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28-02-2011, 12:53
Just wanted some feed back on my dark elf army that im taking to a tournament. Im still not sure if the assassin is best used in this way or to put him in the warriors.

lords and heroes
dreadlord-blackdragon,pendant of khaeleth,the other trickster's shard,halberd,heavy armour,sea dragon cloak. 528pts

master-dark pegasus,armour of eternal servitude,halberd,sea dragon cloak.173pts

sorceress-lv 2,dispel scroll(with the warriors) 160pts

28 warriors-c,s,m, war banner 236pts
28 corsairs-c,s,m, sea serpent standard 330pts
assassin-rending stars 120pts(with the shades)

5 shades 80pts
14 black guard-c,s-ring of hotek 235pts
14 witch elves-s-banner of eternal flame 160pts

hydra 175pts

I should say that in the tournament you can only have one rare and no units over 35 models.

Any feedback is welcome.

28-02-2011, 13:58
Lets see...Firstly I realise this is an old thread..
From 7th to 8th Ed.

Lord on Dragon is bad mojo, makes him all to easy prey for various canons to all to high a price.
DreadLord on a Dark Pegasus is the key ticket. Pendant, Crown of Command, Either whip of Agony or Sword of Might will suffice, adding heavy armour, sea dragon and a shield to make him near impossible to kill.

Core - Way to small units..and the assassin is points in the sea.
Special - Black guards, to high a cost to be truly effective with 8th Ed.
witch Elves again to expensive, when you could simply go with Corsairs if you want the extra killing spree.
Double up on Shades, into 2 various units and get some Harpies for redirect or hunt down enemy warmachines.

The Hydra is a no brainer...

Sorc lvl 1, tome of furion and life taker..take either lore of fire or lore of metal, depending on which army you meet.

28-02-2011, 17:08
I wouldn't say this was an 'old thread' if it was created earlier today...)

I've tried a lord on a dragon, and I wasn't that impressed by it. I think the level 4 is a much better option. However, if you do want to take it, there are a few other things you need to do to the rest of the army first. If you can still take the dragon after these, then go ahead:

First, the level 2 will not do any more casting or dispelling than a level 1. This'll free up 35 pts for you. You also have to decide on your lore when you write the army, you can't pick when you see your opponents army. I'd suggest lore of fire.

Not taking a BSB is at best risky, and at worst foolish when you have the pts to upgrade the master. As you'll see, the dragon is no the best choice so drop the master and take a Cauldron BSB.

Minimum core is what you're after here. Corsairs won't add much more than warriors, so 2 big units of warriors with full command and shields is the way to go.

Ignore everything said by Londar about the elite infantry- Witch Elves and Black Guard are not expensive at all for what they do, and they're 2 of the best combat units in the game. However, you need to bulk them out. 20 Black Guard and 35 witches, both with full command, is what you should be looking at. Flaming banner on the witches and banner of murder on the Black guard would both be good ideas.

Dante blackfur
28-02-2011, 17:22
LORDS: 350 pts

Crone Helleborn, The Hag Queen 350 pts

HEROES: 260 pts

Death Hag w/ BSB & Standard of Hag Graef & Couldren of blood 260 pts

"CORE": 1050 pts

x35 Witch Elves W/FC 350 pts
x35 Witch Elves W/FC 350 pts
x35 Witch Elves W/FC 350 pts


Hydra 175 pts

TOTAL: 1935 pts

This is a strong Special Base and works amazingly with 3 attacks in the front rank and supporting attacks. :) plus you still have 265 pts to add what ever you want.

28-02-2011, 17:51
ASF on a Cauldron BSB is pointless... with I8 the Hag will be attacking before most people anyway. And, if it get's into combat, chances are it's with something that will kill it anyway and won't be saved by the ASF.

01-03-2011, 14:03
Thanks for your feed back.I had a game the other day with this list and it was vs wood elves. The game went well the dreadlord on the dragon and master on the peg took out a unit of 6 tree kin and over ran into a treeman which they took out in the next turn. Thick your right about the black guard could do with been a bigger unit cus they got shot up as soon as he found out that i had the ring of hotek in there.