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05-03-2011, 14:38
Hey guys, I started playing Warhammer in 7th and I've been a Tomb King general until today, it is the only army I own atm.

Haven't played that much 8th and want to come back to the hobby but I'm shelving my TK, they are getting their release and there will be many, many onto the bandwagon, I'm also a bit tired of playing so many years with the same miniatures/army so time to start a new army!

I know you guys will say me "just go for the miniatures/fluff you like the most" but the problem is that I can't decide, I like all of them!

Some tips for you guys:

-I like mostly balance armies with variation of units.

-Fun to play :D.

-IMPORTANT: An army able to compete and win games but I want to avoid starting top tier armies (skavens, DE...), so a mid/"low" tier army able to give some surprises and win against the top ones once you dominate the army book/list!

-No Ogre Kingdoms (hate the miniatuares).

Keen to read your thoughts.


Ultimate Life Form
05-03-2011, 14:46
Lizardmen fit the bill perfectly, however they're currently a bit on the strong side. Given GW's power creep though, I doubt it will last forever.

Empire offers variation as well and would probably be more towards the middle of the power scale.

05-03-2011, 16:48
The other option is Greenskins, but they're in the same boat as Tomb Kings in a couple months.

09-03-2011, 16:28
How about Dwarfs? If you don't spam Warmachines, you can have fun and your opponent to.

Beastmens? Maybe a bit more low tier ( from what i read, never played against them ) Models are incredible and you have a bit of everything in the list!

09-03-2011, 16:39
Beastmen are a great list. If you choose them, go to Herdstone as you'll get a wide variety of successful army lists rather than the bog-standard ones.

In fact, visit all the army-specific websites. I built an entire army specifically out of spite for advice that the Internet gives, taking all the units everyone on a particular website were saying were useless and I have had a very successful go of it. 7 wins, 2 losses, no ties now.

Find out why you like playing. I found that 'Spite' has motivated me to have more fun with this army than I have in a long time. Whatever makes you have fun - That's what you'll want.