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01-03-2011, 08:57
Well, I've tired of my current armies (Tyranids and Eldar) and to tell the truth neither of those is my favorite army in 40k, I just got good deals on them. I originally started with Dark Eldar and Chaos Marines. I've also considered going with Tau or Necrons, but they are the most likely of the four to get a new books and models soon so I'll leave them on hold.

Chaos I found great fun, though I couldn't grasp the conversion opportunities as a newb, I stopped playing them with the 4th edition codex because I found it too boring. However I've strongly considered going back, I absolutely love the chaos style and the small look at the Black Crusade RPG reignited that. I'm considering either sucking it up and sticking with a codex I find boring for the great conversion opportunities or making a counts as army for one of my favorite legions, Alpha Legion, Night Lords or Thousand Sons. TS could work great with Grey Knights and Night Lords with Blood Angels, but I can't really see a codex for Alpha Legion. No matter what the army would most likely end up using the next chaos codex. I also realized since I'd want bits from daemons for conversions I could double dip and get a small daemons force out of the deal.

As for Dark Eldar, they were my first love in 40k as I've always liked elves and dark elves, however it wasn't long before I realized the models were horrible so I set in to wait for a new codex. It's here now and I love it and the models, although I have lost every single proxy game I've done horribly. I'd really like to make a high speed army full of jets and jetbikes. Done up in bright colours, just because I find them more sinister on a mad man, after the over use of dark colours. Plus I like the idea of my Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar sitting side by side, contrasting, but the same.

The playstyle that usually draws me to a faction is fast, elite and with lots of 'magic' powers, but I find I'm usually not skilled enough to use a fragile army, but I won't give up on trying. I also like hurting my opponent for hurting me. I also prefer not to have to paint too many of the same model type.

So given these facts, is chaos or dark eldar for me?

01-03-2011, 10:11
Well, if you want fast stuff, then I'd say go Dark Eldar. 'Elite' varies by what you take, and you shouldn't have much trouble including a lot of different stuff.

As for Chaos, a thing I've been considering for a while, would it be possible for you to just ignore the 4th ed. codex and go back to using the 3.5 ed one? I realise you won't be able to take it to tournaments, but for some friendly games at your LGS, it should be just fine, right?

01-03-2011, 10:20
I would say Dark Eldar for now, and see how Chaos pans out as a second army when you come to it.

Ultimately though, I would go for the one you prefer the feel (image, background, type of play etc) for. Gameplay, the pendulum swings so what's strong today is gone tomorrow.

01-03-2011, 11:42
I'd stay away from Chaos until they receive a new codex, especially since you yourself said:

I stopped playing them with the 4th edition codex because I found it too boring.

So either start with DE if that's what you like, or wait 1-2 years (at the very least) untill CSM get's a new codex.

01-03-2011, 11:49
I'd stay away from Chaos until they receive a new codex, especially since you yourself said:

So either start with DE if that's what you like, or wait 1-2 years (at the very least) untill CSM get's a new codex.

+1 for these thoughts.

Bubble Ghost
01-03-2011, 11:51
I don't find Chaos "boring" at all, I actually like the simplicity. But as time drags on I do feel more and more like I have handcuffs on, left cursing "where do they get those wonderful toys?" as lumbering Imperial Guard armies fly rings around me, and Blood Angels thrust their rules bling in my face like they're in a hip-hop video.

It's only mildly frustrating, but then I'm in this for the background more than the game itself, and I imagine if I were a more serious gamer it would be deeply annoying. I love my Chaos army, and I'm more in the camp of thinking newer codexes are stupid than I am in thinking the Chaos one is bad, but based on my own experiences and the content of the OP I'd suggest the Dark Eldar.

01-03-2011, 14:57
Yeah the current Chaos dex is really showing its age now cant really compare to the newer marine dexes. You thought it was boring then? It hasnt improved any since then, if anything it has gotten worse now that there are newer marine books out to compare it to.

The thing about the DE army is they have a very steep learning curve. Its one of the more balanced books out there right now but they have a very different playstyle from everything else meaning you will need to approach them in a new way. Be prepared to lose a lot of games until you get to grips with them.

01-03-2011, 19:29
I'd get Chaos, by the time the dex comes around the model prices will have doubled

01-03-2011, 19:48
There are two levels of playing DE:

General Level: vs a group who is light on tanks and don't always go for the cookie-cutter OP option. DE have masses of good units and a large variety of playstyles for casual play, all of which are usually viable (WWP lists, foot-slogging, mass deep striking, etc). Likewise, if you're able to tailor your lists to specific armies (as in, "I will be fighting BA this week, so I will build an anti-BA list") then DE are amazing, as they have counters for most tricks each army list can pull. The problem is getting all of those tricks into an all-comers list vs cheese builds.

Cheese Level: Expect to lose your first game. And your next. And your next. And your next. And expect to keep losing until you purge all notion of fun and flavour from your list, until you've read every other codex and worked out what their cheese builds are, until you've got deployment and target priority nailed down.

Failing that, NL counts as BL :P. As a former CSM player, I look at the BA, SW and GK codices in envy :/

02-03-2011, 03:02
I love the new Dark eldar now ^_^ they are a totally sexy army

New Cult King
02-03-2011, 05:35
I donno, Alpha Legion could be done well (maybe not competitively) using the current SM 'dex - a couple of squads of Tac Marines, and convert up Flagellants as cultists - using the SM Scouts rules.

With AL being master infiltrators and possibly actually neutral (or maybe even still loyal :eek:) they could possibly have access to at least some of the SM vehicles and armoury. Maybe just restrict access to things like Landspeeders etc.

02-03-2011, 06:41
Fragile and elite army...That means Dark Eldar. The only problem is that you are going to paint couple of squads twice or more...
As for Chaos...Do not know, but a small army with Oblits/Princes/Terminators means a lot of fun, less models and hard to win...

02-03-2011, 09:56
I lost my first 17 games with my witchhunters. When I got my first draw, I was in heaven. Go for the dark eldar, winning will come eventually!

02-03-2011, 15:50
Thanks guys.

It seems most posters think I should go with Dark Eldar, which I have to say is very appealing, I'm playing a proxy game with my CWE as a DE army later today and I'm actually taking mandrakes, even though everyone says they're bad, just because with this army I actually feel like trying everything. I can't wait to see the jets, scourges, talos, and well everything get new models.

What do you guys think of an Archon, two boxes each of wyches and warriors, a box each of incubi and reavers and a couple raiders for a start?

But I can't help but hold a candle for Chaos, I might not be able to resist buying a box or five at some point. I really hope the next Chaos codex will make me happy enough to not just be excited to collect and write about chaos, but to play them as well. Although, by the time that codex comes out I might be running out of room for armies what with the rumours of Necrons and Tau getting new books soon.

I know 40k is getting expensive and some of the new fluff is silly in a bad way, but no universe has ever pulled me in before like 40k. So I don't see myself leaving the game anytime soon, so I know one day I'll have that chaos army I always wanted.