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02-03-2011, 08:25
So I enjoy painting the models and I thought maybe I should try to learn how to play WOTR on Mordor's side.. I don't really have a core army yet Can some of you suggest what I should add to what I already have?

I have:
x1 Witch King (Mounted, Minas Tirith)
x8 Castellans of Dol Guldur

I'm getting this week:
x5 Morgul Knights (Metal Box)

Also, can anyone give me their opinion on whether I should get the metal knights or their newer plastic versions? I know the plastic ones come with 6 knights and more accessories but I'm worried about the lances snapping off...

The Marshel
02-03-2011, 08:53
without seeing the plastics in the flesh beyond a few at the local store, i'm cautiously saying that i think the metals look better, but obviously, my judgement shouldn't be taken too seriously till i have built and painted my own plastics.

Either way though, the metals were a pain to assemble, long metal lances are problematic when they break and painting can be a pain due to the cloth barding resulting in the underside of the horse being partially visible but at the same time a real pain to get access to with the paint brush when already attached to the base. I'd imagine a lot of the issues aren't so significant with a more flexible plastic kit. so basically i think the metals would be a harder job to work through.

so if you either like them more, or like metal models more (personally i think the finished paint job always looks better on metal models), are willing to work a bit harder on them and can get the metal set at a reasonable price compared to the plastics then the no worries, but tbh if i do buy more i'll probably be getting plastic myself

02-03-2011, 11:15
@The Marshel: Thanks for your input! I prefer metal models after painting the Castellans so I'll probably get the metal knights as well. But when you mentioned how they were a pain to assemble, I'm curious. Did the parts require a lot more shaving compared to the blister models? Also, were some of the lances warped? Lastly, did you have to drill holes on the bases?

Any input other than metal vs plastic kits such as what would make my current force effective, or even playable is welcome!

03-03-2011, 18:09
Just a quick question;

I know most people who use the Morgul Knights (and a formation of Black Numenorians) use The Dark Marshall as their hero.

Since I already have a company of Castellans to go with the Knights, which hero should I use for my army? Witch King? Mouth of Sauron? or should I get a Dark Marshal as well?

03-03-2011, 22:00
I'm not really familiar with the Mordor list, but dependig on your opponents, pick up either the Dark Marshal or a generic ringwraith and use it to try out the different nazgul, all of which are solid heroes.

As for what to get for the army core, you are almost certainly going to want a bunch of orcs, probably some basic Mordor Orcs and some of the tougher Morranon Orcs. Even if you want to focus on Black Numenoreans and the heavy troops you are probably going to want some orcs.

03-03-2011, 22:25
Valvatos, any of the Epic Wraiths (apart from the Wichking, too vulnerable for points at Resiliance 2) is excellent value in this game. Some of those Wraiths are amongst the most over-the-top heroes in the game, but they all easily justify themselves as Mastery 3 Casters with access to 'Wings of Terror', 'Pall of Night' and (to damage things/buff orcs) lastly 'strength from Corruption. If you focus on those spells, all the 125 pt Wraiths will come in very handy. Their one might point is to be usually held in reserve to call 'Epic Strike' when the enemy tries to duel you, as a 'get out of duel free card'. The Dismay spell list can be powerful too, but is easier for the enemy to prevent (so not as easy for you to use) and requires you you use Wraiths in larger numbers to work reliably - stacked up Dismay spells are very powerful though. Nothing beats the easiness of charging around with 12" move + D6+8" charge units, which can prevent themselves from being counter-charged, though.

In terms of core troops, both large columns of 6+ coy Orcs with 2HW (using Wings of terror and strength from corruption) and solid 3-4 coy blocks of Morranans with Shields are excellent choices. Little 3 coy units of Orcs with bow can be handy as well harassing flanks, so those figs are not wasted.

04-03-2011, 12:53
Thanks for your input guys!
@Forgotten Lore: You're right. I'm kind of wondering which orcs I'd be getting. So far I'm leaning towards the Morranon Orcs. XD

@Xelee: I immediately browsed through the Ringwraith profiles after reading your post. Damn! They've got everything! No wonder I see a lot of people using the Dark Marshal. I might actually go with the Knight of Umbar since the "mimic" ability seems interesting.

