheral vampire going with wraiths. It's nice, giving them the option to march everywhere, and the vampire can resurrect the wraiths as you go along.

If you bring 4 wraiths with you, it will be difficult for the adversary to deal 8 wounds in 1 round without focusing all of his magic, and playing your wraiths right you don't need too many of them standing next to a vampire when you get there.

It may not be the ultimate solution, but it's fun, and I personally like my ghastly painted vampire :)

22-02-2011, 21:15
I think this army will do quite well a lot of people are gonna complain though and that's fine

22-02-2011, 22:14
A vamp I have always wanted to run if I ever do a VC army is the heavy armor that is -2 to hit, talisman of lycni, and avatar of death with either a great weapon or 2 hand weapons. Depending on how you kit him out, this guy could be a nasty warmachine hunter or skirmisher/fast cav hunter.

22-02-2011, 22:56
yeah I was thinking about that but the thing is I don't want to send my vamps out on their own

23-02-2011, 07:45
Risky risky, but fun, the ward save thing vs ranged damage is great for a build like this, combine with scouting ability, flying, talisman of lychni, flying mount, forbidden lore, MotBA, combat abilities to taste.