View Full Version : Quick Question, Steamtank vs Purplesun

24-02-2011, 17:15
As the Subject suggests

Do the Purple-sun work against the steamtank and if it do at what intiative do you make the initiative test?

Thanks in advance

24-02-2011, 17:25
Dead steamtank.

Magic works on it now and it autofail Init tests.

24-02-2011, 21:38
THanks for a quick reply =)

26-02-2011, 15:16
this actually bring out that me and my bro that his steam tank can take a init test since a steam tank is a chariot in the faq which the tank commander has init 3. my bro said that the commander would need to take a init test at init 4 when purp sun or pit of shades comes by. is he right? just asking.

26-02-2011, 15:19
Steam tank auto-fails any initituive test it has to make.
It's in the steam tank rules.

Doesn't matter what initiutive it is.

26-02-2011, 19:17
Indeed. Who really knows what this "initiutive" thing is. Bad news, probably.