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01-03-2011, 23:23
This is my list of DE for 2200 pts.

Supreme Sorceress with lore of shadow (320 pts)
Pendant of Khaeleth
Sacrificial Dagger

Sorceress either lore of metal or dark magic (125 pts)

Death Hag (225 pts)
Cauldron of Blood
Standard Brearer

warriors x41 (302 pts)

warrior x34 (253 pts)

Witch Elves x24 (280 pts)
banner of murder

Black Guard x20 (345 pts)
razor banner
Iron curse icon



02-03-2011, 00:45
You need a small unit of warriors for your level 4 to go in, she should never seen combat. A unit of around 14 (I usually end up with 14 because it's the amount of points I have left over before I hit my minimum core allowance. There's no hard and fast number, but many more than 18 and you're wasting points) with a standard bearer and musician, and the Standard of Discipline will provide her with a bunker. You can then run them in a line behind the rest of your army- the line is to prevent templates (whether from artillery or miscasts) removing many of the models.

I know this may seem risky, but behind your combat units is the best place for her. After all, if your opponent rolls over them and gets into your mage, chances are you've lost anyway.

Swap the banner of murder for the banner of eternal flame, and put the banner of murder onto the black guard. They don't need the ironcurse icon unless you have points to burn. if you're really worried about artillery, run them in one long line. Then, once you engage, you can reform back into ranks.

You could also do with more witches, around 40 would be best. Dropping a hydra would allow you to fund this, but a lot of people will rage at me for suggesting you only take one.

02-03-2011, 03:34
I suggest getting some Xbowmen or some bolt throwers, once your units get into combat they are pretty squishy, its nice to have a rank or two missing when they get there....also definately take out a hydra, for that point amount, it really isnt needed,
for sure u need some range...as for your other sorce...take dark magic

02-03-2011, 03:47
Your Sorc is fine in a big unit of spearmen, she is almost unkillabel with the pendant. The best thing ever is having a choas lord challenge and her accept and he cant kill her the whole game. Has happened to me many times.

You could use harpes or dark riders too