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Evil Hypnotist
04-03-2011, 23:48
Hi all,

My gaming group has set up a Fantasy "league". Forces comprise of 1000 points which everyone can see on facebook and then an additional selection of 500 points, which you can tailor to which ever opponent you are facing that week. Each army fights each other twice, 'home' and 'away', pitched battles. I thought I would keep track of the games here.

My 1000 points;

Sorcerer lvl 2, Biting Blade, Enchanted Shield, Dispel Magic Scroll and Ironcurse Icon.

15 Warriors, MoK, ADH, FC

47 Marauders, MoK, GW, FC (Sorcerer in here)

5 Marauder Horsemen, FC

2 x 5 Warhounds

Chaos Spawn, MoS

Evil Hypnotist
04-03-2011, 23:52
Game #1

My first test was the lizardmen, an army I had never faced before.

The Reinforcements (500 points):

Ex. Hero, barded steed, Potion of Strength, Glaive of Purtrefication (built to take out stegadon), Bloodcurdling Roar

5 Knights, MoN, Std, Mus, Banner of Rage

The Enemy

Skink Preist

Hero with wings and blowpipe

3 x 20 Saurus

10 Skinks

5 Chameleon Skinks

2 Salamanders and Handlers

Ancient Stegadon


A neutral party set up a heavily wooded right flank, some ruins and hill on my left and one large hill in the centre.

I setup my marauder horde just off centre and proceeded to put my knights, warriors and spawn flanking them, not realising til it
was too late that my opponent wasn't going to put ANYTHING in the centre of his battleline, instead loading his flanks. It ended up
with one of my warhound units facing off against 1 saurus unit, the salamanders, skinks and stegadon! The other flanks saw his
mage, hero and 2 saurus units facing off against my other warhounds, knights and warriors. Realsing my horsemen now needed to be on
my right flank I used my vanguard move to get them towards the hill in the centre. He got the first turn.

Lizardmen turn 1

All his units move forward at march, the saurus on my left flank surging towards my warriors and warhounds, the other saurus and
stegadon moving on the 2nd unit of warhounds.

He decides theres no point casting his only spell, 'Icy Winds' or something like that, as there is nothing in combat and I have no
shooting. In the shooting phase his chameleon skinks kill 2 warhounds but they hold, amazingly with their Ld of 5. With no combat,
the turn ends.

Chaos turn 1

My spawn rolls 8 for it's movement, I want it attacking the salamanders, with the maruader horsemen, but I set it up on the wrong
side of my marauders so I move it forward to hopefully zip across my horde next turn (with random movement this was very hopeful).
The 3 warhounds charge the chameleon skinks and everything else marches towards the enemy, apart from the knights who manouvre onto
the central hill to flank charge the Saurus in a following turn.

In the magic phase I cast fireball but it's just dispelled by the the skink priest. With no shooting it's straight onto combat, the
warhounds kill 2 skinks for 1 hound, winning the the combat and forcing the skinks to flee. The warhounds chase them down and run
straight into one of the saurus units.

Lizardmen turn 2

The Stegadon and skinks charge my warhounds who choose to flee, the resultant Ld checks allow the skinks to instead support the
salamanders and the Stegadon to move towards my marauder horde. All the Saurus units hold their position. The hero with wings flys
over my battleline and positions himself 6" away from my warriors. The salamaders march again, positioning themselves on the other
side of a wood from my marauders. The skink priest again casts his spell, getting it through on Irresistable Force but exploding
his priest in the process and 5 saurus he was next to. The resultant warphole then drags the skink in as well. No more magic from
the cold-blooded ones from now on!

The salamanders fire through the woods onto my marauders, a situation I was not expecting after they marched! The two templates
across my 10 man ranks hit 36 and kill 16! My sorcerer rolls two 1's for "Look out Sir!", taking one wound and saving the other.
They pass their break test, just, on an 8. Just to rub salt in the wound the hero kills a warrior with his blowpipe. In the combat
phase the saurus lose one to the warhounds but easily destroy the two remaining beasts.

Chaos turn 2

The spawn moves another 8 inches to the edge of the wood between the maruaders and the salamanders. Realising the threat I had to
my marauders I then fail an Ld test to reform them to charge the salamanders leaving at them just staring nastily at the cursed
lizards instead. The warriors and knights both move forward to charge the saurus next turn and the marauder horsemen move to within
charge range of the skinks with the salamanders. I manouvre the warhounds close enough to stop the stegadon marching, but still
being out of range of it's charge arch.

