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28-02-2011, 15:44
Hi Folks,
I'm off to doubles in May - he's taking Night Gobbos so we're not entirely certain what his list will be like yet - but it'll likely be several blocks of goblins, max fanatics, some squig hoppers, herds, and a giant - possibly a lv4 shaman.

I'm not really sure what to bring - the 5 games have preselected scenarios from the BRB, blood and glory, watchtower, battle for the pass, dawn attack (think that's the one where you roll for which part of the deployment zone each unit is in), and one other - I think a regular pitched battle.

As a team, we can also bring a single piece of terrain from the BRB which gets deployed after picking sides but before dropping units - I'm leaning towards the Wizards Tower on page 131 at the moment.

There are 'Secret Mission' cards, and I have no idea what will be on them. We get them when we register apparently.

I'm pondering the following list at the moment, fairly static and standoffish, as my friend will be piling forward to launch fanatics and squigs...

Warlord - 90 (just for LD7)

BSB - 70 (rerolls + B&G)
Level 1 Warlock - 65
This guy sits by the Wizard's Tower, has all spells from Ruin, and uses skitterleap to place the following characters as needed:
Warlock + Doom Rocket - 45
Warlock + Brass Orb - 65

20 Clanrats
Shields/Banner/Musician + PWM - 167
20 Clanrats
Shields/Banner/Musician + PWM - 167

40 Slaves - 80
35 Slaves - 70

WLC - 90
WLC - 90

I've also been thinking Hellpit - to share the 'big red target' duty with the Giant. Any thoughts / suggestions? :)

Dante blackfur
28-02-2011, 16:37
Looks fine to me the only thing is maybe considering the HPA, If you do take one it will use your entire allowance of rare pts, so no WLC. :( but the HPA is worth it, especially at low pts :)

28-02-2011, 16:57
i think at these size games the hell pit may be a bit too much especially if a 90 point cannon kills it turn one.

list looks good and should do well against most armies i think

28-02-2011, 18:47
The other option is a doomwheel - or a plague claw catapult (haven't assembled that kit yet, so it's a WLC or a PCC + the old metal WLC)

28-02-2011, 18:59
i am a fan of large templates even S2 still no armour save depends wht ur up against but at least if u cause a wound causes a panic test. if u can try testing both out in a friendly game just using the base n see how it works for you

09-05-2011, 15:09
Hi again folks, I just want to run my final selection by you:

Grey Seer (fragile, but not so bad in a unit out the way or in a building)

BSB Chieftain - Banner of Eternal Flame

Warlock with Doomrocket

29 Clanrats
Shields, Banner/Musician, Poison Wind Mortar

29 Clanrats
Shields, Banner/Musician, Poison Wind Mortar

20 Slaves (throwaway unit / deployment)

Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon

The list comes to 1k exactly, I didn't want to have small clanrat units, or single relatively fragile monsters running around up front where there's a bunch (probably 8-9) fanatics whirling about. And the +4 to dispel from the Seer is going to be useful - with no save he's pretty fragile, but hoping I can hide him sufficiently in a unit!

09-05-2011, 19:42
I like cannons as much as any man but I went to throne of skulls in April and I have to say not only did the HPA cause some trouble for me but for a few of they other guys playing against them.theyare a good choice for alot of things. But if your going to face me the cannons might work oil better against me trolls lol but I'm just one man

09-05-2011, 20:12
if your partner is running goblins ( for one he should show you his list so you can have an idea of whats in it!) he will most likely be running large ..very large anvil units, so 50-100 goblins, fanatics and some cheap wizards.
so your role should be to provide the hammers and artillery!

id consider some rat ogres, warplightning cannon and somthing very fighty..
in 1k you wont be getting a bell and a good unit into the list, so go with slaves and some etxra hitty units..or just focus on artillery and have catapults and cannons, clan rats with warpfire throwers etc.

10-05-2011, 10:23
I have the benefit of knowing what he has painted - it'll likely be 3 units of 30-40 gobbos with fanatics, a bunch of hoppers (10), a squig herd, and a giant - backed up by shaman (one or more) and bsb, but I'll be seeing his final list this weekend when he has a chance to type it up.

Thought about the HPA, thought a LOT about the HPA (still thinking about the HPA) - I had one at last October's Throne of Skulls. But it's a ton of points in one highly visible basket, and leaves me without any monster killing ability of my own, which the cannons cover handily. Especially as our troops collectively suck at killing anything.

I also particularly wanted poison wind mortars in my list, as they ignore armour and toughness - wounding on a flat 5+/4+(centre hole) is pretty good for a small template stone thrower thing. Move and fire makes it even more useful compared to the other weapon teams.