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24-03-2006, 16:12

Aemraseph, High Warden *Joins Wardancers - 280
General, Wardancer Kindred, Blades of Loec, Annoyance of Netlings, Amaranthine Brooch

All round killer really...;) Good for character killing but also munches foot troops when CR is needed.
He occasionally leaves his retinue so he can use a different dance if needs be


Marduss, Acolyte of Willow - 150
Level II, Longbow, Hail of Doom Arrow

I know the HoD is not as good in the hands of a mage but I think its still worth the suprise, no one expects it from a mage. I can fool some fast cavalry into sniffing too close and then hand them a suprise :cool:

Sabriel, Acolyte of Oak - 175
Level II, Longbow, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll

You know the drill.


10 Glade Guard - 120

10 Glade Guard - 120

Mobile shooting base, some opponents like to think of them as my battleline which is a nice help :D I`m also in awe at how easy it is to get multiple short range volleys from these guys.

8 Dryads - 96

8 Dryads - 96

8 Dryads - 96

They have an important role in soaking up missile fire,I like the occasional frontal charge with flanking wild riders to make the fear count. Units drop very quick to magic and warpstone so I find the occasional regenerating spell comes in handy. These guys are just uber-useful.

6 Glade Riders 147

The usual fast cavalry routine.


8 Wardancers 144

Retinue of my Lord, allrounders who become that much more dangerous when hidden behind dryads. They are feared by knights so wardancers serve as a useful psychological tool. In my experience if you have any woods on the table, these guys should live in them. The Wardancers first charge must be thought about, they have scant protection.

6 Wild Riders - 174
Standard, Musician

6 Wild Riders - 174
Standard, Musician

My favourite units by far. Flank charges have never been so good. And thanks to causing fear on the charge you can break a lot of units by outnumbering if you tandem with dryads or treekin.

4 Treekin - 260

T5 3 Wounds, 4+ save and a 5+ ward? Might as well! Durability is really needed in an asrai army and these guys are a lot cheaper than a treeman. They also have a lot more wounds. 12 wounds at T5 at better value than 6 at T6.
They`re also the perfect compliment to a wild rider charge and are also great at taking charges to hold an enemy in place whilst their flank is broken.
I guess these guys are pretty central to my army.

5 Waywatchers - 120

The annoyance they can cause is more than worth the points. Its all about psychology again. Annoying unit, right in your armies face, stops you marching, knocks off a knight or two, charges warmachines, killing blows mages. However when it comes to magic they are toast. Bring on 7th edition! :angel:

2153pts. 82 models 6 PD 4DD

24-03-2006, 21:08
I like it! looks quite balanced to! Not sure about the wild riders though i find that glade riders do just as good a job, maybe you could lose them, pay for another glade rider unit and then maybe squeeze in another glade guard unit.......but if you like them that much! its up to you :)

25-03-2006, 08:02
i like it minus the way watchers and the tree kin i think u should get more glade riders and try to get a eagle or treeman in there...but if u insist on the tree kin tell me how thye work