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02-03-2011, 04:23
Blorc Warboss, enchanted shield, talisman of preservation, sword of antiheroes
Orc great shaman, lvl 4, channeling staff,talisman of endurance, warboar, ironcurse icon
Blorc BSB, Mork's warbanner
Big boss, warboar, potion of foolhardiness, sword of battle
Lvl 1 NG shaman, dispel scroll
NG BB, gw
NG bb, gw
G bb, charmed shield
Lvl 1 Savage orc shaman, shrunken head

42 savage orc big unz, FC, add'l choppa's, standard of discipline
10 wolf riders, spears, shields
42 NG's, nets, bows, 3 fanatics

40 Blorcs, FC, banner of eternal flame
5 boar boyz, spears, shields, standard, banner of swiftness
boar chariot
boar chariot

4 river trolls

These are for the most part the models i own, i can switch out the wolf riders for spiders, and either add in some characters, or take some out, plus move the number of blorcs, and savage orcs up five models each- so with that in mind suggestions-

And no- i don't want to field an arachnarok, i might be open to some warmachines with some convincing arguments, and right now I want to stick with GW models that exist-

02-03-2011, 04:37
You trying to make the Fellowship of the ring orc style? :D

Reduce your number of characters and get more troops! Big units of goblins and orcs.


02-03-2011, 04:37
Seems like a lot of characters.

Maybe drop the goblin boss with the charmed shield and shuffle some points around for a doom diver? It would give you a bit more in the shooting phase and is pretty accurate with the d6 adjust.

02-03-2011, 05:11
The characters are there to help out with leadership in case a unit gets stranded, plus they add hitting power to units- but it's a good point-

maybe drop two characters and add in 2 doom divers- I like this idea as i could then swap them and a few models for some manglers when they come out with models- or if I find a great way to convert some-

Also, "You trying to make the Fellowship of the ring orc style?" this was funny, i actually didn't realize that there were nine characters- four goblins (hobbits) a powerful mage, some really good fighters- i just need to give one of the orc characters a bow and call him Legolas-

But actually the army is themed off of an orc warboss who fancies himself to have been blessed by the Fey Enchantress (she actually zapped him in an attempt to kill him) and now fancies himself the future King of Bretonnia- the entire army has Bretonnian color schemes, and looted Bret wargear and Bret trophies-

This is actually Morkdred (New orc book), the son of my former warboss Orcturious (old orc book)-

But i can still field Orcturious- he is a black orc warboss, with the battle axe of the last waaagh (i.e. Excalibur)-

02-03-2011, 17:40
I love the background, I could just imagine the schenanigans that they could get into riding through the gates of a large Brettonian city like Jesus on palm sunday ... then pinned to a cross a week later ....

02-03-2011, 17:56
you can have all the leadership you like but if your getting crushed because you don't have enough units/numbers then it doesn't matter.

cut at least half those characters.

03-03-2011, 16:29
id suggest if your worried about leadership taking 1-2 black orc characters , mount one on a boar, and youve got 18 inch inspired presence there!

hitting power, youve got 39 black orcs!
drop the whole lord/hero count down to 1-2 lords and 2-3 heroes, preferably 1 fighty lord and 1 magical lord, 1 lvl2 and a lvl 1 and maybe a cheap fighty goblin big boss.

the issue the list has mainly is that you have 3 massive blocks, and few smaller supporting units, your opponent can simply focus fire each one down, or wait for you to get engaged and flank/rear charge you with ease.

consider splitting one of the big units, either the borc or the savage orcs into two units, and maybe using some normal boys/goblins in small units as flankers and maybe some warmachines.

03-03-2011, 23:22
Revised the list, to get a few more models on the table-

03-03-2011, 23:24
Black orcs and boar boyz should trade banners.

04-03-2011, 18:14
That has been my biggest problem on deciding which unit should get which banner- I find myself switching them all around every time I look at the list, then later switching them again-

Mal- if you don't mind, could you explain your rationale-

My thought is that my blorc warboss would hang out in the black orcs with the ld standard to pump out ld 10- and leave the flaming banner on a maneuverable support unit so that I can place flaming attacks where I need them most-

On the other hand the blorcs might not need the ld buff, whereas the boar boyz do, and the blorcs might be able to make better use of flaming attacks, especially if I go up against Lizards, or Undead

But, the boar boyz with a BB with them plus the flaming banner is great at killing hydras, or the HPA-

What if I put the flaming banner on the blorcs, the discipline standard on the Savage orcs, and the swiftness banner on the boar boyz?

05-03-2011, 00:47
After playing another game today- I have updated the list- and Mal- you are right- the biggest problem with giving flaming attacks to the boar boyz is they don't tend to stick around in combat-

07-03-2011, 05:36
Is this list better?

Orc Warboss, armor of destiny, sword of antiheroes, ironcurse icon
Orc great shaman, lvl 4, dispel scroll,talisman of endurance, warboar
Orc BSB, Mork's warbanner, great weapon
Lvl 1 Savage orc shaman, shrunken head
NG BB, gw
NG bb, gw
Lvl 1 NG shaman, channeling staff

40 savage orc big unz, FC, add'l choppa's
10 wolf riders, spears, shields
41 NG's, nets, bows, 3 fanatics

39 Blorcs, FC, banner of eternal flame
5 boar boyz, spears, shields
boar chariot
boar chariot

4 river trolls
Rock lobber
Rock lobber

I decided on the change because I need some support as I run up against some nasty things either elite infantry, or hordes of troops, plus lots of anti magic- so I haven't been able to cast Foot of Gork-

07-03-2011, 06:33
id suggest if your worried about leadership taking 1-2 black orc characters , mount one on a boar, and youve got 18 inch inspired presence there!

What are you talking about? 18 Inch Inspired Presence only applies when specified or when mounted on a Large Target - not on a War Boar. Needs to be Wyvern to get that range.

Or Gorbad Ironclaw, which is what I'm going with personally.

07-03-2011, 10:56
Just to nitpick. Savage Orc Big uns cant take a banner.
Other than that I think it looks nice, would never leave home without NG shamans tho

07-03-2011, 18:25
@ Tedurer- WTF- I totally missed that, I just figured that any big unz unit could take a standard- seems a little weird but anyway- GW's middle name is inconsistency-

There fixed it-