View Full Version : Orcs and Gobbos New Army Book 2kpt

03-03-2011, 21:16
Hi everyone, I just got the new army book and I'm trying to make an army list out of the models I have available. The following list encompasses all of the models I have in my army minus 5 Spider Riders and one Orc chaman on boar.


Orc Warboss
War Boar
Fencer's Blades
Armour of Destiny
Potion of Foolhardyness

Orc Great Shaman
Book of Ashur
Level 4 Wizard


Orc Big Boss
BSB (Mork's Spirit Totem)

Night Goblin Shaman
Dispel Scroll
Mask of EEE!
Level 2 Wizard

Night Goblin Shaman
Wand of Jet
Ironcurse Icon


Orc Boy Big 'Uns
Add. Choppa
Razor Standard

Night Goblins

Spider Riders


Black Orcs
Full Command
Banner of Swiftness

Orc Boar Chariot
Extra Crew

Rock Lobba

2000pts Total

I would place the chariot in the middle of my force with the black orcs on the right (with the orc warboss) and the big uns on the left (with the BSB). The NGs would screen the big uns or be to the side of either the Black Orcs or Big uns (the scary Gobbo shaman will go in the NG unit). The spider riders will go on one of the flanks. The last NG will hide and augment.

What do you guys think about this formation/composition?
As far as army fluff goes im working on the basic story but the orc is all high and mighty and doesn't like other fighty characters and thats why the rest of the chars are wizards or BSB who isn't really a big threat to him.