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22-02-2011, 16:46
Hey guys,

After doing two 40k battle reports (which were well received), we decided to try out our luck with a Fantasy report.

Part I:

Part II:

We would like to hear from you guys what you think of the format (overhead view, turn explanation, etc.). Please comment on youtube or here.

Please tell us what you think, it's much appreciated!

22-02-2011, 19:02
Great looking armies and terrain. The grave yard pool was cool

23-02-2011, 04:12
To answer the question on the cave squig- it is a monstrous beast- so when taken as a mount it and its rider count as monstrous cavalry (so they share a toughness, wounds and armor sv profile, but attack separately)- so the entire model- goblin and squig have 3 wounds- however, you also would have gotten a stomp attack-

Also enjoyed the report-

23-02-2011, 09:34
Thanks guys for your feedback! Im happy you enjoyed it!

@ Cave squig: That is awesome; thanks a LOT!

24-02-2011, 22:17
Hi, I like your video reports in general, with a very friendly atmosphere and narrative, as well as fully and well painted armies and terrain, be it in whfb, be it 40k.

As to the rules issues, as far as I know thereīs no such rule that the great weapon can strike after its wielder has died. Itīs always strikes last and if you die before you would attack, thatīs it.

Still on the rules front, the dwellerīs bellow on the big goblin block would have killed all the gobos who rolled 4+, not the contrary! The spell causes a strenght test, that is, to survive you have to roll under your strenght value. So that would have gone exactly the other way round, with very unlucky rolling and a lot of deads on the gobo side.

One last thing is about the fanatics hitting the terradons in the forest. The video doesnīt show exactly how the movement was, but, afaik, when fanatics hit terrain like woods, they die automatically, and wouldnīt have hit the flyers.

That said, I like the videos, but one can tell that fantasy is not your main game and some movements and decisions seem odd sometimes. I was quite surprised to see the Slann and the EoG perform so poorly. But thatīs more a question of practice and I would quite like to watch more of your games.

Ah, I also find it quite important for you to say how many points were involved when you make the army presentations.


25-02-2011, 10:12
Thank you very much Tupinamba for your great feedback!

@ Great weapon Goblin: AHA! Yeah, we reasoned that the Saurus have an I of 1 and that a great weapon reduced your I to 1 as well, which is obviously wrong. Now I recall reading that ASL is not the same as I1. Thanks for reminding me!!!

@ Dweller's Below: This is something I realised during editing :rolleyes: Many more goblins would have died, but luckily it wouldn't have mattered considering that they didn't panic or anything. It definitely is something to keep an eye on next time because the potential effects of doing this wrong can be huge.

@ Terradon in forest: This is a mistake on our part. We weren't sure whether chariots automatically suffered X hits when entering a forest/terrain like in last edition. We assumed this was the case so i confidently placed my terradons in the forest in front of the chariot. When he then charged his chariot into my terradons we looked up the rule and saw that he would only suffer hits when rolling a 1 for his dangerous terrain role. Had I known this in advance I would have never put my terradons so close to his chariot. We then decided that I was allowed to place my terradons behind the forest instead. Unfortunately this also meant they could be hit by the fanatics in the next turn.

My apologies for not explaining this in the video.

@ Slann and EoTG: Yes me too unfortunately. I revised my list and dropped the EoTG, too many points for the Engine and priest which don't do much (spell casting is almost only done by the Slann and the Engine's effect are like I said to be neglected). I already asked for a rematch with my newer list!

@ Points: Im afraid I accidentally edited that out. Woops.

Again, thanks for the great feedback. If you have any moves in mind in particular that were odd or tactically wrong, feel free to tell us. Like you said, it's clear that Fantasy is not our main game and I miss a LOT of tactical insight. The goblin player has a lot more experience with fantasy in general but that's a long time ago and also not with 8th.

25-02-2011, 14:18
Hi SteelTitan,

Iīm glad the feedback was useful and didnīt seem overly critical, as I quite liked the report, but mostly criticized it!:confused: hehe

Thanks for clearing the fanatics situation.

As for tactics, Iīm not a lizardmen player, but have been on the receiving end of lizardmen armies several times... which should make me able to give my own 2 cents here.

