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03-03-2011, 01:43
Ogre Kingdoms 'Ard Boyz Army List


Tyrant, 312pts
Fencer's Blades,Armor of Destiny
Enchanted Shield DragonHelm
Brace of handguns

Slaughtermaster 265pts
Wyrdstone Necklace, bangstick
BLood Cleaver

Bruiser 219pts
Heavy Armor
Battle Standard, Dragon Banner


6 Bulls 324pts
Hand Weapons & Iron Fists
Light Armor, Crusher,
Bellower, Standard

6 Bulls 316pts
Additional Hand Weapon
Light Armor, Crusher,
Bellower, Standard

6 Bulls 316pts
Additional Hand Weapon
Light Armor, Crusher,
Bellower, Standard

7 Ironguts 396pts
Standard/Banner of Flame

30 gnoblars 62pts

30 gnoblars 62pts

10 Gnoblar Trappers 64pts


4 Leadbelchers 240pts
Thunderfist, Bellower

4 Leadbelchers 240pts
Thunderfist, Bellower


Gorgor 75pts

Gorgor 75pts

Ok, i am totally new to Fantasy, been playing 40k for years and years, finally descided to get into fantasy, i really like the Ogre Kingdoms model now i just need to be competitive with them...mabey thinking about getting a giant. anyways looking for good advice from veteran players

03-03-2011, 07:48
In my opinion it is actually a feet weak list.

Firstly you need a BSB without question.

Your tyrant needs to be reworked a lot.

The slaughtermaster needs some changes.

Your bulls are better off naked and take more. Champs are too expensive.

Leadbelchers and man-eaters don't really work that well.

Gorgers look good.

Should get a scraplauncher or two.

I'm on my phone or I would go in depth more. But it needs some work to say the least if you are doing Ard boys.

03-03-2011, 14:56
id say its far to few bulls. id spam as many units of 6 bulls, naked with banenrs and musicians as possible.

ironfists and la will never really be worth it, as if somthings charging ogres its going to make sure its negating your 5+ save.

lead beltchers are next to usless , especially at low numbers, as your going to see them run away very quickly.

and man eatsers, whilst nice stat lines are a points sink imo when you could just take more units of bulls!

make the bruiser a bsb, and maybe change the tyrants magical stuff around abit, give him maw seeker for that extra toughness and maybe the asf sword/ws10 sword. you cant go wrong either with heavy armour + enchanted sheild, and then give him a nice ward, so hes 3+ save , with a 4+ ward maybe.

with the bsb, make sure hes tooled up to survive, give him a CLS and some nice wards/armour.

id change the runemaw banner on the ironguts to somthing more useful. its a great banner , but the wording lets it down, as so few spells that are worth bouncing off to gnoblars target the unit. purple sun will just eat through the ironguts with no adverse effect.
id consider the flaming banner or the + movment banner, movment means your in combat very quickly, and flaming would mean you can take on regen and in watchtower you can reroll your gw wounds.

gorgers work amazingly in pairs, so keep them and prey they come on together!
with the points you save from ironfists/la/leadbeltchers you can possibly fit 2 scrap launchers in, hide them behind the groups of gnoblars so they cannot charge things, and fire away!

a personal note: take trappers! im amazed at how good a unit of 10 can be! considering how many times mages and warmachines get stuck off out on a hill alone, having somthing in shooting range first turn with multiple shots is amazing!
its going to take out alot of lone wizards, or alternativly , as everything wounds on 6's, pepper a monster to death!

04-03-2011, 04:41
Awesome, thank guys this is really helping me as i really have no idea what i am doing with this army. all i know is that i really love the models and their rules. A few people in my gaming group think i am making a big mistake and that ogres arn't competitive at all. My gut tells me otherwise and my gut hasn't been wrong that much. so thanks i am gona take a battle standard bearer for sure, in a couple of smaller games i have had real success with Leadbelchers so i am gona try to keep 'em, but yea maneaters eat alot of points so i am gona drop em and take more bulls. you think several units of 6 is better than a couple units of 8? let me know. thanks

04-03-2011, 04:57
your tyrant and slaughtermaster can't both have wyrdstone necklace, your not allowed to have duplicate magic items in any army.