In the magic phase I cast a second level fireball at the salamanders which is successful this time but then I roll only 3 hits,
none of which wounded! A very rare shooting phase allowed me to kill a saurus with Bloodcurdling Roar from my hero with the knights

Lizardmen turn 3

Both saurus units on my left flank declare charges on my warriors, dropping my mouth open when they make it with some really high
dice rolls too. The salamanders skit round to the flanks of my marauder horde again (damn that march and shoot skirmisher rule!),
whilst the stegadon lumbers on towards the marauders at normal pace (thankfully). The other saurus unit starts moving towards the
marauder horsemen.

The Stegadon kills the warhounds in a flurry of darts, whilst the skink unit puts down my Spawn in a similar fashion. The hero with
wings blowpipes my knights, with one wounding but the fantastic armour of the knights prove their worth again. The salamanders both
hit my marauders again, hitting 29 this time and killing another 15, I fail my Look Out Sir! again for my sorcerer, and his armour
save leaving him a burned husk. With the Ld of the unit now reduced to 7 I typically throw an 8 for my break test and the marauders
start legging it toward the Lizardmen depolyment zone.

In combat my warriors manage to kill 7 Saurus but lost 7 themselves, the charge and extra rank meant the warriors lost the combat
and failed their break test by one (again) but thankfully managed to outrun their slow-witted pursuers.

Chaos turn 4

The warriors rally and reform to face the Saurus chasing after them. My Marauders aren't as lucky and continue to leg it towards
the opposite table edge. Seeing as the supporting spawn was dead the marauder horsemen charge the skinks instead of the Saurus
unit, hoping to crush the skirmishers before the Stegadon can get involved. My knights finally get into combat by charging one of
the Saurus units chasing the warriors on my left flank.

With my magic gone and my Hero with Bloodcurdling Roar in combat it was straight to melee. The Marauder Horsemen kill 3 skinks for
no reply and chase down the broken unit, ending up in front of the Stegadon... My knights finally show that my army has some
backbone and kill 7 Saurus without loss but amazingly the stupid creatures don't realise they are doomed and fight on!

Lizardmen turn 5

The Stegadon charges the Marauder Horsemen, who flee rather than face the mighty beast. It instead passes a Ld test and marches
towards the centre of the board. The Saurus near the Stegadon charge the fleeing Marauder Horsemen but cannot reach the unit to destroy them. Finally the other free Saurus unit charges the reformed warriors, who hold, ready to deal out vengence. The hero with wings moves to the centre of my depolyment zone with the salamanders.

In combat both the warriors and the knights show their worth by wiping out their opponents and reform to face the approaching Stegadon.

Chaos Turn 5

The marauder horsemen rally but I know the chasing Saurus will catch them next turn, still I forget to face them to the enemy and leave their flank a tempting target. The Marauder horde again fails to rally and moves a pathetic 4" further away from the action. I work out I might just be able to get my Knights (and Hero!) into combat with the Stegadon on the final turn so I march them to the centre of the table. Luck finally starts to shine on me as I manage to kill all the skink handlers with Blood Curdling Roar, the Salamanders then fail their Ld tests and flee off the board!

Lizardmen Turn 6

The hero with wings charges the marauder horde, finding himself exactly 20" away from them (I measured myself, twice!), catching them and destroying the remnants of the Northmen. The remaining Saurus charge the Marauder Horsemen, who hold this time as they were close enough to flee off the board and count as destroyed anyway. They might as well go down fighting! The Steg charges the knights but finds itself too far away, only moving 3".

The melee was short and sweet, the horsemen lost two and killed one in return but the ranks and flank charge of the Saurus made the situation inevitable. I was impressed when, despite the horsemen's fast cavelry rules, the Lizardmen manage to run down their prey.

Chaos Turn 6

Last throw of the dice. If I can kill the Stegadon it will leave me with more troops on the field and an unlikely victory. I charge the Steg, making the required roll (just) and my hero gobbles down his Potion of Strength, only to fail his fear test on double sixes!! The Dark Gods are fickle and cruel. I hit with 5 Str 8 WS 1 attacks but still manage to cause 3 wounds, the other two knights also manage a wound between them, leaving it on one. The Skinks do nothing in return but the Stegadon manges to wound the Hero and kill a knight with it's attacks. It's Thunderstomp then kills the rest of the knights and sends the Hero fleeing, before the magical venom of the Glaive of Putrefication reduces the Strength and Toughness of the beast to just 2 at the end of the phase.

