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06-03-2011, 18:40
I need some insight and constructive criticism for my list I will be running next week at Golden Snotling. There was a warm up tournament at my local hobby store yesterday, and I went 1-2-0. Here's the list I ran, and I'll mark the possible changes I'm considering and give some explanations at the bottom of my post. I would really appreciate any help, because I'm struggling to make a 2000pt list that I feel is competitive enough to handle what I could possible see next week.

Herald of Khorne, BSB, Firestorm Blade, Armor of Khorne - 165
(39) Bloodletters, S+M+C, Icon of Endless War - 523

Herald of Nurgle, General, Stream of Bile, Noxious Vapor - 165
(23) Plaguebearers, S+M+C, Icon of Seeping Decay - 331

(20) Bloodletters, S+M - 258

Herald of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery (Light), Spellbreaker - 165
(10) Pink Horrors - 120

(3) Fiends of Slannesh - 165

(3) Nurgling Bases - 105
Total 1997

My thinking with the list was the Bloodletter Horde deploys in the middle and gets into combat asap with pretty much anything in front of it (WoC horde and Steamtanks would be the exception). The Plaguebearers deploy on one flank of the horde, and the small Bloodletter either on the other flank or the Plaguebearer's flank, depending on my opponents deployment (this unit of Bloodletters was a 20 man unit on purpose in case the watchtower came up, but I later found out it wouldn't, and won't be played next week either). Pink horrors bunker up behind everything and buff/debuff as needed. Fiends go either the outside flank to turn the corner and push in on my opponents flank, or to protect the horrors as a defensive unit until I can get them into attack position. The nuglings are there to scout and hunt and war machine that isn't well protected.

I'm considering swapping out the Herald of Nurgle and the 20 bloodletters for 19 Daemonettes + Herald w/ siren song. I think I'm also going to swap the Light magic out for Metal because I struggled getting past WoC and Bret armor this weekend, and the lore has some decent buffs/debuffs and an autokill spell. I also considered dropping my Herald of Khorne for Skulltaker (I know my horde will lose hated, but Skulltaker is incredible). I don't like using special characters, but it's something to think about. Any help, input, comments, etc would be appreciated. Thanks.

06-03-2011, 19:10
i would do the following if you wish to make your list more competitive.

-Keep the herald of khorne hatred > skulltaker any day of the week.

-Heralds of nurgle are ok and all but i find they are very pricey and well, plague bearers Operate fine without them, especially if his goal is just to boost such a tiny unit. If you wish to keep him in the army, i would beef his unit up to 39 and go with a double horde route. I would do this by dropping the 20 man unit of letters that probably has been under performing for you. Blocks need to be big in this edition, small units of infantry get ravaged.

- drop the 20 letters.

- drop the 10 horrors

- maybe consider running 2 fiends in 1 unit, and 1 solo. This gives ou a semi hitty flanker, and a solo fiend to redirect, tarpit, speedbump and warmachine hunt with. Alternatively you could make the unit 6 man strong and make it a full on hammer, supported by light magic this would be effective. I still strongly suggest solo fiends though

- Furies are a surprisingly good tactical advantage, maybe include 1 unit.

- Never a bad idea to have 2 Heralds of tz with MOS. I use Both light and metal personally, And the lores compliment the army well, and can deal with any threat.

- Flamers are a great unit to add, the ranged support adds a element that your army is lacking.

On the daemonettes they wont really kill anything without shadow magic, and well they are terrible vs armor, and both their hero and the unit die in drooves. I do like siren song though and it has TONS of uses.

08-03-2011, 04:36
Thanks for the input. You have a lot of valid points that I'm going to consider.

I'm using the HoN mainly as a surprise in challenges with the noxious vapor/stream combo. I'm not in love with it, but it's been working decently so far. I agree that the HoN isn't a huge upgrade to the unit though. I could use those points on a BSB banner, more heroes, etc.

Dropping the 20 bloodletters is no big deal, but I'm very hesitant about dropping the pink horrors. They are a meat shield for my only caster in the list, provide an extra chance to channel, and give me a magic missile in a pinch. If I drop them, I have to be very careful not to get into any shooting range with him since he is no longer bunkered, and he loses his Look Out Sir. Fast Cav -- Marauders, Pegasus Knights, chameleon skinks and shades all become very scary without the horrors there to absorb fire.

I like the idea of breaking the fiends in a unit of 2 and a solo fiend. I originally had them as 6 in one unit, but dropped them to 3 and added nurglings for variety. 2 + 1 gives me some more options, as well as lets me get 1 more rotation in the deployment phase before I commit everything.

I don't own any furies, so I won't be running any of those this time. I'm kinda interested in seeing them in action though.

2x HoT is a good idea, and Light/Metal would be really good synergy for the army. My only concern is when I ran just a HoT with light he ate up all the dice no problems every time. I'm not sure if I could support 2x HoT without running the Blue Scribes to generate the extra dice. Power Vortex + MoS puts them over their 50 pt limit in gifts, so that won't work.

I thought about flamers, and I'm still thinking about them. They're great against soft targets, lone characters, and units that hide in buildings but barely dent the ever popular hordes. Still something I'm considering though. I have about 16 of them, so I could add them to the list if I choose to.

Siren Song is something that I've been thinking about. It's straight up broken and overpowered IMO as there is no way to stop it, but daemonettes are pretty bad, so it's a lot of points tied up just to pull a unit out of position. Pull the correct unit though, and a horde of bloodletters in the flank can beat and overrun any unit in the game, even Tzeentch Warriors with HW+S.

08-03-2011, 14:27
Trade in the nurgling bases, one feind and 3 plague bearers for flamers, and trade it the 20 bloodletters for more horrors.