Here's how it looks so far:
x1 Knight of Umbar
x8 Castellans of Dol Guldur
x6 Mogul Knights
x24 Morranon Orcs

I also have a Mouth of Sauron lying around, is he even worth putting in?
Also, I read somewhere that the Castellans can't be played without Sauron in the field. Am I getting my lore/sbg/wotr all mixed up? owo;

04-03-2011, 13:34
Castellans are part of the mordor list in WoTR so there is not problem with fielding them without sauron. In SBG there is also no problem fielding them without sauron as long as you have the appropriate hero to lead that faction.

04-03-2011, 15:15
Thank you so much for helping, it's been great.

Another quick question:
Since I already have x8 Castellans of Dol Guldur, what kind of army would you guys build around them?

I apologize for the circular thinking, it's just that I paid a premium price for these guys and would like to maximize their utility.

04-03-2011, 17:39
The castellans should be used as an elite unit to help control certain parts of the playing field. Their overall role depends somewhat on the scenario but mostly you should find a way to take advantage of their strengths: spirit walk(very maneuverable), spirit grasp(can strike high D formations from the front), high strength (still good against monsters who tend to have higher courage than infantry), high resilience and indomitable.

They will always be a threat to your opponent, especially if they have low courage. I usually keep them behind a larger formation and use them to counter charge as well as flank(decreases opponents mobility) groups of infantry. They would are also be useful against monsters since you can only have one company in contact with a monster and they strike against courage.
They are still pretty fragile, they probably will not die in a single turn but they will not take out a large formation all by themselves.
They ignore terrain so use that to your advantage, go through buildings, walls etc.

I don't think the MoS is not worth it unless you do not have another wraith, or I think kardush is better since he has access to the spells of ruin.

Right now you have a 3 company formation of Morranons which is common, one rare and one legendary. You need more common formations. If you are going to be shooting then I would find a way to get orc trackers or regular orc archers. Another way to go would be to get warg riders and use them as mobile shooters, although as shielded cav they are better and have throwing weapons. So I guess next would be to get a box of warg riders or a box of orcs.

06-03-2011, 21:38
@Jobu: Thank you so much for your reply! I managed to try my Castellans in a friendly game and I looooove the spirit walk! Didn't get to finish the game though since I had to go. I have yet to get my Orcs but I think I might need the trackers you mentioned since shooting's pretty fun.

I did ended up getting a Dark Marshal instead of Knight of Umbar since he looks good with my Morgul Knights so I guess my MoS will be on the bench for now (Unless I go for the full BattleHost but I don't feel like painting 4 formations of knights just yet.)

What I have now:
x1 Dark Marshal
x8 Castellans of Dol Guldur
x6 Morgul Knights

Planning to get:
x24 Morranon Orcs or x24 Easterlings?

Here's the part I have trouble with. Since there's that rule where Morgul Knights and Black Numenorians become common formations if I have the Marshal with them, that would make my Castellans count as an alliance and change my faction to Fallen Realms, right? Someone suggested I should have Black Numenorians as my infantry if I go through that route but damn, those are pricey for commons!

Is it worth making my Castellans as my alliances instead the Knights? I plan to have some infantry too so whether or not I change my faction will help me decide if I should get the Morranons or the Easterlings.

Again, I apologize for my indecisiveness! ;w;

06-03-2011, 21:42
Hi Valvatos,

See here: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?pageMode=multi&categoryId=&pIndex=1&aId=10500005a&start=2

Page 165 – Add boxout
Black Númenórean Regiments and Morgul Knight
Regiments may be selected as part of a Mordor army.
Both count as Rare formations, just as they do in the
Fallen Realms army list, unless you include the Dark
Marshal, in which case they become Common formations.
So you are all good with the Mordor list. In pure efficiency terms, this will likely suit you more than Easterlings. Morranan Orcs w Sheilds are cheaper to field $ wise than Easterlings, and cost a little less pointswise too.


18-03-2011, 23:47
@Xelee: A solution to my Morgul woes! Thanks for pointing that out!

Just want to thank everyone who helped me out with building my current Mordor force! Thanks again, it's been great guys!