Able to do nothing else, I conceeded the game to the worth winner.

Post-game thoughts

I could run a list of what-ifs off as long as my arm but I won't bother. The simple thing is that I was beaten by a better tactian. By splitting his forces into two he immediately forced me to change my plans at the very start and I ended up deploying things in completely the wrong place, the Hero dedicated to killing the Stegadon was at the wrong end of the table and my marauder horde (which accounted to a third of my total points) was too inflexible to manouvere itself at particular targets and ended up never getting into combat at all! I was also completely caught out by the Salamander ability to move and fire, which meant he could always get them firing from the flank to maximise hits, I was lucky they had fled the board before they turned their attention to the knights.

In my defence, despite the poor set-up and horrendus casulties the result of the game did end up sitting on one dice roll. If I hadn't failed that fear test I am quite confident the Hero, or the knights would have gotten the last wound off the Steg and won me the game, a situation even more annoying as I remembered toying with the idea of giving the hero a Mark of Slaanesh before the game. At only 5 points, it would have been the best bargain ever if I had taken it. Ho hum. The return leg will be interesting!

05-03-2011, 00:26
Sorcerer lvl 2, Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, Dispel Magic Scroll and Ironcurse Icon.

Illegal - you can spend only 50 points form magic items.
Sword of might (20) + enchanted shield (15) + dispel scroll (25) + ironcourse icon (5) = 65 points!

The salamanders fire through the woods onto my marauders, a situation I was not expecting after they marched! The two templates
across my 10 man ranks hit 36 and kill 16! My sorcerer rolls two 1's for "Look out Sir!", taking one wound and saving the other.
They pass their break test, just, on an 8

Frenzy Marauders are immune to psychology, so no need to roll panic test.

The Stegadon charges the Marauder Horsemen, who flee rather than face the mighty beast. It instead passes a Ld test and marches
towards the centre of the board
After failing charge unit cannot march.

The hero with wings charges the marauder horde, finding himself exactly 20" away from them (I measured myself, twice!), catching them and destroying the remnants of the Northmen.
When unit charges a fleeing unit, you have to flee - carging unit rolls as usual and checked is it "catch". I don' believe that a skink rolled 10 (+10 from fly rules), and you roll nothing...

I charge the Steg, making the required roll (just) and my hero gobbles down his Potion of Strength, only to fail his fear test on double sixes!
If your hero were with Knights with banner of rage, he was frenzy - so immune to psychology (fear, panic, terror). No need to roll.

It's Thunderstomp then kills the rest of the knights and sends the Hero fleeing
Thunderstomp donesn't work on cavalry (just infrantry, swarm, warbeast)

05-03-2011, 09:05
Thanks for the report.
Valdee is right though. You made a lot of mistakes, all in favour of your opponent. Lol, it happened to all of us. Make a list of things to remember and bring it to the rematch.
Good luck with the league.

Evil Hypnotist
05-03-2011, 12:12
Cheers Valdee, I didn't realise frenzied troops were immune to psychology. That would have made a big difference.

Good spot on the magic items too, although Enchanted Shield is 5 points, not 15, so I'm only out by 5. Will drop the Iron Curse Icon for the re-match.

05-03-2011, 13:05
although Enchanted Shield is 5 points, not 15, so I'm only out by 5. Will drop the Iron Curse Icon for the re-match.

Enchanted Shield is 15 point. When it is different cost in AB and RB you always take a cost from Army Book.

I think it is awesome idea for league (1000 + 500).

Evil Hypnotist
05-03-2011, 17:02
Enchanted Shield is 15 point. When it is different cost in AB and RB you always take a cost from Army Book.

Correct again. Hmmm re-think required. Perhaps Biting Blade instead of Sword of Might, then I can keep the Enchanted Shield and Ironcurse Icon....

