View Full Version : Escalation League Empire: 1500pts

07-03-2011, 18:02
OF DOOM... ed playing?

Anyhow, here's the short of it

Warrior Priest: Armor of Meteoric Iron, Extra HW

Captain: BSB, Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might, Luckstone, Ironcurse Icon **My always build! Love this guy!**

Lvl 2 Wizard: Channeling Staff

35 Spearmen: FC w/ 15 halberds **I know people will tell me to take Halberds, but still far from convinced that they are the best core block. They do damage, but die in droves. Spearmen can save a few wounds, hold better and the Halberds hit the flanks, taking FAR less hits back

10 handgunners: Musician, Hochland w/ 2x5 crossbow detachments

20 Greatswords: FC w/ 10 swordsmen *Priest here*

18 Flaggelants



07-03-2011, 18:50
Flaming banner on the greatswords to get rid of abombs/hydras would be a nice idea.

You need to specify the lore of the level 2. I'd prefer to give him a dispel scroll instead, that extra pip of channelling attempt only really comes into play when you have several mages and you're short on dice. As to the lore, I'm really not sure. You could go Life and hope for a good roll, but to get the most out of it you need the whole deck- Throne and just one other spell won't get you anywhere unfortunately. Fire is rarely a bad option is a bit dull, and Metal would also be good.

07-03-2011, 19:01
I hadn't quite decided on the lore yet as we have to take it for the entire month. I was thinking metal myself actually. Looking for something with a good basic spell to fall back on. Metal, Shadows, Life, Beasts, Fire... lots of options thankfully.