Some things that seem odd were the small rank and file skinks, which Iīd either use as skirmishers or increase in size and back up with Kroxigors. Concerning the EotG, I donīt really agree with your analysis, as Iīve seen it perform quite well. It protects your advance and once you come close to the enemy, it deals out a lot of hurt. Plus it is resilient and can give brutal dynamic combat resolution to your infantry blocks. But than, again, Iīm the last one to advocate the use of "copy and paste" armylists, with always the same units, so just keep playing and experimenting with the units. The army has to fit your own playing style after all, not some imposed internet wisdom.

Games wise, I think you were far too cautious with your lizards. Saurus are among the best infantry in whfb and would have smashed the gobos to pieces. Yes, the goblin army had lots of elements to protect itself and slow down your advance, mostly in the form of squigs and fanatics, but thatīs what you have your own diversion and support elements for. IMHO, an agressive an cohesive advance from your army in the right flank, under the protection of the EtG and support from the Slann should have wiped out anything the gobos had there, particularly as their general and main combat units were on the other flank.

The chameleons and terradons were uselessly sacrificed. Sometimes itīs better to wait with this kind of unit till better opportunities arise. Trading chameleons for a chuka is not very advantageous.

As to magic, I donīt know what happened to your Slann. Just too much bad luck? Slann have several excellent special rules that turn their magic brutal. Another issue here is lore selection. Life is kind of the favourite around at the moment, particularly for lizardmen, but you have to select your magic lore according to your specific armylist and what magic is meant to achieve within it.
People take life mostly for the buffs on their combat blocks and the ability to get irresistible dwellerīs belows without risking miscasts, which is all very powerful. But maybe for your purposes, other lores could be more interesting to protect your weak points and increase your strong ones. Ask yourself: with what kind of elements/situations do my units have problems dealing with and magic would give a good complement to? Iīve no specific suggestion, just giving you some food for thought.


25-02-2011, 14:39

the Lore of Light is the other good lor for Lizards, as it helps out with all of our weaknesses (low I & WS).

25-02-2011, 17:03
Thanks again for taking the time to offer some strategic advice! It's much appreciated!

@ RnF Skinks: Ive been thinking about letting them skirmish instead. This would improve their flexibility with regards to shooting, as skirmishers can march and fire. However, you cannot use them to redirect as skirmishers allign to the enemy rather than the other way around. I realise that redirecting isn't as efficient as before but you can still hold up a unit for a turn or at least make sure that its overrun doesn't contact your main line. As of yet, the inability to march and shoot hasn't hindered me that much.

@ EoTG: I might have had some bad luck with the Engine. A 5+ ward against shooting isn't bad at all, I just managed to roll only a single 5+ in the whole game. Also, having a big dino to smash units with its impact hits isn't bad either. However (!), against this list with two rock lobbas, it's too much of a risk. Templates his ALL locations on a ridden monster so one hit and the stegadon, skinks, and skink priest all get smashed. The stegadon might survive one of those hits, maybe two but the skink priest is fairly likely to be dead the first time.

@ Slann: I will try out lore of light next battle and see how i like it. Against this list with lots of war machines, Pha's protection here and there might make a big big difference.

I'll also try to play more aggressively with my Saurus as they should definitely be able to beat some punny goblins.

And yes, the chameleon's and terradon's sacrifice was useless. I'll try using them better next time. I should be more careful with them.

Jetty Smurf
27-02-2011, 16:00
Enjoyed the report. I like the style, with a bit of dice rolling, and the panning of the board to go along with the commentary, etc.

My girlfriend and I are now referring to my Saurus Warriors as 'Super Skinks", hehe.

27-02-2011, 16:20
My girlfriend and I are now referring to my Saurus Warriors as 'Super Skinks", hehe.

Hahahaha! That's awesome! :D
I really have to make him study on the unit names of MY army from now on :p

I'm happy you liked it! I hope to get a rematch with a slightly tweaked list soon.

But we're also in the process of getting ready for a 40k tournament in May but I'll see what I can do :)

27-02-2011, 20:15
I think the pace needs to speed up but otherwise it looks promicing.

27-02-2011, 22:00
Ah, a reply from Malorian himself ;) Ive been watching your reports for a while now and Ive been enjoying them a lot!!

We will try to be more concise in our next report. Also because we want to show some more important dice rolls and such so we need to shave of here and there.