Evil Hypnotist
04-04-2011, 20:21
Hi all, sorry it's been such a long time since my last update. Game #2 was against High Elves a few weeks ago but I never got time to write up the report I'm afraid. Suffice to say I lost, although not as badly as against the Lizardmen. Events of note include my horde being completely nailed in a joint effort by Swordmasters (they are hard!) and Spearmen, and my warriors getting run over by a Noble on a chariot, because I forgot about the Steadfast rule. Again! Bah!

Evil Hypnotist
04-04-2011, 20:29
Game #3 vs Vampire Counts

The Enemy

Vampire leading 10 Ghouls

Vampire and Wight King leading 8 Black Knights; Standard of Hellish Vigour

30 Zombies

30 Skeletons

10 Ghouls

3 Spirit Host

Reinforcements (my additional 500 points)

Exalted Hero, MoS, Steed of Slaanesh, Shield, Rending Sword, Necrotic Phylactery

5 Chaos Knights, MoN, FC, Banner of Rage


The terrain was just a couple of woods (one right in the middle of the board) and hills, my Marauder horde faced off against his Zombies and Ghouls to my left of the central wood with the Spirit Hosts in front of them. My Warriors deployed on the other side facing his Skeletons. The Knights and a unit of warhounds were off to my right, looking to sweep round the flanks. His Knights were off to my left behind another wood, I stuck my Spawn, Maruader Horsemen and the other lot of warhounds opposite them.

I took Shadow for my Sorcerer, I thought against the low initiative infantry it would be useful. I rolled Mystifying Miasma and The Withering. I wasn't impressed.

Chaos Turn 1

The spawn moves an incredible 3 inches in it's compulsory move, as I want to keep the Horsemen with it I barely move them. The warhounds alongside break off and move through some woods so I can choose which combats I want them to support. I sent everything else forward, the Hero used his Steed's high movement to position himself behind the central woods. The infantry moves towards their targets opposite and the knights and other warhounds canter along my right flank, looking to support the warriors against the Skeletons once that combat is joined.

I didn't bother with magic, my hexes weren't worth casting at this point. With no shooting or melee it was onto the Dead Men.

Undead Turn 1

The movement phase saw the Ghouls and Zombies march towards the central wood, the Spirit Host floating in front of them. The skeletons just walked towards the other side, aimed at my Chaos Knights.

The Black Knights then marched right through the forest they were behind, taking no difficult terrain tests because of the Vamp's special rules (I didn't know they could do that!). His general then managed to add another 15 ghouls to his unit and cast Curse of Years on my horde but thankfully was out of range!

Chaos Turn 2

Now able to see the enemy the Slaanesh Hero charged the Spirit Host along with the Marauder horde who just made it thanks to a good roll of the dice. The spawn had decided to haul ass this turn, moving a nice 12", the Marauder Horsemen kept pace easily hoping the Black Knights would judge them worthy foes to test their mettle with. The Warriors march again but the Knights hold still, looking to charge in with the warriors on the Skeletons next turn. My warhounds on the left flank march towards the combat, looking to get a flank charge in next turn. I manage to get off The Withering on the Spirit Host, dropping their toughness by 1, but Mystifying Miasma is dispelled.

The Hero carves his way through the Spirit Host, his Rending Sword banishing the etherals, causing 3 wounds. My sorcerer also manages to take 2 wounds off with his Biting Blade (good job mage fellow!), with the Spirit Host only able to kill 1 marauder in reply the combat resolution means the rest of the host is wiped out. Both the Hero and the Maruaders (just) manage to over-run into the Zombies and Ghouls behind them.

Undead Turn 2

The Vampire and Wight King seem to have taken the bait the Spawn and Horsemen offer but the Black Knights fail their charge and end up only moving 4". The Skeletons keep up their un-nerving slow pace and wander into the No-man's Land between the Chaos Knights and Warriors....In the Magic phase Summon Undead Horde is dispelled but I can't prevent Raise Dead making 5 Zombies appear on their parent unit's flank to prevent the warhounds from getting involved in my next turn.

My Hero issues a challenge to which the Vampire accepts, thanks to some poor rolling on both sides both only take a wound off each other. Then my Marauders hit. They manage to kill 22 Zombies and 8 Ghouls in the first round, the Zombies only manage to get one hit back, which fails to wound. The ghouls restore some pride by killing 8 northmen but with a combat resolution of 25 the two undead units just collapse. Neither of us were unsure of what happens to the Vamp in this situation, so we decided he would take the excess wounds from the difference in CR, which amounted to about 4 wounds, killing him. With the Marauders being frenzied they over-ran another 6", although the Hero reformed to face towards the last Vampire. With their general dead the newly risen Zombies fell back to the ground, although with such strong leadership the Black knights were unaffected. The Skeletons, however, lost 10.

