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Sgt Cambria Russ
03-03-2011, 23:00
Hey everyone need some advice on my new army list thats in progress. i will be using the basic tactic for the Imperial Fists Armoured Column except minus the vindicators and land speeders.

Each razorback will transport squads.
2 x 6 unit Assault squads no jump packs
2 x 5 unit Devastator squads

thats going to be my smaller points army just 4 razorbacks with las-cannons and 20 odd marines i think its just shy of 1000pts with how the squads are tooled 920. Grand scheme is to spread the razorbacks in a sort of arrow arrow shape and employ them as cover for the troops. hard to explain but have a tactic there

1000pts onwards

LR with lysander and term squad
Drednoughts as many as possible

But have many list idea's for the next 1500-2000

Want it to be 2500pts 3000pts max its mainly a display army atm but playable competitive army as im just starting to learn the game and want to compete in near future. after 2 years of painting and modelling. And im not one to play with unpainted models.

Any Lists for IF or list advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance

The Orange
04-03-2011, 00:32
I'm not familiar with the IF armored column your talking about but do you have any troops in that list? Also, woulding it be better to just go with the free rhino the assault marines get if they don't take jump packs, that was what I was actually planning with my "cough" IF army :shifty:.

Sgt Cambria Russ
04-03-2011, 01:06
Yeah i havent found much on the armoured just a little bit previewed on the GW site, still trying to find fluff on it.

I just figured the razorbacks although come with a cost suits the siege style of the IF

Assault squad 1 - Sgt w Combat Shield and Power weapon
1- plasma n chainsword
4 - chainsword n bolt pistol

Assault squad 2 - Sgt w Powersword Pistol n Melta's
5 - Boltpistol n chainswords

Devastator Squad -Sgt Bolter Powerfist n melta bomb
2 - Plasma cannons
1 - Las Cannon
1 - Missile Launcher

still uncertain how the 4th Dev squad will be kitted out. But thats how i have assembled 3 out of the 4.

Any ideas for a IF list much appreciated

04-03-2011, 05:45
Are you using the Blood Angels codex for this one?
Otherwise, don't you need 2 Troops choices in the army?

In an Imperial Fists you realy need to use some Vindicators, Iron Clad Dreadnoughts and Devastators for real character.
Terminators and Tactical squads can realy benefit from Lysanders special rule (as do Devastators with 4 heavy bolters :D).
Just a few ideas for you.

Sgt Cambria Russ
04-03-2011, 21:12
Well The Razorbacks count in the troop department as dedicated transport? im pretty sure. Only have a pdf SM codex which i still need to study more, but either way i will be throwing in a scout squad and tactical squad most likely

Iam goin to try and get as much character as poss with lysander and term squad most likely with bolters as you said, venerable drednoughts more so not for the seige fact but that the IF have a large list of fallen hereo's as one of the most devoted battle sturdy chapters a large arsenal of venerables and drednought brothers seems fitting.

Also want a heavy duty land raider with a forgeworld helios kit

should use the vindi but just dont like em, and not speaking from a gaming view cause havent used em but yeah appearance wise i'll take something else

If anyone has there own sample IF army list feel free to share