04-03-2011, 05:53
ok i posted up a new list, let me know if you think it is better. i have just enough models to do it, i might need to buy a box of ogre though...i kind of want to do this without spending too much money as i have bought 2 battalion boxes allready. thanks!

04-03-2011, 06:24
In my opinion, the dragonhide banner is not worth it's points, it only works in the first round of combat, and it uses up your bsb's precious magic item allowance. Also I'd put the rune maw banner back into your ironguts instead of the flaming attacks banner, its incredibly useful, especially with a good sized block of gnoblar nearby. I wouldn't put champions in any units you don't intend to put characters in, as they are very expensive for one bonus attack. Leadbelcher champs are the exception, 10pts is reasonable.

04-03-2011, 06:31
I do not want to sound rude, but are you sure you want to go to this so called 'ard Boyz tournament? The lists played there are often quite sickening imo. Empire with 11 warmachines, dark elves with invulnerable highborn peggy and 4 hydra, Skaven warlock spam with 3 HPAs, etc.
Compared to that madness, your list just seems...like a "normal" list, something people could actually enjoy to play against!

- Tyrant has three Magic Armours. Only one is allowed. Handgun isn't needed, too expensive for too little effect. Fencers Blade can work, but there could be better choices for the weapon: Sworf of Swift Slaying, or the good old Tenderizer.
- Bulls do not need a champion, nor Additional handweapons or Light Armour. A 6+ save is totally useless, as it will be penetrated most time. Additional handweapons take away the advantage of Ogre Clubs, which make your attacks armourpiercing. The second rank cannot use 4 supporting attacks anyway, so you can save quite a few points here. Keep them cheap, they're still Ogres.
- Bangstick...hmm. In the times of hordes D6 hits are no more what they once were. A Dispel Scroll would be important.
- Second Butcher could be helpful, since all know their whole lore, so you can keep your units strengthened.
- Iron Guts are fine in your setup, they will deal with Abominations and Hydras.
- Leadbelcher can deliver a fine punch, but they're unreliable. 8 could be too much. Squeeze in 1 or 2 Scrap Launchers? The 5" template is really good against light armoured hordes, Killing Blow is a bonus.

04-03-2011, 06:37
well, i have been to 40k ard boyz and it was pretty fun. i have a bunch of test games to play which will evolve my list a little but i think an army of bull charging impact hitting 3 wound monsterous infantry is pretty crazy too. i have proven myself regarding tactics, you can have the best list in the world and good tactics will go along way to defeating it. and yeah you sound pretty rude but no worries. i'm not really sure what banner to take instead of the dragon hide banner. any sugestions

04-03-2011, 07:04
I wouldn't take a magic banner on the bsb, crown of command is a good choice, never underestimate the effect of stubborn in the right place.

04-03-2011, 07:12
so, i should just take the bruiser wouth a standard?

04-03-2011, 07:23
No, take a BSB, just don't give it a magic banner, except for possibly the mawbanner, though thats up to you.

04-03-2011, 07:27
yeah maw banner is most usefull.
i have to rework my Tyrant as i totally messed up(now that i read the big book more) on his wargear. i'll just have to drop the shield and helmut and look at the other magic items i guess. i just want him to have a good armor save i guess.

04-03-2011, 15:54
Give him heavy armor and the enchanted shield then. 3+ armor save is pretty decent. Personally I'd prefer heavy armor and the trickster's helm, but that's just me.

04-03-2011, 19:35
gorgers work amazingly in pairs, so keep them and prey they come on together!

I disagree on this point mate. Gorgers do have some good stats however you have to wait for them to come on on your 2nd turn on a 4+, so if your having a bad game with your dice they might not even come on at all. 2nd, once they come on the board, they cant even charge and have to sit there a turn, giving your opponent plenty of time to either shoot them, magic them to death, or reforming his units to take there charge. They can be useful, but overall they just arent that effective in this edition. Now if they could charge on the turn they come on, then I would definetly consider taking them.

04-03-2011, 20:58
@Ipphli: yeah that's what im gona do. thanks
gorgors, yeah it's risky but in the couple games i have played they scare the crap out of my enemies so that alone is really helpful