Chaos Turn 3

The Spawn stutters again, moving 4" inches so I manouvre it in front of the Horsemen, who again don't move. The Knights and Warriors finally charge into the Skeletons, seeing they aren't needed, the warhounds start the long march over to the other side of the table. The Hero takes up position on a hill to the Black Knight's rear, whilst the other warhound unit moves to threaten their flank. The horde reforms and starts to move towards the Black Knights. I manage to cast The Withering and Mystifying Miasma on the Skeletons, making a difficult combat an even harder one for them.

The Knights struck first, destroying 8, whilst the Warriors managed another 6. Whilst the remaining Skeletons all hit, none managed to penetrate the thick plate armour. Again, the combat resolution resulted in another Undead unit being wiped out. Both the Knights and Warriors reform to head towards the last enemy unit.

Undead Turn 3

With nothing left to lose the Black Knights charge my spawn, after sucessfully passing a "crumble" test as we start to call it. In the magic phase the Vamp manages to Raise Dead and produce 15 Zombies on their flank, opposite the warhounds. In combat, despite having Always Strikes First, the Spawn only manages one hit on the Vamp, which doesn't wound. The blood drinker manages two wounds back and the Black Knights finish off the Chaos monstrosity with their lances, but are unable to reach the Marauder Horsemen with their over-run, only moving 3".

Chaos Turn 4

The warhounds and Hero charge into the new Zombies. I detach my Sorcerer from the horde and pretty much everything that can marches towards the last of the enemy, apart from the Horsemen, who stay where they are, almost daring the Black Knights to charge them. I manage to cast Mystifying Miasma again, this time with Irresistable Force, knocking down the Black Knight's movement, weapon skill and initiative by 3 points. That was the good news, the bad news was I rolled snake eyes on the miscast table...This resulted in my mage and (thankfully) only four Marauders taking a wound, I was also lucky to not see the Sorcerer dragged into the Warp. Combat was typically one-sided as the Hero and warhounds destroyed 7 Zombies for no reply, the CR difference just managing to destroy the unit. The warhounds over-ran 6", although the Hero managed to pass his Ld test.

Undead Turn 4

The Black Knights again pass their crumble test and charge the Horsemen, who flee. Amazingly the Black Knights then fail their Ld test (rolling 11) to change what they are doing, fail their charge and move just 6". The smile fades from my face when a unit of 10 Zombies is raised just in front of my Horsemen's retreat, who now need to rally or will be in trouble.

Chaos Turn 5

Thankfully the Marauders rally, but I prepare to sell their lives in order to get the rest of my army into position. Again everything moves forward as fast as it can, the Hero and warhounds remain where they are, ready for multiple charges when the rest of the army arrives. The other warhound unit moves towards my table edge, closer to where the Horsemen are. Unable to see the Black Knights due to a wood, my Sorcerer doesn't cast any spells.

Undead Turn 5

With no crumbling (we forgot about the Zombies), the Black Knights charge into the Marauder Horsemen from the rear, whilst the Zombies hit from the front. After failing their fear test, the Horsemen are wiped out by the Vamp and Wight King before they can even raise their axes. They reform to face my horde, who are manouvering their way around the woods in between the two units. So eager was my opponent to get to grips with the northmen he completely forgot his magic phase(!), as did I, not remembering until the middle of my next turn.

Chaos Turn 6

My warhounds charge the small Zombie unit in the flank. My Marauder horde starts to round the woods between themselves and the Undead, and the knights crest the hill to the horde's right flank. The pieces were in the right place, now it was down to timing to finish this off. My Sorcerer still can't see the enemy so another magic phase is wasted. In combat the warhounds kill 2 for no reply, despite failing their fear test, leaving just 1 after CR.

