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24-02-2011, 18:17
So I've picked up Dwarfs again after playing WE a while.
This is the first list for Dwarfs I've made since I mainly painted before, and I'm having some problems with it.
The total points I get is 1039, which means something has to go. I'll be faceing Skaven mainly, and some WoC and HE occasionally.
So my question is, what do you think I should take away. Since my Thane and ME (I was going to put him with the organ gun or grudge thrower, but maybye I' replace him with a runesmith) doesn't have any equipment, I'll need some points for that as well.

The list:

Thane 65pts
Master engineer/runesmith 70pts

20 Warriors, shields, full command 205pts
14 Longbeards, full command 179 (going to put the Thane here to fill the gap)
10 Quarrellers, veteran 120 pts

10 Miners, full command 135 pts
Grudge Thrower 80 pts
Bolt Thrower, Engineer (w. brace of pistols) 65

Organ Gun 120 pts

Total: 1039
Let me know what you think

24-02-2011, 23:30
Main complaint: The units are too small. Definately go for fewer, bigger units that can hold their ground longer in combat.

I'd suggest you make the Thane a BSB, with shield and RO Stone, then have the runesmith (same equipment) as general. You definately need some kind of magic defence.

Warriors - OK.
Longbeards - too small. Drop the miners to make them bigger. (Or if you have the models, swap them for Hammerers which are more effective point-for-point).
Quarellers - why the veteran? Drop him and give the troops great weapons instead; this adds a lot more to their combat ability.
War machines: looks okay.

(All just my POV)

25-02-2011, 00:17
Making a dwarf army for small battles is a bit tricky, since they are a bit overpriced compared to their stats.

Agree with above. I would kick out the longbeards altogether ang for the points gained upgrade the characters as said, maybe give one of them MRo Challenge. With the rest of the points Id up the quarrellers size so that they can double as shooting/cc unit with their great weapons.

And the rune of accuracy on a grudge thrower is too good to pass up...

26-02-2011, 16:00
Okey, thanks for the feedback, I'll follow your advice :)