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06-03-2011, 20:18
I'm a 40k veteran and have little idea about WFB. I have played 2 games of WFB so far and am starting to get a feel for it. I am currently running a Dark Elf army and I wanted it to have a 'Chinese time period army' feel to it, so that means lots of basic troops and lots of cross bow firepower. Once I get this list tweaked I would be interested in expanding to 1500 and maybe adding in a Sorcerous.

I also have some questions about Dark Elves with this list:
- How do Dark Elves deal with war machines? Harpies? Dark Riders?
- I see a lot of people go on about War Hydras, are they really that good? Or can Repeater Bolt Throwers do the job?
- If I add an Sorcerous, what unit should she join? (I'm guessing a small unit of spearmen so she can sacrifice one or two for magic).

Thanks in advance!

1250 Dark Elves

Master, Armor of Darkness, Crimson Death (General)
Master, BSB, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield

16 Repeater Crossbowmen, Shields, Full Command
16 Repeater Crossbowmen, Shields, Full Command
20 Corsairs, Shields, Full Command *General joins this unit*
25 Dark Elf Warriors, Shields, Full Command *BSB joins this unit*

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

07-03-2011, 08:41
Dark elves deal with war machines in my opinion with harpies as for hydras yes they are really that good as they can take on a unit on there own bolt throwers are good but not as effective in this edition I would defo add a sorceress with lore of shadow which helps to make much harder units equal to elves or if your using alot of shooting go with the lore of metal which is good for the crossbowmen and I would put her in the spearmen to act as a bunker for her,there's just a couple of ideas for you mate regards kizzer.

07-03-2011, 13:18
Shadow would benefit this list more than Metal- the +1 to hit on unit is alright, but you'd be better off dropping the toughess of a target unit- this way your magic is benefiting all your shooting instead of just the one unit.

A Death Hag BSB with a Cauldron would be better than the one you currently have.

Xbows are better off in units of 10, it givves your more flexibility. You only need the standard bearer if you'll be playing the Blood and Glory scenario, and the champions are definitely not worthwhile.

Witch Elves would be a better choice than the Corsairs, especially if you give them the flaming banner. Once you have a Cauldron, Witches become an awful lot better than Corsairs very very quickly. Corsairs are unfortunately stuck in the middle ground of being too expensive to take instead of standard warriors, but not good enough to compete with the elite infantry.

Reapers aren't that good anymore, a hydra instead would be a better option. Hydras are one of the most complained about things in the game.

A small unit of spears for the mage is a good idea.

As for war machines, dark riders and harpies are your friends. As it Pit of Shades, chances are you'll be taking Shadow and Pit is an auto-kill spell vs war machines.

08-03-2011, 01:50
Ok, thanks for the feedback.

Looking at the Corsairs, yes, they are a little expensive for what they can do. I have heard a popular tactic is to take them with the Banner of Murder and have them counter charge an opponent 'death star' unit.

Unfortunately, I do not like the War Hydra model. I don't like the look of it and that it is a heavy chunk of metal (I'm chasing a full plastic army). I plan on converting the Dark Riders from Wood Elf Glade Guard.

Here is my revised army list:

1250 Dark Elves

Master, Armor of Darkness, Crimson Death [130] *General*
Death Hag, BSB, Cauldron of Blood [225] *BSB*

25 Dark Elf Warriors, Shields, Full Command [190] *General joins this unit*
10 Dark Elf Warriors, Shields, Full Command [85]
10 Dark Elf Warriors, Shields, Full Command [85]
5 Dark Riders, Muso, Repeater Crossbows [117]

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers [200]

08-03-2011, 04:55
Power gaming lists include:
a couple of Hydras, BSB Cauldron of Blood, lvl 4 Shadow Sorceress, maybe a 50 man spear unit
Does not include:
Reapers Bolt Throwers/ 10 Xbows do it better

Unfortunately, magic and bulk is the name of the game in this addition =(

Harpies, DR, and shades are there to take care of war machines. I like shades as they will always be in range.

now corsairs with SSS and handbows get thrown around a bit.
I like them with the add. HW coupled with a CoB BSB and a unit of WE then you get two frenzied units one with poison attacks and stubborn and another with killing blow and better armor that get the benefit of the BSB.

spears are their for three reasons: tar pit, stabby dagger, AND.... Mindrazor! =P

Take xbows in chunks of 20 with shields, banner, and musician. 2 ranks of 10 then 4 ranks of 5 for combat. they are nifty little sufficient blocks

Exc are good if you face a lot of dwarfs

I suggest a unit of COK with the flame banner, they are good in a pinch

COC help me out but i don't hear much about them online.

BG absolutely crush light troops and are good against most others.

that is just a quick summery, check out tactica: dark elves in 8th edition in the tactics forum

08-03-2011, 20:12
I've read through the advice you gave me and have also spoken to my veteran WFB friend who has also given me advice. He said that the last game he and I played I really required a BSB more than a Soreress.

I would get a War Hydra, but I can't seem to find a model that I like that is plastic :( (Note that I am open to suggestions!)

So I have come up with the following:

Master, Armor of Darkness, Crimson Death [130]
Death Hag, Cauldron of Blood, BSB [225]

20 Repeater Crossbowmen, Musician, Standard [215]
20 Dark Elf Warriors, Shields, Full Command [155]
20 Dark Elf Warriors, Shields, Full Command [155]

10 Black Guard, Full Command [165]

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers [200]

08-03-2011, 20:23
I'd swap the master for a sorceress with lore of Shadow, and split the xbows into 2 units.

More Black Guard would also be a good, but maybe once you're playing a few more points.

As to the plastic hydra, I think you'll struggle to find one.