Undead Turn 6

The Black Knights pass their crumble test as usual. Able to see the edge of the Horde past the edge of the wood they then charge straight through it and into them! The measurement was about quarter of an inch out but I let him have it considering how things had gone for him. The vampire then Raised another Zombie unit of 10 inbetween the two sets of Knights after I used all my dispel dice and my Dispel Magic Scroll to stop him casting Raise Undead Horde. The Marauder champion, obviosly mad with Frenzy, challenged the Wight king to a duel and even managed to get him down to 1 wound before being split in two. The Vampire managed to kill 3 Marauders before they and the Black Knights hit at the same time. The Black Knights were wiped out but not before killing 6 Marauders themselves. The combat was drawn. The warhounds quietly finished off the final Zombie.

*This is where the game should have ended, however, being caught up in the game we both had lost track of the turn number, and hence played 1 extra turn.

Chaos Turn 7

The Knights charged into the Zombies, eager for more skulls to take for Grandfather Nurglich. The Warriors take up position behind the Marauders, ready to watch the mortals finish off the Vampire.

Disaster with my magic as I fail to meet the casting value for Mystifying Miasma, ending the phase rather quickly. I left my Hero where he was, not wanting to risk his death so close to the end of the game (not very Chaosy I know!). In combat the Knights easily destroyed the Zombies and over-ran into the Wight King. The crowning achievement of the turn was yet to come, however, as the Vampire and Wight Lord killed another 4 Marauders. Despite 15 attacks against them the Undead took no wounds. Having lost the combat (and their Frenzy) the Marauders proceeded to fail their break test and flee through the Warriors behind them, losing another 5 to difficult terrain tests. The Vampire and his Wight could not pursue, however, due to now being in combat with the Knights.

Annoyingly, knowing I would not have another turn to rally them, the broken unit was effectively destroyed.

Undead Turn 7

In the final turn of the game I challenged with my Knight Champion, this was accepted by the Vampire this time, who proceeded to hit and wound with all his attacks. Fortunately his armour managed to save half, preventing a large over-kill bonus. This was key once the rest of the knights hacked the Wight King apart with their enchanted blades. The CR was tied due to the standard but thankfully the Knight musician won the combat for Chaos, we decided this would cause one wound on the Vamp, still leaving him with two though. With that, the game ended, a victory for Chaos but the taste was bittersweet after that final turn.

Post-Game Thoughts

Well it was a big win, but it should have been even better. We had both come to the conclusion that the game was pretty much in the bag for me after killing his general in only turn two, the fact that his most powerful unit was being dragged into the corner by my "throw-away" units was also going exactly to plan. To be fair the task was always going to be difficult for my opponent, one of Vampire Counts' biggest strengths is causing fear so facing an army almost completely immune to it's effects is a bit disheartening. Then to have the dice fall as they did (failing short charge rolls, an Ld test with Leadership of 10) is really bad luck, especially when my rolls were really good when I needed them to be. Still despite that my opponent was stoic throughout, was positive and was rewarded with taking out the remainder of my horde (about 25 men) with only two characters who, by the way, were rock hard. Next time I face Undead I am tooling up a Hero for assassination! It really took the shine off for me, considering the game should have been over already! :D But it didn't stop me getting my first points in the league, and a massacre victory to boot!

Evil Hypnotist
19-04-2011, 22:11
Game #4 vs. Dwarfs

The Reinforcements (additional 500 points)

14 Chaos Warriors, MoTz, Halberds, Shields, FC

The Enemy

Dwarf Lord and shield bearers, ASF rune, Re-roll armour saves rune, Luck rune
Dragon Slayer
20 Longbeards (Lord in here)
20 Hammerers, banner with Rune of Battle
30 Warriors
2 Organ Guns


The terrain included some woods in one corner, a keep and some ruins on the other side and a couple of hills on one edge. When my opponent got to choose sides he predictably picked the one with the hills.

I set up with the Marauder horde facing off against his Longbeards and Hammerers, with the Khorne ADH Warriors on the horde’s right flank opposite the Dwarf Warriors. My Tzeentch Warriors were on the left flank separated from the horde by some ruins, with the spawn and a warhound unit opposite the Slayer and an Organ Gun. The other Organ Gun was placed on a hill looking at my right flank where my Horsemen and the rest of the warhounds were set-up inside the woods. I used the Horseman’s Vanguard move to put them as far towards the Organ gun as possible. For magic I took Shadow but missed Pit of Shades again, instead getting Okkam’s MindRazor and Enfeebling Foe.

