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24-02-2011, 13:24
Hey guys.

Just looking for some feedback on my list for an upcoming tournament.
The list needs to be submitted within the week so any and all thoughts are welcome.

Lvl2 tzeentch sorc - shield scroll, talis of protection, spell familiar disk
Tzeentch Bsb - sword of striking, talis of endurance, steed

18 khorne warriors - halberds, shields, full command, banner of swiftness
20 tzeentch warriors - shield, full command, banner of eternal flame
24 khorne marauders - great weapon, full command
30 tzeentch marauders - shield, full command
5 warhounds
5 warhounds

4 dragon ogres - great weapons

Slanneshi giant

2400 exactly.

Applicable list rules are:
No unit bigger than 45 models/450 points.
Magic items that generate power dice/dispel dice or auto dispel are limited to two per army some being worth two items (infernal puppet fir example).
There are more rules but these are the important ones.

Khorne units 6 wide, tzeentch 5 wide.
Bsb and sorc moving about reinforcing where required.
Khorne and tzeentch hammer and anvil will be 1marauder+1warrior each.
Hellcannon to guard one flank while drogres and giant push the other.

I have several other units but the ones listed are the most heavily converted and look the coolest. I dont think have a great chance given that this is my second fantasy tournament so I want to take the best looking minis I have. That said if people can see any glaring holes I would love to be in with a chance. Being beaten sucks...:rolleyes:

Thanks in advance for all of your advice.:D


24-02-2011, 18:02
It's not the ideal tournament list which is good (chosen list gets boring although I do run it). You really do need a level 4 to compete just to stop the spells coming your way. I also prefer shadow as the buffs make your warriors elite. Tzeentch works well but often u end up relying on gateway which is annoying to ur opponent and doesn't work often.

24-02-2011, 18:28
Wouldnt the tzeench warriors benefit more from the raptorous std than the flaming attacks?

immortal git
24-02-2011, 18:35
I would swap the banners on the warriors round, the halberds are much more likely to kill a hpa or a hydra, soo, 24 marauders isnt really a good number but see how it goes for you, A giant? really?

24-02-2011, 20:52
yeah, my giant has done really well since i got him. over the course of about 6 battles he has directly killed: HE lord on griffon, 16 Swordmasters, 13 Chaos Warriors, 8 Empire Knights and 7 ogre bulls. He has died once and regenerated about 10 wounds using chomp on the griffon and the ogres. ASF is great for obvious reasons but I love the fact that it cancels rerolls for HEs. This doesn't count the units he has run down either.
His roll is usually smashing into flanks but given his cost I'm not overly concerned if he dies, as long as he has drawn a lot of firepower and spells and so forth. (I also have purchased the ultraforge giant and he is too cool to leave at home - love playing other people who have giants and putting him on the table and watching their heart sink...)

I will drop the movement banner (was more a gimmick than something that mattered), and move the flaming attacks onto the Khorne warriors. leaves me with some points to spend.

I have had mixed success with 24 marauders (6x4) mostly good but the main reason I am taking them in that size is I only have 54 marauders (2x regular boxes, 1x battalion, 2 individual models via ebay) and I want to run 30 tzeentch so I have something with ranks. If you think that 20/18 khorne marauders is a better option I will change them but I cant buy, build, paint or afford any more marauders before the tournament. I will be buying more in the near future though. Other problem with 24 is that I only have 21. The other three are handlers for my custom built hellcannon. So 20/18 is a much easier option.

I can swap to a sorc on steed taking whatever lore is available but to take a lvl4 requires dropping an entire unit basically. Wouldn't the extra unit be more useful compared to the randomness of magic?:(

I had a list which had no tzeentch marauders, a lvl4 tzeentch on disk (which could be swapped to shadow on steed), and an extra unit of hounds (or two - cant remember...) - would that be better?:confused:

thanks heaps for the feedback guys


24-02-2011, 21:23
Here's an updated list idea

Lvl4 shadow - steed, dispel, endurance

Tzeentch BSB - steed, striking, protection

20 Tzeentch Warriors - FC, Shield
18 Khorne Warriors - FC, Halberd
20 Khorne Marauders - FC, GW
30 Tzeentch Marauders - FC, Shield
5 Warhounds

4x Drogres

Slanneshi Giant

Lost a lot of extras to accommodate the upgraded sorcerer (was considering spell familiar instead of lvl4 to save 20 points for banners or similar)

thanks again guys


25-02-2011, 00:29
Arent you afraid that your characters will be sniped by templates and war machines since they wont get LOS when mounted?
Id also rather go with infernal puppet than a dispell scroll on the sorcerer.

25-02-2011, 02:35

I think that characters dont mean alot in 8th. They each have a 5+ ward but if they die then they die. Not overly worried. Thats why im not a big fan of lvl4s. Lots of points that ultimately don't perform consistently.

Is puppet any good without pandemonium? I suppose the frequency of higher numbers of die being thrown means it is probably worth a look. I doubt I will actually take a dispel if I take a lvl4 regardless.

Thinking of changing khorne warriors to 15 strong and tzeentch warriors to 24. Cast the strength buff spell on either unit of tzeentch depending on who is fighting what. Cast hexes on opposition of other anvil. Not sure yet.

Also considering two lvl2s instead of one lvl4. Similar points but more targets for opponent to worry about. Also means I can take a tzeentch on disk and hope for pandemonium, and a shadow on steed and hope for anything... Shadow is really awesome...:D


28-02-2011, 01:01
So final list looks like

Lvl3, shadows, 5++, steed, familiar

Lvl1, tzeentch, disk
Bsb, tzeentch, 6++, steed

20 tzeentch warriors, hws, fc
15 khorne warriors, halberds, shields, fc
20 khorne marauders, gw, fc
30 tzeentch marauders, hws, fc

4 drogres, gw

Slannesh giant

I have about 10hrs to send it so any last minute thoughts are welcome.

Thanks all