View Full Version : HELP! my BA need finished in 4 hours

25-02-2011, 11:45
SO I just started building my Blood Angels about a month ago and i came pretty far pretty quick I love the fluff behind the Flesh Tearers especially Gabriel Seth's mission to turn around his Chapter so I decided to special order the FT shoulder pads from GW and got to work.
Everything is built and painted and my first tourny I want to use them at is tomorrow at noon. So today I add up all the points I got and OMG I am short on points so in 4 hours the hobby shop opens and i gotta get a new model and build it and paint it QUICK!
My question comes about with WHAT DO I GET?

Currently have
Gabriel Seth
Librarian epistolary with Termie and S:Sheild

termie assault with 3 T hammer S:shield and 2 with L:claws

3 assault squad with sarge with p:weapon and Melta bomb

1 Stormraven with T:L lascannon and typhoon Missle launcher

not alot of models and i can add a few points if i downgrade the lib (built him up in a effort to eat points LOL)
so what do i get looking at about 100 points as is
can make it about 120 if i knock down the S:shield on the LIb

also is the Typhoon Missle Launcher worth it or should i use the Multi melta

Please help! I gotta buy the model in 4 hours before i got to sleep and finish it when i wake up and after i get home from work (i work 3rds)

25-02-2011, 13:15
Furioso Dreadnaught, built as a Librarian, or a Baal Predator with a Flamestorm cannon. Don't bother with the Termie armor on the Librarian unless you only have that model. You're basically wasting points. I would also go with the Multimelta over a typhoon. The upgrade is crazy expensive.

Actually your best bet might be a couple of Sanguinary Priests. Put one in with your terminators, the other 1-2 in with your assault squads, with jump packs added. That should eat up your extra points AND buff out your army to higher effectiveness.