Dwarfs Turn 1

The battle starts with the Longbeards, Hammerers and Warriors moving forwards. The Slayer marches, eager to get to grips with the Old Enemy. Organ Gun #1 opens up on the Marauder Horsemen, killing 3 after re-rolling 6 shots. The unit breaks and flees back into the forest, where the dangerous terrain kills another. The other Organ Gun fires on the Tzeentch Warriors, killing 5 but they easily pass their break test.

Chaos Turn 1

The last Horseman flees off the board and then the Hellcannon loses control and rampages 9” with its Chaos Dwarf crew struggling to keep up. The spawn makes its compulsory movement forward 8”, striding past the warhounds and barring their way. Everything else marches forwards, the blocked warhounds wheel round to manoeuvre past the keep on my left flank next turn. With no combat I don’t bother casting anything so the Hellcannon unleashes on the Organ Gun that fired on the Horsemen, killing 2 of the 3 crew but only causing 2 wounds on the war machine itself.

Dwarf Turn 2

The Slayer marches again but everything else holds. The Organ Gun opens up on my Tzeentch unit again, killing another 3, who pass another break test. The other Organ gun fires on the Hellcannon, first rolling2 shots, then re-rolling 10! It kills all the Chaos Dwarves but only takes 1 wound off the Hellcannon itself.

Chaos Turn 2

Despite a Ld of 4, the Hellcannon manages to restrain itself and holds position. The Spawn moves another 5” towards the Slayer. My warhounds were now able to charge the wounded Organ Gun and did so, the beasts surrounding the single crew member. Everything moves forward again, this time the Marauders and Khorne Warriors moved to just within charge range, whilst the Tzeentch Warriors marched fully on towards the Organ Gun causing them so much irritation. My other warhound unit starts circling the keep.

I decided not to bother with magic again, the warhound combat not really worth the risk of a miscast. The Hellcannon belched out another shot, this time at the Longbeards. It scatters off target but does clip one in the rear rank, although it fails to wound. In hand-to-hand only 1 warhound hits the Organ gunner but fails to wound, the Dwarf misses with his attack and loses combat due to the charge but the Stubborn Stuntie easily passes his break test.

Dwarf Turn 3

The Slayer picks this target and charges into the spawn. The Longbeards and Hammerers manage to charge the Marauders (which I wasn’t expecting) but the Warriors failed their charge on my, er, Warriors (which was more like it!). The Organ Gun that wasn’t in combat fires on the Tzeentch Warriors again, but only kills one this time.

The spawns ASF does it no good as it only hits with one of its five attacks, but at least that wounds. The Slayer hits back and returns the favour, with his charge he wins the combat but against the Unbreakable mutant it meant nothing. It’s now that I realise I should have moved my Sorcerer out of the horde last turn as he declares a challenge due to the Eye of the Gods rule. The Dwarf Lord happily accepts and easily cuts my General down, thankfully everyone passes their respective panic tests.

The Longbeards hit first with their hand weapons managing to kill five Marauders. The frenzied Northmen then hit back with their great weapons, managing to kill seven Hammerers and four Longbeards. Finally the Hammerers attack, killing another 2. Thanks to the charge and Rune of Battle the combat ended as a stand-off.
In the melee surrounding the Organ Gun the warhounds hit twice and wound once, only to see the Dwarf’s armour save him. The return attack then misses for another stand-off.

Chaos Turn 3

The Hellcannon loses control and charges 11” towards the Dwarf Warriors. The Khorne Warriors follow its example and charge into hand-to-hand against the Mountain Men. The warhounds finish moving round the keep, whilst the sorry-looking Tzeentch Warriors move to within charge range of the Organ Gun. The Hellcannon fires on said Organ Gun, scattering but still hitting and killing one of the crew, the rest easily pass their panic test though.

The spawn manages to hit with three of its four attacks this time but typically none of them wound. The Slayer hits and wounds the spawn again leaving it on just one wound. The fight continues. In the main contest the Marauder champion is thrown to the wolves as he issues a challenge. The Dwarf Lord eats him up and spits him out. The Longbeards kill 5 Marauders, whilst the Hammerers take out 3. The horde do well, killing 6 from each enemy unit, but with overkill and the Rune of Battle the melee is a stalemate once again.
The Khorne Warriors hit with 26 attacks but spectacularly fail their to hit and wound rolls, only killing two. Thankfully the Dwarfs were even worse, only wounding two, whose armour protected them. Despite winning the combat the Dwarfs stayed in the fight, their close proximity to the Lord ensuring such loyalty. The warhounds finally killed the last of the Organ Gun crew and over-ran 6”.

