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24-02-2011, 16:24
Hey all,

Looking for some advice on a new roster. I've been playing Lizards for a few years now, but I generally suck at making competitive rosters, so I'm asking all my friends for advice...and now I'm asking the internet :P

I'm planning on using Shadow with the Mage-Priest. I found Life to be generally unsatisfying, but I'd try it again with this new list if there was a good argument for it. Light is also a consideration. If you have an opinion either way, I would be happy to hear it.


2000 Pts - Lizardmen Roster

Slann Mage-Priest (Battle Standard Bearer), 415 pts
Cupped Hands of the Old Ones
Curse-Charm of Tepok
The Becalming Cogitation
The Focused Rumination
Skink Priest, 100 pts
Power Scroll

25 Saurus Warriors, 330 pts, Spears, Full Command
20 Saurus Warriors, 250 pts, HW/S, Full Command
24 Skinks, 307 pts, Full Command
3 Kroxigor

16 Temple Guard, 316 pts, Full Command
Huanchi's Blessed Totem

10 Chameleon Skinks, 120 pts
2 Salamander Hunting Pack, 160 pts

24-02-2011, 20:41
For a competitive list, there's not nearly enough skinks... on block of TG and another of Saurus with a Scar-Vet with burning blade (and then flaming banner on the TG) is usually enough combat punch, and perhaps a skink-krox block.

The Skink Priest doesn't need the power scroll, the chance of him getting one good spell is unlikely, and I'm not sure he can use it for Kermit's spell. In any event, you don't really want to be making the frog miscast. Also, the frog doesn't appear to be a Loremaster- he deinitely should be. A dispel scroll on the skink would be enough.

Once you've got your 2 combat blocks, units of 10 skinks with blowpipes are great to fill out your core, and in fact any remaining points.

I'd be inclined to try and flesh out the TG a bit if you can, but 16 is a decent number. If you can run them 4x7 (including the frog) that'd be good.

Split the salamanders into 2 single units- you don't lose any firepower, but you gain double the flexibility, you shoot twice as many targets at once and your opponent has to try and kill 2 separate units.

Life on the Slaan is probably the most competitive way to go, followed by Light (unless you'll be running into daemons with the standard of sundering). In an uncomped environment, the ability to auto-kill characters, make your stuff T8 and bring it back to life is just horrendous. One of the key things with Life is that to get the most out of it, you need to know all the spells- this may be why you never found it that good.

24-02-2011, 20:54
This is looking more like a List for the Lore of Light.

24-02-2011, 21:14
Loremaster is a MUST for Slaan. And i dont think you need curse charm.

The skink unit. Hmmm. Would they be better as skirmishers? Or not at all? Spending the points on beefing up the saurus to 30 each (195), and any left over points on beefing up the Temple guard. Then, Lore of Light the bastards w. WS10+I10 from the power scroll priest.

Split the salamaders aswell.


24-02-2011, 22:14
Thanks for the feedback guys!

To summarize what I think you're saying:

- Drop the kroxigors, make the skinks skirmishers. That makes two units of 12 skinks each.
- Split the salamanders.
- Drop Curse-Charm
- Add Loremaster
- Use Lore of Light
- Drop power-scroll and swap for a regular dispel scroll.

That leaves me with 145pts left over, which I could use to build up the saurus or TG units. I'm imagining adding to the TG first, then the HW/S and then the already large spear unit if there is any points left over. I could also add another 2 salamanders, or another unit of camos. Thoughts on which is the better way to go?

Another question to do with ranking - you mention 7x4 ranking for the TG/Slann unit. Why 7? What sort of rankings are best for the other two block units?

24-02-2011, 23:40
Most infantry formations are 5 wide. This means that (assuming the same base size) you'll be able to get 7 models into base contact with them, so it's more attacks for you. This is definitely the situation you want to be in with TG most of the time- the more you can get to fight, the better. With Lore of Light buffs they become truly beastly.

If you add 2 sallys you'll have to combine the 2 packs. I'd probs say just more ordinary skink skirmishers, in some match-ups the chameleons will be fairly easy points for your opponent to get.