Dwarf Turn 4

With almost everything in combat the Organ Gun that was left was almost forgotten. It spoke and another 10 rounds hit home on the final five Tzeentch Warriors. 8 wounded but amazingly 3 armour saves and 3 ward saves were passed, despite needing sixes! It left just the command group, but they resolutely passed their break test again. Meanwhile, the spawn and Slayer both hit each other but neither could wound.

With no more challengers the Dwarf Lord (and his shield bearers) could now add their attacks to the Longbeards but still only managed to kill four Maraurders. The Khorne worshippers hit back killing 6 Hammerers (leaving just the champion), and 5 Longbeards. With the Hammerers only slaying 3 the Marauders finally win the combat! The final Hammerer breaks and starts heading for the hills. The Stubborn Longbeards, however, stay put. The Khorne Warriors kill another 5 Dwarves and again take no casualties themselves. The dwarfs state their intent by passing their break test with insane courage.

Chaos Turn 4

The Hellcannon loses control again and charges into the flank of the Dwarf Warriors. The warhounds and what’s left of the Tzeentch Warriors charge the Organ Gun that has caused them so much irritation. The other warhound unit wheels round to face the rear of the Longbeard unit.

The spawn finally kills the Slayer and over-runs 8” towards the Organ Gun melee. The Warriors kill one of the gun crew, whilst the warhounds dispatch the last, Tzeentch was pleased. The Longbeards now faced the Marauders alone but continued methodically by killing another five, however, they are wiped out in the return hits, leaving just the Lord and his bearers. The Lord took a wound after rolling a 1 for his armour save, then for his re-roll and then again for his Rune of Luck re-roll! The Dwarf Warriors fail their Terror test and are broken between the Hellcannon and the Warriors, the Daemon Engine running them down and claiming their souls for the Ruinous Powers.

Dwarf Turn 5

The fleeing Hammerer champion continues towards the table edge. The Lord manages to kill another 2 Marauders but takes another wound after failing his armour save and re-roll again. The standard means another stand-off.

Chaos Turn 5

The Hellcannon loses control again and rampages into the fleeing Hammerer, destroying the last of the Dwarf Lord’s followers. The warhounds charge into the rear of the Lord, who, along with his bearers, kill 3 Marauders. Unfortunately they cannot finish him off, however, the rear charge and standard meant the combat was another draw, ending the game.

Post-game Thoughts

This battle hinged on the Longbeard/Hammerers/Marauder clash. This melee was a stand-off 3 times and when the Marauders did win the Dwarves wouldn’t run. If it had gone the Dwarfs way in any of those rounds the Marauders would have lost their frenzy and been picked off. It came down to just a dice roll so many times I felt flattered to have won as convincingly as I did.

In the end the Marauders worked great as a tar-pit for the Longbeards and keeping the Lord busy by feeding him my Champion prevented him from tipping the balance. The Hellcannon did great, effectively destroying 2 units and causing no end of entertainment. The Tzeentch warriors were an expensive unit to end up as cannon fodder and I was lucky they continued to pass their break tests, still the attention on them meant my Marauders and other Warrior unit got into combat pretty much unscathed. A good game but I rode my luck, glad it ended so well!

20-04-2011, 04:08
The last Horseman flees off the board and then the Hellcannon loses control and rampages 9 with its Chaos Dwarf crew struggling to keep up... ...so the Hellcannon unleashes on the Organ Gun that fired on the Horsemen, killing 2 of the 3 crew but only causing 2 wounds on the war machine itself.

Hellcannon cannot shot after move (rampage)

The spawn finally kills the Slayer and over-runs 8
Overrun only after turn while you charged.

Great battles, congratulation for wins, specially vs dwarves (I hate fight against them).

20-04-2011, 04:25
Nice grinding battle.

Evil Hypnotist
20-04-2011, 11:15
Hellcannon cannot shot after move (rampage)

Really? I assumed it couldn't but looked and couldn't find anything that says it can't. If you could point me to the right part of the rules that would be great cheers!

EDIT: Doh! Just found it, I missed that part on my first read through. Ok cheers, thankfully that didn't make a big difference to the game!